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10 Amazing Health Tips To Start Right Now

Level up your lifestyle with these 10 easy health tips perfect for balancing your life as a mom.

Finding Balance As A Busy Stay At Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is exhausting.

You will find yourself overwhelmed each day by the number of things there are to do.

It will be a juggling act of caring for the home, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of those precious children with all their endless demands.

It is easy to lose yourself in the midst of motherhood chaos and that is why it is essential for you to find balance in your life as a busy stay at home mom.

Check Out These 10 Awesome Tips To Building Better Health

#1 Accept Living Beneath Your Means

Money can be such a source of stress, especially when your a stay at home mom.

One easy way to reduce the financial stress of raising a family is to simply live below your means.

Find new fun ways of enjoying life that don't come with a huge price tag.

Skip the shopping trips and luxurious vacations for simple pleasures.

Enjoy going outdoors, exercising, playing board games, doing arts and crafts, or starting a garden to begin living a more modest lifestyle that allows you to enjoy more by spending less.

#2 Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul

We live in a toxic world.

All around us we are constantly bombarded with toxic energies that leave us feeling stressed and anxious.

One easy health tip is to detox your mind, body, and soul.

Take time to clear your mind from disconnections.

Cleanse your body through better hydration habits.

Detox your soul through the power of meditation.

#3 Disconnect From The Outside World

The outside world has us consumed with comparison.

Always making us feel inferior.

Like we need to hustle and do more.

What if we just relaxed?

What if we could accept where we are in life?

What if it was all a lie?

What if you have been brought up to believe in an illusion where mother's are suppose to be all, doing all, all of the time while looking beautiful, raising a family, managing a home, and building a career?

What if I told you the only way to ever finding happiness in life is learning to appreciate where you are in this moment?

Give yourself grace.

You are doing enough for everyone.

Now is the time to do for you.

#4 Grow Something

Allow yourself the time to grow something.

This is a great time to think about what can you cultivate in your life?

This could be doing a new project, picking up a new hobby, or even literally getting into the garden to grow something.

Nourish the things that bring you happiness.

Always be open to growing.

Cultivate a life you love.

#5 Build A Balance Routine

Mom life is anything but balanced.

It takes intention to build a sort of balanced routine when your limited on time, finances, and resources.

Build balance in your daily routine by simply carving out at least 10 minutes a day to do things you enjoy.

Read a chapter in a book, do a quick workout, listen to a podcast, or enjoy a refreshing drink.

Whatever it is carve out moments in your day to do things you enjoy.

#6 Do Less

We are meant to believe that hustling is best.

That you have to do more and be more.

That you do not have the time to relax, but that is simply not true.

Stop doing so much.

Embrace the chaos and clutter that comes with motherhood.

Be ok with everything not being picture perfect every. single. day

Just allow yourself to simply be sometimes.

#7 Eat More Plants

We all know that part of having a healthy lifestyle is dependent upon our diets.

In the age of convenience it is all too easy to choose foods that deplete our bodies rather than bring nourishment to them.

And lets face it, being a stay at home mom means your feeding everyone else before yourself.

It means being ok with the scraps because your too exhausted to bother making something for yourself.

Its standing up while you eat because shit you get up a million times in a meal just to meet the endless demands.

Grabbing something quick that requires no thinking is a must for moms.

But what if we took more time to meal prep a few healthy options to have on hand?

Allow yourself to pause and to enjoy something that will give you nourishment and to replenish your energy with easy plant based meals.

#8 Focus On Your Breath

When your consumed by the stresses of dealing with raising children all day it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of overwhelming anxiousness.

You normalize breathing shallow breathes.

The tension in your chest and shoulders is always there as you bounce from one need to the next.

Your so rigid from being touched and climbed on that you no longer want anyone to physically touch you.

Learn to reduce this tension through focused breathing techniques.

Allow yourself the space to breathe intentionally.

Release yourself from the demands on mom life and focus on simply being present.

#9 Take Cold Showers

Invigorate your senses with a cold shower.

Imagine standing under a waterfall and allow the cold water to wash all your stress away.

Cold showers are been show to reduce inflammation in the body.

It can also heighten your senses and make your feel more awake.

Get into the routine of taking a cold shower when you feeling drained.

#10 Be More Selfish

You do a lot for everyone else.

You put everyone before yourself.

You know you are burnt out.

You know you have lost a spark for life.

You know you need to change.

Begin by being more selfish and choosing to do things that bring you joy.

Every day.

Every week.

Every month.

Do something for just you.

How To Be Heathy As A Stay At Home Mom

If you want to be healthy as a stay at home mom you need to build balance in your life.

You need to have a life that involves doing things you enjoy.

Having the time to focus on your own dreams.

To chase after your own passions.

You need to hold space for yourself.

Begin building a more balanced life today with these easy health tips for adding more health habits into your daily routine.

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