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11 Awesome Easter Activities Your Kids will Love

Get inspired to start new Easter traditions with these awesome Easter activities the whole family will enjoy.

easy Easter activities for kids

This Spring imagine creating heart felt memories with your children by bringing joy to life with simple moments that create a life time of memories. Embrace discovering new traditions to celebrate Easter that your kids will truly enjoy.

Cherish making memories with your kids this Easter with our favorite "unique" Easter activities your kids will love.

What are Easy Easter Activities to do with Kids?

Have an Easter Picnic

Imagine creating a relaxing Easter picnic filled with the best cheeses and freshest fruit. Enjoy spreading out a comforting blanket and soaking in the warm sun as you and your family enjoy a beautiful Easter picnic. Go all out with a sweet treat and fresh baked goods to create a fun Easter tradition your family will love.

easy Easter activities for kids

Plant an Easter Garden

Get your kids outside and into the garden this Easter to plant a small vegetable garden, grow a flower bed, or make their very own container garden arrangement.

A small vegetable patch is perfect for planting some crunchy carrots for the Easter bunny, sunflower seeds are perfect for growing a beginner flower bed, and arranging a decorative container garden of beautiful succulents is a great way celebrate Easter.

Planting a garden is an Easter activity perfect for kids and makes for a lovely tradition of sowing seeds to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

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easy Easter activities for kids

Make Flower Arrangements

Splurge on a variety of basic flowers and allow your kids to create their own flower bouquets to display on Easter.

There is something about having fresh flowers in the home that brings in the feel of comfort and joy. Share this simple pleasure with your kids by creating flower bouquets as a family fun Easter activity.

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easy Easter activities for kids

Create a Bird Sanctuary

This Easter discover the great outdoors by creating a bird sanctuary right in your backyard to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Decorate bird houses and create a variety of homemade bird treats to easily welcome more birds into your yard.

Spend the afternoon bird watching and learning more about the importance of birds for an educational Easter activity your kids will enjoy.

Your kids will love getting crafty painting and displaying their own bird house creations this Easter holiday.

easy Easter activities for kids

Have a Tea Party

Organize a simple tea party with delicate treats like savory finger foods with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Make your Easter tea party extra special by splurging on their favorite treats, making homemade lemonade to enjoy, and displaying a beautiful flower bouquet.

Have your family dress up for the celebration and enjoy a relaxing tea party for a fun Easter activity for kids.

easy Easter activities for kids

Paint Garden Rocks

We are so use to painting eggs for Easter.

This year switch it up and paint garden rocks instead! The kids will enjoy being creative creating painted rocks that can be displayed around the house or in their own special garden.

Make it extra fun by painting an Easter theme on your garden rocks to celebrate Easter with this new activity.

easy Easter activities for kids

Get Baby Chicks

Let's face it nothing is cuter than baby chicks on a Spring day.

This Easter begin the journey of raising back yard chickens!

Your kids are sure to remember getting their first flock of baby chickens. This is a fun Easter activity that instills many life lesson and is one to embrace year after year.

Make Easter a special memory this Spring with baby chicks!

easy Easter activities for kids

Paint An Easter Painting

Painting is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Easter with family.

Make it extra special by having canvases and follow along with an Easter theme painting tutorial.

Have a spread of easy snack treats to enjoy with your family as you spend an Easter afternoon painting, listening to relaxing music, snacking of delicious treats, and creating fun filled family memories with your kids this Easter.

easy Easter activities for kids

Bake Desserts

Get into the kitchen this Easter and bake holiday treats as a fun Easter activity perfect for kids of all ages.

Whether you create your own candies or whip up a batch of sweet sugar cooks to decorate, your kids will love spending the afternoon baking their favorite treats.

easy Easter activities for kids

DIY Artisanal Crafts

Teach your children the fun of creating artisanal products. You can explore creating DIY candles, homemade soaps, potpourri, handmade dolls, or even baking fresh breads as a fun way to celebrate this Easter.

This Easter activity is a great craft to enjoy with your kids as they learn to create their own artisanal products and share your creations with other family and friends this Easter holiday.

easy Easter activities for kids

Build a Fairy Garden

Embrace the world of wonder this Easter by building a fairy garden this Spring.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of decorating a small fairy garden for your kids to play with.

They will truly enjoy the magic of Spring with this easy Easter activity.

easy Easter activities for kids

New Easter Family Traditions for Kids?

Begin building new family traditions this Easter with these easy Easter activities for kids.

Your kids will remember and cherish these fun Easter traditions that remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures and to bring more joy to life through intentional living.

With these unique Easter activities you can easily build fun new family traditions to cherish with your family for years.


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