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11 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Today

Discover 11 easy ways to raise your vibration today and begin working with the law of attraction to build a life you love.

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Learn to co-create your life by raising your vibration through intentional living and naturally begin working with the Law of Attraction to build a life you love.

Everything in the universe is composed of vibrational frequencies.

When you can raise your vibration higher it creates an alignment to the universe.

This alignment opens opportunities and can lead you to a life of happiness and greater success.

This is how raising vibrations works with the Law of Attraction.

The higher you vibe the more opportunities present themselves.

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Here Are 11 Ways To Increase Your Vibration

#1 Start Earth Grounding

Release negative ions from your body naturally with the simple practice of barefoot earth grounding.

The simple practice of barefoot earth grounding can raise your vibration and improve your overall wellness all by simply reconnecting to nature in the most basic of ways.

No worries...ground down to earth.

#2 Practice Deep Breathing

Reduce the stress in your life through the practice of deep breathing exercises.

Many of us go throughout the day with shallow breathes missing out on the benefits of intentional breathing.

Deep breathing exercises help to replenish your cells with fresh oxygen, naturally reduces stress, and can increase wellness.

Meditation, reiki, yoga, and aroma therapy are great practices for raising your vibration simply through breathwork.

#3 Raise Your Awareness

Increase your awareness, recognize the source of your emotions, and learn to work through these feelings to jumpstart your journey within.

With a heightened sense of awareness you can easily increase your vibration.

Take it a step further by cultivating an open mind and invite universal opportunities through the Law of Attraction.

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#4 Discover New Hobbies

Create a life that is yours.

Release yourself from co-dependencies.

Build a life full of interests.

Seek knowledge.

Be curious.

Go after your interests to align yourself with the universe.

#5 Create A Healthy Lifestyle

Have a healthy lifestyle that focuses on proper hydration, nutrition, fitness, and create daily habits that support your personal growth.

Focus on your basic needs to give you the focus and energy to build a life you love and increase your vibration.

#6 Connect with Nature

Learn to connect with nature.

Nature is the source of wellness.

The more time you spend connecting with nature the higher vibration you will experience.

Create the time for activities like gardening, outdoor yoga, hiking, animal therapy, and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature to connect with the true source of wellness.

woman hiking carrying toddler in backpack carrier

#7 Detox

Take time to detox.

Practice a cleanse.

Learn more about the benefits of fasting.

Allow your body to rest and rejuvenate yourself with detox practices like a self care ritual bath.

Hydrate your body and naturally flush the toxins that make your feel groggy and fog minded.

Vibe high by taking time to detox your mind, body, and soul.

#8 Connect with Your Inner Child

To increase your vibration learn to be like a child again.

Learn to be silly.

Enjoy dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Cultivate a love for laughter.

#9 Self Love Affirmations

A higher vibration is created through more self love.

Start your self love journey through positive affirmations.

Learn to see the best in yourself as well as in others.

Know you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Release past traumas and focus on who you are becoming.

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#10 Start Journaling

Get inside your mind.

Use journaling as a source of therapy to work through your emotions, goals, and habits.

Hold yourself accountable for the daily habits you have cultivated and record your personal development journey through journaling.

Journaling can help you raise your vibration as you begin to notice patterns in your lifestyle that are holding you back from where you wish to be.

Begin building back your identity and taking hold of your daily habits to redirect your intention with a focus on wellness, drive, productivity, and rest.

Learn to balance the stresses of life by holding yourself accountable for your nutrition, fitness, and self care routines all through journaling.

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#11 Focus on Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest vibration.

When you cultivate the attitude of gratitude it can take you to the next level.

The Law of Attraction will open its doors providing you with endless opportunities to manifest the life you desire.

If you want to raise your vibration start by taking on the practice of daily gratitude.

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The Importance of Raising Your Vibration For Stay at Home Moms

It is easy for stay at home moms to find themselves functioning at a low vibrational energy.

Let's face it, often stay at home moms are just simply drained struggling to make it through the day with the assistance of caffeine, neglecting self care, compromising "me time" amongst other survival habits.

Raising your vibration will give you more drive, focus, energy, and patience for the demands of raising children and managing a household.

The secret is to take time for you.

Carve out time each day to focus on raising your vibration easily with these self care ideas.

Vibe high to shower yourself with the rewards of universal alignment.

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