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Want A Healthy Home Environment?

Create a healthy home environment that promotes wellness and encourages relaxation with 12 Simple Tips for better homemaking.

how to create a healthy home environment

Embrace Better Self Care By Creating a Healthy Home Environment

A healthy lifestyle begins with the environment you live in.

Having a home that is healthy will provide you with a safe space that promotes wellness and enhances productivity by inspiring you to live your best life.

There are many elements that go into having a healthy home from the actual characteristics and structure of your home to the special decorative touches that add your individuality into the space and even your cleaning routine all play a special role in creating a healthy home environment.

how to create a healthy home environment

Why Is It Important To Have A Healthy Home Environment?

A healthy home is one of the most important aspects of your life because it directly influences your health, productivity, and overall state of mind.

A home that is healthy can allow you the freedom to experience wellness and promote healing within oneself all by simply creating a home that is bright, fresh, and welcoming.

how to create a healthy home environment

How To Create A Healthy Home Environment For Healing

#1 No Shoes In Your Home

Many times we don't give a second thought to wearing shoes inside the home, but this is one easy way to keep your home healthy by simply removing your shoes before entering.

Reduce dirt and germs easily by making the decision to not allow shoes to be worn in your home.

Instead, designated a special space for shoes to be stored and purchase a pair of house shoes to wear indoors to keep your home healthy.

how to create a healthy home environment

#2 Sound Cleanse Your Home

Many people are unaware of the power of sound frequency when it comes to healing.

As a matter of fact, there are a range of various frequencies that can promote better wellness including reduced stress, reconnection, better sleep, and even the power to heal from different ailments.

For example 174 Hz, has been demonstrated to reduce pain and stress and the sound frequency of 432 Hz is another healthy frequency that can promote healing, lower anxiety, and reduce blood pressure.

So take advantage of this simple tip for creating a healthy home by embracing the power of sound.

how to create a healthy home environment

#3 House Plants

Welcome nature into your healthy home by adding a variety of house plants to your space.

There are many plant variety that require little maintenance and promote a healthy home atmosphere by purifying the air naturally and providing a beautiful decorative touch to any space in your home.

House plants can be placed throughout your home to add a special element of nature that will welcome wellness into your home thus creating a healthier environment to live in.

how to create a healthy home environment

#4 Wash Bedding Regularly

Bedding can often be overlooked when we consider our daily cleaning routine.

Not only should you wash your bedding regularly to promote better wellness, but you should also allow you bed the time to air out daily.

Simply allow your bed to air out for at least 30 minutes a day before making your bed.

This much need ventilation can help decrease the moisture buildup and bacteria particles that naturally accumulate as you sleep.

And remember to wash your bed sheets at least once a week to reduce bacteria and dust mites.

With these two simple home cleaning tips you can create a sleeping haven in your healthy home environment.

how to create a healthy home environment

#5 Reduce Visual Clutter In Your Home

Clutter is not only terrible to look at, but it can also have a negative impact on your state of mind.

With mental illness on the rise, reducing visual clutter is one simple tip to keeping a healthy home.

To keep a healthy home it is vital to take inventory of the things your have accumulated in your life over the years.

Take regularly inventory and rid yourself of unnecessary clutter to promote a better state of mind and a healthy home environment to reside in.

how to create a healthy home environment

#6 Increase The Air Quality In Your Home

Air quality is one of the most important aspects of creating a healthy home.

Many times we resort to using artificial air fresheners to mask the odors in our home that give us a false sense that our home is fresh and clean.

Instead, consider using natural remedies for improving your home's air quality.

Simply improve the air quality in your home by allowing fresh air into your home daily, cleaning air filters regularly, and using essential oil blends to diffuse fresh scents naturally into your home.

how to create a healthy home environment

#7 Regularly Dusting Your Home

Dust particles have a way of collecting all too quickly!

These dust particles can have a negative effect on our respiratory systems, so it is important to get into a regular routine of dusting.

Often we may dust surface areas that are highly visible, but it is important to also focus in on those not so obvious areas that are often a magnet for dust and grime.

Think crooks and crannies, ceiling fans, base boards, the top of furniture surfaces, and even wall décor are all perfect examples of places dust tends to collect hidden away from our line of sight.

how to create a healthy home environment

#8 Disinfect The Floors In Your Home

Floors tend to be a hotspot for germs, dust, and debris.

To keep a healthy home, make sure to disinfect your floors on a regular basis.

This may look like daily sweeping, weekly vacuuming, and monthly steam cleaning the the carpets to rid your home of dirt build up.

how to create a healthy home environment

#9 Diffuse Essential Oils

We all want our homes to be smelling fresh and it can be tempting to use artificial air fresheners as a means to achieve this.

Instead, consider diffusing essential oils to create a fresh smelling home without toxic ingredients.

Essential oils can help promote a healthy home environment by providing a fresh scent that can also have healing benefits like reduced stress and anxiety.

Look into essential oil blends that you enjoy and can provide you with better wellness by simply diffusing essential oils in your home.

how to create a healthy home environment

#10 Non Toxic Cleaners

Rid yourself of toxic cleaners that are not only bad for your respiratory system, but can also reek havoc on your gut flora.

Things like antibacterial soaps and cleansers have their place, but for regularly daily cleaning consider a safer non toxic cleanser to clean your home and create a healthy home environment.

One highly common all natural cleaner is using white vinegar to use as an all purpose cleanser.

There are many various non toxic cleaning solutions available, but isn't it awesome you can go straight to your pantry and use this all natural inexpensive solution to clean most of your surfaces.

how to create a healthy home environment

#11 Have Fresh Produce

A healthy home environment is all about promoting wellness within the home and what better way to do that than to have fresh organic produce available for your family.

We all want to embrace health within our home and having fresh produce available for your family is a great way to provide your loved ones with healthy nutrient rich foods that will promote better nutrition and overall wellness.

One inexpensive way to have access to fresh produce is by simply growing it yourself.

Many common staple fruits and vegetables can be cultivated and harvested directly from your backyard.

Learn to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and even herbs to have direct access to organic nutrient rich foods and make this a part of your healthy home environment.

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how to create a healthy home environment

#12 Regular Cleansings

If you want to have a healthy home environment, consider regularly cleansing your home.

To cleanse your home begin with a deep cleaning paying special attention to areas that often get overlooked.

Consider a boost of fresh air by opening all the windows and using fans to circulate fresh air throughout your home.

Burn sage and cleanse the air naturally with this ancient technique that reduces the negative ions in the air and improves better wellness within the home.

Use a simmering pot potpourri to revitalize your home's scent.

Sound cleanse as you clean to promote better wellness and healing within the home.

Place crystals around your home to protect you from negative energy and to set a mindful intention of healing for your home.

Bless you home and demonstrate gratitude for having a healthy home environment to live in.

how to create a healthy home environment

Use Our 12 Simple Tips To Embrace Better Self Care With A Healthy Home Environment

Cultivate a healthy home for your family to enjoy and experience the benefits of having a healthy home environment that promotes wellness and vitality.

Enjoy living in a healthy home environment that reduces stress, increases productivity, and even improves your state of mind by simply focusing your attention to these simple tips that promote better living through natural remedies for creating healthy home environment easily.

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