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19 "Out of the Box" Self Care Tips

Self care as a stay at home mom with these "out of the box" self care tips for better self care routines.

self care as a stay at home mom

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#1 Tarot and Oracle Readings

Get insight to your universal alignments from the past, present, and future by creating a question, drawing a set of cards, and interpreting their wisdom.

#2 Hiking in Solitude

There is a wonderful healing effect when we are forced to be alone with ourselves. The benefits of solitude can be magnified in the peaceful presence of nature. Quiet the mind and find yourself becoming one with life as you get lost in the beauty that is ever present in nature.

#3 Sage Smudging

Clear old energies with the ancient spiritual ritual of sage smudging. Simply light a candle, set an intention, and begin cleansing by igniting the sage over the lit candle. Allow the smoke to cleanse, bless, and heal yourself and your home as you allow the smoke to surround your space. Walk throughout your home with positive intention and rid your environment of negative energies with this simple self care act.

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self care as a stay at home mom

#4 Breathwork

Breathe. Set intention behind the breath. Release tensions. Allow stress to fade. Breathe in as you allow your mind to focus on gratitude. Breathe out as you release all negativity from within. Make time for intentional breathwork to begin the day with joy, throughout to ease stress, and to end your day as you cultivate expressions of gratitude.

#5 Oil Pulling

Coconut Oil is at it again as one of the most versatile ingredients to have on hand in your pantry. This inexpensive and simplistic routine is one to incorporate into your daily dental hygiene routine for a whiter smile, decreased gum inflammation, promotion of good bacteria, and an overall healthier mouth.

#6 Laughing Therapy

As they say, "laughter is the best medicine," so lighten the mental load with a good laugh. Decrease your cortisol levels and pump some endorphins with this super simple technique. Whether it's a fun chat with a friend that gets you chuckling, watching stand up for a good laugh, or a funny comedy film that gets you cracking up find ways to laugh more each day.

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self care as a stay at home mom depressed

#7 Pet Therapy

Have a helping hand at soothing your mind, body, and soul with the help of a pet. Pet therapy has been proven to be extremely beneficial especially to individuals that suffer from loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Bring a new level of life to your routine with the addition of a new pet, it can be just the thing needed to improving your self care.

#8 Self Reiki

Anyone can promote wellness within oneself through the self care practice of Reiki, a spiritual practice based on the principle that we are all guided by the same invisible life force. This force controls our physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Create free flowing energy throughout the body to promote healing by activating the energy from within through guided breathing meditation, various postures, mental imagery, and intentional prayer.

#9 Tibetan Singing Bowls

Add Tibetan singing bowls to your meditation practice to promote deep relaxation and whole body regeneration. These singing bowls produce meditative sounds of purity that can reduce stress, offer pain relief, and cultivate inner peace. So close your eyes and allow the meditative sounds of Tibetan singing bowls to enter into your self care routine.

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self care as a stay at home mom

#10 Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is not just for kids. Adults can also benefit from the innocent pleasure of blowing bubbles on a beautiful day and watching them dance through the wind as they simply float by with each passing moment. Increase the effectiveness of this self care practice by pairing it with intentional breathing, playfulness, visualization, and mindfulness.

#11 432 Hz Music Cleansing

Cleanse your mind, body, and soul with the power of music. These specific sound waves have been know to offer a positive affect on the well being of the listener by promoting relaxation and developing great benefits in the mind including increased creativity and alertness. Some even believe that music listened to at specific hertz can have the potential to heal existing health issues and ward off potential illnesses in the environment by generating a cleansing affect within the body.

#12 Creative Writing

Expand your brain potential through the limitless creative activity that is writing. There are no limitations to the content of writing, just allow your creative juices to run freely as you write moments of gratitude, reflect with journal entries, make self development checklists, and develop the creativeness to cultivate a life of your dreams.

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self care as a stay at home mom sad

More Self Care Tips For Homemakers

#13 Cold Showers

Want to create more glow in your hair and skin? Well cold showers might just be the thing to give you that boost in your glow. Immersing yourself in a cold shower can have significant effects on alertness levels, improved blood circulation, and can even potentially boost weight loss. So hop in a brisk shower and feel the effects of this simple self care tip.

#14 Barefoot Grounding

Feel the earths electrons through the practice of Earthing. Connect yourself to the positive energy of the earth through the simple practice of walking barefoot. Connect with nature as your feet naturalize free radicals created by inflammation, stress, and toxic environments releasing them into the ground below to create a more balanced state within oneself.

#15 Mirror Work

Aid in your self development by shifting your perception of yourself through the practice of mirror work. This simple self care technique can improve self esteem, confidence, and inner peace. Imagine beginning your day with simple positive affirmations as you accept yourself as you are, where you are, and trust in where you are going.

self care as a stay at home mom hobbies

#16 Connect with Nature

Nature is the universe at play. It is the true nature within all of us. We are a part of nature, only separated through illusion of the mind for some. Connection to nature can play out in many forms. Maybe its enjoying the essence of nature by enjoying outdoor activities or perhaps it means getting hands on like tending a garden. What about if it is, as simple as, connecting by bird watching or enjoying a fresh bouquet of flowers as your table center piece? However you choose to connect with nature, make it a daily self care habit for when you choose to connect with nature you are connecting on the highest level of oneness with the universe.

#17 Developing a Project

Reinvent yourself and then do it again. Never stop reinventing who you are and what you stand for. Your passions are allowed to change. You are allowed to be someone you never expected to be. You are even allowed to fail. As a matter of fact, I hope you do fail because at least it shows you are trying and willing to take risks. So stop placing self imposed limitations on who you are and instead develop all of the projects your heart desires to take on.

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#18 Frugal Living

Stop spending so much money on materials. This is a wonderful time to reflect on your consumer habits and perhaps cut out extra spending to better secure your future finances. Many of times, we find ourselves quick to purchase to keep up with the latest trends or perhaps it just to fill a void maybe even out of boredom. However, imagine your life with less. Less desire for superficial materials and more freedom instead.

self care as a stay at home mom hobbies for busy moms

#19 Strive for Simplicity

Be content with a simple life. Once you become accustomed to living with less and appreciating the precious moments life has to offer in the moment, you will find inner peace.

Allow the pressures to lift as you acknowledge you only need to simply be. To breathe. To move from one task to the next with mindfulness.

To take each day as it comes and to keep a curiosity about what is to come with a flexible mindset willing to adapt to whatever scenario develops. Learn to enjoy the effortless things in life and you'll never be disappointed in the beauty of a simple life.

Expand your self care checklist with these "19 Out of the Box Self Care Tips" to Cultivate Simple Delights!

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