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20 Endless Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Your Husband

Feed your husband easy delicious healthy lunches with our list of 20 Endless Lunch Box Ideas for making the best lunch recipes.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

What To Make Husband For Lunch For Work?

Packing lunch box lunches for your husband to take to work is one simple trick to saving money each day and getting your husband to eat healthier!

Check out our list of healthy lunch box ideas, perfect for taking lunches to work with warm and cold lunch ideas for creating better eating habits and saving money throughout the week with homemade lunches!

healthy lunch box ideas husband

Our go to list of healthy lunch box ideas are perfect for even the pickiest eaters by offering an assortment of healthy lunch ideas that will keep your husband full with nutritious meals that are quick to make and easy to consume at work.

This list of healthy lunch box ideas can easily be mixed and matched to offer your husband a variety of tasty meals that save money and offer satisfying lunches at work.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Your Husband

#1 Left Overs

This has to be the easiest way to ensure having a healthy lunch box idea for you husband throughout the week. By simply preparing extra each night, you can rest easy knowing that your husband's lunch box is already made.

Simply prepare extra for dinner, set aside leftovers in a reusable container, and send your husband on his way with a delicious left over lunch box meal.

Left overs can also be reconstructed and paired with fresh ingredients to create a completely new meal idea for your husband's lunch.

For instance, grilled chicken for dinner can become a delicious chicken salad wrap or BBQ chicken thighs can become a gourmet quesadilla the next day for lunch.

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healthy lunch box ideas husband bento box

#2 Bento Box

Bento box lunches are a must because they are just too simple to make. The great thing about bento box lunches is that they offer a variety of nutrition with a snack like approach. Here you can combine a variety of ingredients mixing and matching to create a delicious lunch box idea that your husband will love at work.

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healthy lunch box ideas husband for workday

#3 Mason Jar Salad

There are endless mason jar salads to prepare for your husband throughout the week. By simply combining your husband's favorite salad ingredients and layering each jar with fresh greens, sliced produce, grilled meats, and his favorite salad toppings you can create quick healthy lunch box ideas easily. Remember to serve the dressing on the side to maintain the crispness of your salad ingredients.

- Grilled Chicken Salad

- Chopped Cobb Salad

- Kale Salad

- Taco Salad

- Veggie Salad

- Broccoli Salad

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healthy lunch box ideas husband

#4 Wraps

Wraps make a great lunch box idea for husbands because they are super simple to make and provide a filling lunch option that is easy to eat at work. Create an endless variety of wraps for you husband to enjoy at lunch by preparing ingredients ahead of time with our simple meal prep guide below.

Many of your husband's favorite sandwich combinations can also be made into a wrap providing a nice change to your every day sandwich combinations.

- Grilled Chicken Wrap

- Tuna Wrap

- Breakfast Egg Wrap

- Deli Meat Wrap

- Turkey and Cheese Wrap

- Veggie Wrap

- Burrito Wrap

- Buffalo Chicken Wrap

- BLT Wrap

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healthy lunch box ideas husband

#5 Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a must for every day lunch box ideas because it is too simple to make, can be served cold, and the leftovers store very well. Chicken salad can also be served as a sandwich, a warp, or even on its own paired with crunchy crackers to offer a healthy lunch box idea for your husband.

Super Simple Chicken Salad Recipe:

  1. Shred meat from a rotisserie chicken

  2. Mince 1/4 cup of white onion and 1/2 a cup of sliced purple grapes

  3. Combine ingredients with 3/4-1 cup of mayo

  4. Season to taste with salt and pepper

This chicken salad recipe is too simple to make and it never lasts long because it is also so delicious!

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#6 Nourish Bowl

A nourish bowl is another great lunch box idea because it is an easy lunch idea that can be made simply by combining a few ingredients that can easily be prepared ahead of time with simple meal prep.

Create unique nourish bowl recipes by combining your husband's favorite proteins, healthy grains, roasted vegetables, and fresh fruits to construct simple nourish bowl lunch box meals.

- BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Broccoli

- Grilled Chicken Rice with Roasted Vegetables

- Mediterranean Chicken Rice with Chickpeas and Sliced Cucumbers with Tzatziki Sauce

- Teriyaki Chicken Thighs with Rice & Broccoli

- Grilled Salmon with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#7 Stews, Soups, and Chili

A warm lunch is always rewarding, especially if your husband works outdoors in the colder seasons of the year. By simply investing in a reusable lunch thermos, you can ensure your husband has a warm lunch box meal that is easy to prepare and store for a healthy lunch box idea.

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healthy lunch box ideas husband

#8 Taco Salad

Who doesn't love tacos? Take the mess out of tacos by creating a simple taco salad for your husband. This lunch box meal idea is great served cold and is simple to make with endless fresh flavor combinations available.

Simply prepare a taco salad with a base of crisp iceberg lettuce followed by an assortment of ground beef, sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes, onions, and stuffed avocados served salsa for a healthy lunch box idea.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#9 Sushi Bowl

Make a super simple sushi bowl with a hand full of ingredients! This sushi bowl has all the flavors of California Rolls without the hassle of making sushi.

Simply combine cooled steamed white rice, steamed shrimp, sliced carrots, avocado, and cucumbers. Finish with seaweed strips and a drizzle of wasabi and soy sauce to recreate California Rolls in this super simple sushi bowl recipe.

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healthy lunch box ideas husband

#10 Loaded Baked Potato Skins

Nothing can be easier than reheating a baked potato with all the fixings. Make this loaded baked potato with a serving of sour cream, butter, chives, cheese, and bacon bits for a filling healthy lunch box idea that is too simple to make.

Combine this lunch idea with a protein like buffalo grilled chicken bites or a cool crisp salad for a complete lunch idea that is easy to eat at work.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#11 Chicken

Meal prep grilled or roasted chicken to have on hand all week for simple lunch box combinations. Grilled chicken works nicely to have on hand for salads and wraps, while roasted chicken thighs make a great option for creating healthy buddha bowl lunches and quesadillas.

- Grilled Chicken Breast

- Cajun Chicken Breast

- Mediterranean Chicken Breast

- BBQ Chicken Thighs

-Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

- Cream of Mushroom Chicken Thighs

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healthy lunch box ideas husband

#12 Pasta Salad

This is a great cold lunch item that is perfect for lunch box lunches on hot summer days. The refreshing lightness of a cool pasta salad is a filling lunch box idea for husbands. Pair pasta noodles, with crisp vegetables, and a savory cheddar cheese tossed in an Italian dressing for this easy to make lunch idea.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#13 Gourmet Subs

Classic sandwich combinations can be transformed into gourmet subs that are inexpensive and satisfying. By simply adding an assortment of deli meats, savory cheeses, and crisps vegetables on a crusty artisan bread, you can create gourmet subs that will make your husband forget he is eating "just" a sandwich for lunch.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#14 Tuna Salad with Crackers

Tuna salad is another cold lunch box idea that can be prepared ahead of time and served easily for lunch at work. Tuna salad can be made simply by combining tuna and mayo then topping with an avocado spread and topped with crisp greens.

This lunch idea can be served as a gourmet sandwich, a quick wrap, a healthy salad topping, or even on its own with some crunchy crackers.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#15 Pinwheel Sandwiches

Create an assortment of pinwheel sandwiches to bring variety to "classic" lunch sandwich combinations. Layer your favorite sandwich combinations onto a flour tortilla then roll and slice to create perfect pinwheels for making healthy lunch box lunches.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#16 Loaded Potato Salad

A loaded potato salad is a filling lunch idea perfect for serving cold to husbands at work! Create a gourmet potato salad topped with minced pickles, fresh chives, and crunchy bacon bits to create a gourmet lunch box meant for serving cold.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#17 Low Carb Roll Ups

Create a low carb roll up lunch box assortment with your husbands favorite deli meats, cheeses, crackers, and an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#18 Smoothie

Smoothies offer a healthy lunch packed with nutrition! Easily blend a fresh smoothie in the morning or the night before and pour into a cool thermos to maintain a refreshing lunch idea that is perfect for giving your husband an extra boost of energy in the work day. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients this smoothie lunch idea is great on its own or paired with other lunch box meals.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#19 Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a great lunch box item that can be served warm or cold. Combined with fresh toppings including avocado, tomatoes, corn, black beans, and onions for a delicious healthy lunch box idea. Quesadillas are a great lunch idea for using left overs including chicken, steak, beans, or shrimp.

Simply combine your favorite proteins with shredded cheese and heat in the oven at 375 degrees F for 10 minutes turning half way through then allow to cool and wrap in aluminum foil for an easy lunch box idea perfect for hungry husbands.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#20 Kabob Skewers

Make lunches easily with various kabob skewers with this super yummy lunch box idea. Combine an assortment of proteins, fruits, and vegetables to easily prepare endless combinations of kabob lunch box ideas.

- Hawaiian BBQ Pineapple Chicken

- Grilled Chicken with Peppers and Onions

- Teriyaki Grilled Chicken with Zucchini

- Mediterranean Grilled Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce

healthy lunch box ideas husband

Tips on How to Save Money with Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Your Husband

#1 Invest in Reusable Containers

Get into the routine of creating your own easy packable lunches by investing in a variety reusable containers to create your own bento boxes and lunch assortments. Remember to invest in reusable containers that also retain heat for creating healthy lunch box ideas that travel well like warm stews, soups, and chilies.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#2 Buy in Bulk

Always be on the lookout for discounted bulk items when shopping for groceries. Invest in simple cuts of meat that are sold in bulk to create healthy lunch box ideas at a fraction of the price simply by buying in bulk. Many cuts of meat, vegetables, and grains can be purchased in bulk with a direct savings to you.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#3 Buy on Sale

Be creative with your lunch box ideas by creating healthy lunches that make use of "on sale" items. Plan your healthy lunch box ideas with special attention to these "sale" items to reduce your lunch expenses greatly.

Load up your cart with "on sale" items and simply make use or freeze items to use at a later time. Your will save money and be stocked with foods that work well for creating healthy lunches!

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#4 No Waste Lunches

Make sure to think "outside the box" when it comes to preparing lunch box ideas for your husband to save money each day.

Always make use of leftover items to prepare something new for lunch. Leftovers offer a variety of lunch ideas available, so be sure to explore mixing and matching various leftover foods to create new and fulfilling lunch box ideas all from simple leftovers.

healthy lunch box ideas husband

#5 Simple Meal Prep

Nothing makes lunches easier than a simple meal prep. By meal prepping at the start of the week, you will have on hand a variety of healthy foods to pair together and to create new lunch combinations.

This simple tip can greatly reduce the time, energy, and money spent on making lunch box ideas for your husband. Check out below our list of simple foods to meal prep for creating healthy lunch box ideas easily throughout the week!

healthy lunch box ideas husband

Quick Guide Healthy Lunch Box Meal Prep

Make creating healthy lunches for your husband easy by creating a lunch rotation schedule with this easy meal prep solution. Just by meal prepping a handful of lunch staples, you can easily create healthy lunch box ideas with minimal effort for your husband every day of the week.

- Hard Boiled Eggs

- Chopped Fruits

- Chopped Veggies

- Grilled Chicken

- Steamed Shrimp

- Cooked Beans

- Roasted Vegetables

- Homemade Chicken Salad

- Store Bought Rotisserie Chicken

healthy lunch box ideas husband

Save money and enjoy knowing that your husband is eating healthy lunches at work by using this list of healthy lunch box ideas to create a variety of satisfying and easy to make lunches that are perfect for taking to work.

Use our quick guide meal prep to make lunches even easier by preparing ahead of time simple lunch ingredients to easily create delicious lunch box ideas your husband will love.

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