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Cheers To Moms Taking The Day Off

Why is self care so important for moms and how to make your own self care routine?

is self care important for stay at home moms

How To Create A Self Care Day When Your A Stay AT Home Mom?

You deserve more than just a day off, but if your like most mommies you can't just simply take the day off.

I mean who is going to cook, clean, entertain, and drive the kiddos to and from activities.

Not you!

And you know what most things on your to do list are not going to happen today because you are going to create space for the much needed lazy day.

easy self care tips for busy stay at home moms with toddlers

How Do You Self Care With No Money Or Help?

Lets face it nobody is going to show up at your door offering to take over for the day unless you pay them.

And you know what?

That is alright because you do not need anyone to come to the rescue.

Instead you are simply going to enjoy a day off by simply just doing less.

Way less.

We are talking the bare minimum.

Yes no laundry.

No cleaning.

No dishes.


Yup the house will be a mess.

Dishes are going to pile.

Toys will be everywhere.

Today it does not matter.

Today is your day off.

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easy self care tips for busy stay at home moms

What To Do When Your Tired Of Parenting?

Of course the children are going to have to eat.

On this day let the children make their own food.

Choose their own snacks.

Eat whatever just don't ask me to get it is the mentality.

Your taking the day off.

If you have little ones too young to do so, keep meals simple today.

This is the day to reheat left overs for dinner, put in a frozen pizza, or order some take out.

Whatever keeps you out of the kitchen.

Did I already mention no dishes today.

Keep everything to a minimum including clean up cause your taking the day off.

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Why Is Being A Mom So Exhausting?

Um because the demands simply never stop...

So for today you are going to cut yourself all the slack.

No activities.

Yes because leaving the house is overrated.

Today I choose to be a hermit. I am going to stay in my yoga pants, with my mom bun, a cozy hoodie and a cup of tea because I'm taking the day off.

Put screen time to use.

Today you are going to let the kids do what they want.

No planned activities.

No art projects.


Today the kids can binge on movies and there is no mom guilt because say it with me "I'm taking the day off."

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How Do You Recover From Burnout with Kids?

The following are a must on this day off.

A hot steamy shower to wash away the stresses of being everything to everyone.

A hot drink to warm your spirit as you replenish yourself.

Comfortable clothes that give you the freedom to lay in bed all day.

Movies that make you laugh.

Music that soothes your soul.

And whatever else you want to do.

Drink some wine.

Relax in bed all day.

Today everyone can fend for themselves because I'm taking the day off.

why is self care important when your a mom

Make it more than just a delightful thought and cultivate space for the lazy day that every mom deserves.

Tomorrow you can get back to being everything to everyone.

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