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How To Lose Weight And Find Yourself?

The easy way to Lose Weight and find yourself with simple tips for stay at home moms.

easy tips for losing postpartum weight

How To Lose Weight When Your A Busy Mom?

We all want to be our best and part of being our best is looking our best.

When we look our best it effects every area of our life from the relationship with our spouse to how we treat our children.

Why is that?

Well its simply a matter of confidence.

The better we feel about ourselves the better we treat those around us.

So how can we officially lose the weight this time once and for all?

You can change your life.

You can be the stronger, more confident, and happier person you were meant to be all along.

Will it require sacrifice?


Will it be difficult and full of temptations?


Will it be worth it?


If you are ready to get started in transforming your life follow along with these simple tips for losing the weight once and for all.

easy tips for losing weight fast

#1 Drink More Water to Lose Weight

Water is the single most important factor in losing weight. If you do nothing else, but simply change this one aspect of your diet you are for sure to lose weight.

When your body is dehydrated it retains water and toxins which cause bloating and fat accumulation.

Your body produces fat cells to absorb the toxins within your body.

In simple terms drinking more water will allow your body to flush out the toxins keeping you energized and content with eating less.

The best way to go about drinking water is to sip regularly making sure to drink at least one glass ever 2-3 hours.

Do not drink anything else.

You can add flavor to your water by adding a splash of lemon, cucumbers, mint, or orange slices.

Drink warm tea in the morning first thing and to end your day as well.

With this one simple tip you are sure to start seeing results in no time.

#2 Start Moving More to Lose Weight

Yes exercise is important, not only for losing weight, but exercise also increases your happiness resulting in less stress.

Stress is another key factor in losing weight.

The more stressed you are the more fat your body holds onto.

So if you want to lose weight stop stressing and get moving.

Make exercising a fun and exciting part of your everyday life.

It does not have to be hours of working out at the gym.

It can be as simple as committing 20 minutes a day to moving more.

Try to include many mini workouts throughout the day.

It can be as simple as yoga in the morning.

A two mile run in the afternoon.

Ten minutes of weights before your evening shower.

A quick stretch at the end of your day followed by a few moments of meditation to calm your mind and release your worries setting you up for a night of recharging rest.

Do not be afraid to try new things.

As a matter of fact it is encouraged to try new things to keep you motivated and feeling alive.

Do that kickboxing class.

Join an adult soccer team.

Keep it fun and keep it moving.

#3 Eat Your Vegetables to Lose Weight

Everyday people are becoming more aware of the importance of eating a primarily plant based diet.

Now this can be difficult for some more than others if you are use to eating a diet that is primarily meat based.

So start slow by simply replacing some of your favorite dishes with plant based versions.

Eating plant based will help you not only lose weight, but it will keep the weight off and you can reduce many of the discomforts that come from eating a processed diet of meat, salt, and sugar.

Eating plant based makes you feel light, clear headed, and happy.

Now don't worry you can still eat meat on occasion.

However, make sure to purchase organic pasture raised high quality meat and figure out ways to use the meat sparingly by making portions smaller.

Eating your vegetables may seem like a tall order, but imagine when you can make that shift and it is no longer is a big deal.

You don't have the cravings.

You are satisfied.

You enjoy eating more because your taste buds have changed and you allow yourself to truly enjoy the variety of plants on your plate.

All the beautiful colors.

Feeling refueled and refreshed with all the nutrients pumping through your body.

You Can Lose Weight and Discover Your Best Self

Losing weight does not have to be difficult, but you will have to make some simple changes.

In fact if you only made these 3 simple changes you will see results.

Start small.

Take one day at a time.

Build on your progress.

You can lose weight!

You can be happy!

You can start today!

Right now!

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