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6 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself This Season

Treat yourself with 6 Easy Ways to Self Care for exhausted moms with parental burnout.

easy self care tips for parental burnout

Why Is Self Care Important In The Winter?

Winter is the season to shift focuses from vacations and outdoor adventures to the comforting security of a warm place to shelter yourself from the brisk temperatures outside.

This is the season to turn within and to make yourself a priority.

Self care in the winter is so important because it tends to be an isolating season.

With cold weather and daylight hours reduced people tend to retreat and this can be isolating for many.

If you experience seasonal depression in the Winter maybe a mind shift is all you need.

Use this season to invest in yourself.

To focus on your mental health.

And to find more time for self care.

Everyone needs a recharge season and Winter is the perfect time to begin.

Create A Home Of Warmth and Comfort with These Tips:

easy tips for making a home relaxing in the winter

How Can I Take Care Of Myself In The Winter?

#1 Give Yourself Time To Wake Up Slowly To Improve Mental Health

There is something about the chill in the air that makes snuggling in bed that much better.

The warmth of your blankets encourages you to stay tucked in tight.

Go ahead and give yourself the time to wake up slowly at least one day out of the week.

This may mean you have to plan ahead to have a day with no activities scheduled and on that day wake up slowly.

No alarms.

No rush.

Just time to relax and wake up slowly.

how to improve mental health in the winter

#2 Use Your Favorite Soaps and Lotions

Take time to grab a great bar of soap made with natural ingredients to truly enjoy the simplicity of having a beautiful bar of soap that fills your space with a favorite aroma.

Truly take your time attending to yourself and enjoying the shower as it cleanses your mind and body.

Afterwards take the time to use your favorite lotions and enjoy a soft massage as you make time for yourself to do the things you enjoy.

easy self care ideas for moms in the winter

#3 Play Relaxing Music

Whenever possible enjoy relaxing music to set the tone for your mood.

Enjoy the soft sounds of meditation music as you unwind with some yoga.

Play some soothing instrumentals as you enjoy the comforts of a warm bath.

Turn on some nice evening music to elevate your experience of enjoying a delicious dinner.

This season enjoy some music throughout your day.

products to help with self care

#4 How Candles Can Improve Mood In The Winter?

Create ambiance within your space.

Fill your home with candles you love.

Use string lights to add soft lighting to any room. In the evening enjoy the softness of the candle while your read a delightful book.

Have a candle burning at dinner to add a hint of romance.

Look for different ways to create ambiance by lighting your home with relaxation in mind.

best warm drinks to enjoy in winter

#5 What Can I Drink To Feel Warm In The Winter?

There is no better time to begin sipping on a warm tea than the first days of Winter.

There is a chill in the air and the warmth of a hot cup of tea can be so recharging for the soul.

There is something about having a warm drink in one hand and a book in the other that is just so restful and necessary at this time of the year.

Taking time to sip a warm drink is not only relaxing, but it is good for your health.

So take the time to enjoy a hot tea filled with antioxidants to strengthen your immune system just as the cold months approach.

Need More Self Care Ideas Check These Out?

#6 What We Eat and Drink in the Winter Season

This is the time to cook some healthy comfort foods that leave you and your loved ones feeling content.

Take the time to cook the foods you enjoy using local and seasonal produce to bring in a variety of nutrients and fantastic colors.

Think slow cooked meals.

Warm soups brewing all day.

Delicious bread to accompany.

Hot stews and amazing casseroles to fill your bowls.

This is a time for gratefulness in the food that you have surrounded by loved ones.

Share your food with family and friends.

Easy Healthy Recipe Ideas Family Approved:

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