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19 Better Daily Habits for Self Care

With these 19 Easy Health Tips you can take care of your mind, body, and soul as a woman.

With the new year just around the corner, many begin on the pilgrimage of transformation creating promises that won't be kept fueled by unrealistic expectations and restrictions set too tight.

This year calls for a new outlook on "New Years Resolutions."

Instead of creating a long list of diet restrictions and workout mandates that take the fun out of life, you can go into this new year with a positive mindset embracing the journey of creating a healthy balanced lifestyle that allows you to enjoy all of life's little pleasures...

Simply Embrace Life With These 19 Better Daily Habits for Self Care

1. Do You Find Time for Rest?

A full life requires rest, down time, and rejuvenating activities.

Make it a practice to implement all three of these into your daily habits.

Making sure you safe guard your sleep whether that means getting to sleep earlier, sleeping in one morning a week, or enjoying that extra shut eye on the weekend.

Your body needs sleep.

Your mind needs downtime and your soul craves rejuvenating activities.

With proper rest, you will find yourself naturally more creative and inspired to challenge yourself and to chase after the goals that mean most to you in life.

easy health tips for taking care of yourself rest

2. How To Have Energy As A Stay At Home?

Each day we are gifted with a blank slate.

A whole new day deserves moments of rejuvenation for yourself physically and mentally.

Take time this year to embrace filling these moments with habits that leave you feeling whole and refreshed.

Simply rejuvenate yourself with a hot cup of tea, a morning yoga sequence, afternoon meditations, or by slowing down your evening routine to encompass a slow hot shower filled with your favorite aromas and followed by a relaxing stretch and deep breathing to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

3. What Hobbies Are Good For Stay At Home Moms?

Creativeness is the heart beat to life. Without a creative outlet, life can become so mundane and routine.

This year break out of the same old cycle by diving deep into a new hobby that has sparked an interest.

There are so many fascinating hobbies to experience whether it involves joining a book club, playing a new sport, trying an art class, or spending your time volunteering in the community.

There are endless avenues to explore creating and establishing some new hobbies that can create a spark in your life.

what are good hobbies for stay at home mom

4. Find More Ways To Move Each Day

Many people have a negative connotation when it comes to exercise.

They dread the thought of having to workout and at best the drive is simply forced.

However, this year embrace finding more ways to move each day that don't only involve going to the gym.

For instance, take up a dance class, go hiking with your dog, do yoga by the lake, roller blade at the park, enjoy kayaking down a river, take up rock climbing, run through a forested trail, swim some laps at the pool, or volunteer at an animal shelter.

Most importantly remember being active can be more than just hitting up the gym, so continue to always seek new adventures to keep you living an active lifestyle.

5. How To Drink More Water?

Are you drinking enough water?

The days of drinking sugary carbonated drinks must be put to the side.

This tip should really be number 1 because it is that important.

So make water your new best friend.

Water in the morning.

Water in the afternoon.

Water in the evening.

Water is something we hear over and over again.

I know it is repetitive, but that is because it is just that important.

So stay hydrated and enjoy feeling lighter, more energized, and cognitively sharper simply by sipping throughout the day.

6. How To Nourish Your Body?

Ditch the fast food and prepackage meals for nourishing home cooked dishes.

To be on top of your game you have to feed your body the fuel to get you where you want to be in life.

Nourish your body by getting a variety of plant based meals into your daily routine.

Eating plant based meals can provide so many nutrients that your body needs to feel fulfilled and making it that much easier to ditch those not-so-healthy cravings for sugar based products.

Eat clean and feel lean.

7. How To Start A Garden For Beginners?

What better way to begin nourishing yourself with more plant based items than to grow them yourself. A garden is a wonderful way to grow your mind, body, and soul in ways you may have never assumed. Of course a garden can provide us with a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, but it can also ease stress and depression by simply giving the promise of something to look forward to tomorrow. Something to be proud of. Something that required a nurturing hand in order to blossom. A garden teaches determination, patience, and it creates a connection to where our food comes from and this naturally cultivates an appreciation for life.

8. Practice Mindful Eating

Breathe. Inhale the aromas lifting from your plate.

Notice the beautiful array of colors.

Take time to notice the simple pleasure of a delicious meal by practicing mindfulness.

Be mindful of the food you are putting into your body.

Be mindful of how that food is going to nourish you at a cellular level.

Envision the nutrients repairing and replenishing.

Be mindful of how the food was prepared.

Be mindful of how your food was grown and harvested.

Be mindful that what you choose to eat will ultimately influence who you are to become.

Choose to be mindful of food.

Be mindful and after that be thankful for the food you have to eat.

9. Get Out In Nature

Each day make it a goal to step outside.

Step outside yourself, outside the walls of comfort, and embrace being outdoors.

Breathe in the fresh crisp cold air on a winter morning with a hot cup of coffee warming your soul.

Let loose on an afternoon hike.

Take on an adventurous bike ride down a winding path.

Walk to the local market as you take in the beauty of an ordinary day.

Go outside.

Be outside.

Stay outside as much as you can.

10. The Benefits Of Waking Up Early?

Everyone is different when it comes to their sleep needs.

There are night owls, early risers, and those that fall somewhere in between.

There is no right or wrong.

However, this upcoming year experiment with waking up slightly earlier to give yourself more time for self care.

In those early moments, embrace the things in your life that make you happy.

For some it may be devotion, coffee, and yoga for others it may be stretching, meditation, and a hot shower.

Whatever it is that brings you joy, simply rise sooner to reach out and take hold of those joyous early morning moments.

11. Designate Time To Clean

Clutter is a powerful distraction that leads to stress and a lack of motivation.

When we are surrounded by clutter it reduces clarity creating a veil of depression over our lives.

Make it an intention to set aside time to rid yourself of clutter by cleaning daily and paying attention to the possessions we bring into our lives.

Get into the habit of making your bed, wiping off counters, sweeping the floors, tackling the laundry, and never leaving dishes in the sink before going to bed.

Practice the art of embracing these moments with gratitude by being thankful you have a bed to sleep in, a home to clean, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

Rid yourself of clutter, be mindful of what you buy, and be disciplined enough to keep a clean home that is a safe haven for you and your family.

12. Waste Less Money

Consumerism is like clutter in that it eats away our life.

This upcoming year look forward to consuming less.

Don't worry it is not as drastic as it sounds.

Simply create a priority list for the things you enjoy, find ways to meet these needs without breaking the bank, and enjoy saving money, the environment, and your sanity all with the simply act of cutting out mindless consumer spending.

Spending is not the problem.

However, when we continuously splurge on useless junk that only fills our homes with clutter and increases our waste out put while draining our energy by having to work more to buy more useless junk...well you see where I'm going.

So jump off the rat wheel and look for ways to enjoy spending less.

This may mean cooking from home, creating your own personal gifts to share with loved ones, borrowing books from the library instead of buying new, or simply up cycling and making use of what your already have.

Realizing that you will never find happiness with more things but you just might with less...

do candles make you more happy

13. Fill Your Home With Things You Love

Your home should be a place of comfort and warmth, this new year fill your home with the things you love.

Surround yourself with simple pleasures that bring you joy.

Fill your home with the gentle flicker of a beautiful candle.

Enjoy the warmth of a handmade quilt.

Soak in the aromas from your favorite essential oils.

Take joy in making a cup of tea from a glistening tea pot.

Rejoice in the joy of filling your home with beautiful works of art and the soft sounds of relaxing music.

So go on and fill your home and heart with the things you love.

14. Create Art Even If Your Not An Artist

Make time to create art.

The avenues one can adventure on to express themselves artistically are endless.

If you never make time for art, it is time you start.

Art has the power to soothe parts of our soul that are so suppressed by conformity and restricted by self doubt that most people never dare adventure to try something new to express themselves.

Those are the unfortunate for they will miss out on the beauty of simply creating an artistic expression through painting on a Sunday afternoon, sketching a portrait on a chilly fall day, playing the guitar next to a warm bonfire, taking a pottery class with friends and so much more...

Start to create art each day to spark the passion in your life.

15. Do More For Others

Connection is a basic human need.

This year discover the simple joy of doing more for others.

Be there.

Be that person that is there when your friend needs a listening ear, when your parents retell their favorite story for the hundredth time, and when your spouse longs for an adventure.

Be there to be that person that listens, inspires, and comforts those around them.

The one with surprises.

Always there to uplift those in need.

Be the person friends can count on and family members look forward to seeing.

Be the one who brings laughter and wisdom.

Be the light by doing more for others.

16. Take Care of Your Pets

Along with doing for others, take time to be mindful with the animals in your life.

Enjoy the comfort these amazing creatures bring into your life and remember to be there for them as well.

Taking the time to put energy towards grooming, massaging, exercising, and nourishing the animals in your life. Strengthen the bond with your pet and fill yourself with joy, decreased stress, and increase your empathy towards all living creatures.

17. Pour Yourself Into A New Project

This is the year.

Do it now.

That thing you have been thinking of but too scared to make the leap.

Take the leap and pour yourself into a new project this year.

Size is of no matter.

Whether big or small.

Go for it.

Take a chance on yourself and go out on a limb determined to accomplish your project.

It may be something simple like creating a photo album, a new blog, a fresh garden, take on making homemade soaps, or a new business adventure whatever it is that has been lingering in your mind for days, weeks, and years go do it this year.

Take on this new project with confidence and know that no matter the end result you still won by taking a chance to try something new.

how to try new things as a mom

18. Treat Yourself Each Day

Each day prioritize treating yourself with something that fills your mind, body, and soul.

A treat does not need to be overindulging by no means.

In fact, it seems to be more rewarding when it is a small simple pleasure that can be done each day.

A simple treat can be enjoying a delicious chocolate at the end of the day, sipping on your favorite tea while reading a book, taking a bath filled with your favorite scents, splurging on fresh cut flowers, buying a new outfit, painting your nails, or simply lighting your favorite candle at the end of the evening.

Take joy and find ways to treat yourself each and every day!

19. Practice Kindness

To be happy is to be kind.

Be kind to everyone you meet.

Be kind in each day.

Be kind not only to people you know, but instead hold doors for strangers, offer random smiles, give standing ovations, lend helping hands, comforting compliments, and don't hold back your kindness spread it to all those you meet along the way.

Don't be reserved when it comes to kindness.

Show others what it means to be a genuine person that is kind to those all around.

Kind to people.

Kind to animals.

Kind to all walks of life from crawling lady bugs to blossoming flowers.

Practice kindness without reservation, with good intention, and an honest open heart.

Good things will follow simply by being kind.

This completes the list of 19 Better Daily Habits for Self Care , so go ahead and jump start into the new year with purpose by beginning to incorporated these daily habits and create a more adventurous, fulfilled, and passionate life that is wholesome and embraces a positive mindful attitude inspired by simply living simple.

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