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3 Easy Tips To Stay Hydrated

Discover the best way to drink more water with 3 easy tips for staying hydrated when your a busy stay at home mom.

stay hydrated tips drink more water

Do you want to feel your best and have more energy, focus, and drive to get things done?

What if I told you, you could accomplish more goals and level up your lifestyle simply by drinking more water?

Its true!

We all know that water is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, but for many it is a daily struggle to drink enough water and stay hydrated.

It can be especially daunting for stay at home moms because let's face it the demands of tending to children all. day. long. causes the most basic needs to be neglected.

Tackling this simple healthy habit is sure to bring an abundance of health, energy, and clarity into your life all by simply drinking more water.

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3 Tips To Keep Hydrated and Drink More Water

#1 Build A Hydration Routine

When your creating a new lifestyle habit it all begins with mindfulness.

You need to be more mindful of your daily routine and create a schedule for staying hydrated.

This is super easy to do!

Set a simple hydration goal and break your day into blocks to create a daily water drinking routine.

stay hydrated tips drink more water

Check Out This Schedule For Staying Hydrated Easily:

1st Glass First Thing In The Morning

2 Glasses with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Last Glass Before Bed

By simply being more intentional with your daily routine you can stay on your game by being fully hydrated.


#2 Don't Sip Chug Instead

If you want to hack your hydration begin by chugging water.

Sipping water throughout the day is tedious.

Skip having to think about taking a sip of water ever few minutes and learn to chug instead.

If you want to highjack your hydration learn to chug!

filling cup with water

#3 Drink Room Temperature Water

When your goal is to stay hydrated think room temperature water.

Room temperature water is easy to consume.

You will have no problem chugging a glass of water quickly throughout the day when it is room temperature.

If your use to sipping on cold water make the switch and notice how much easier it is to stay hydrated when your chugging room temperature water.

stay hydrated tips drink more water woman smiling

Keep Hydrated and Drink More Water

That's it!

It can be that simple to make the switch from feeling drained and unmotivated to energized and hydrated all by simply being more mindful over your water drinking habits.

Enjoy the feeling of having more mental clarity and a healthier glow by simply staying hydrated with these easy tips.

Water drinking doesn't have to be a struggle, but you do have to be intentional.

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