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3 Easy Ideas for Better Homemaking

Want to make homemaking easy and be a natural homemaker for your family? Then check out these 3 Super Easy Homemaking Tips you need to know today!

stay at home mom homemaking tips

Create A Cozy Home To Embrace Better Self Care

Imagine creating a home sanctuary. Envision cultivating a space to rest and recharge. A place of memories and laughter. A home filled with beautiful scents and special touches. A home of wellness that is inviting and unique.

With these 3 Easy Ideas for Better Homemaking for Stay at Home Moms you can cultivate the essence of wellness with the birth of a home sanctuary.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

#1 Keep a Tidy Home with These Simple Tips

Begin each day with a fresh start by creating the habit of tidying up the night before. The end of the day is the perfect moment to do a quick cleaning dash through the house resetting the common living spaces to provide a fresh start.

Imagine how dreadful it is waking up to find the house a disaster. Now imagine how uplifting it is waking up to a tidy home free of dishes and clutter. Realize how this simple technique can gift you the benefit of having a fresh start each morning in a clean space with a blank slate.

Have a routine to combat constant cleaning by simply choosing to clean two times a day. Address morning chores and then create an evening chore routine.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

With 30 minutes of intentional cleaning, you can accomplish washing dishes, sweeping floors, wiping off counters, taking the trash out, caring for pets, tidying up spaces, and making beds. This may seem like a long list, but typically 30 minutes of intentional cleaning can be just enough to keep a tidy home.

Tackle a special cleaning task each week to focus on. One space a week that deserves intentional cleaning to combat the buildup of dirt and clutter. By implementing this simple home making technique, you can avoid the overwhelm of laundry buildup, closet clutter, grimy bathrooms, dirty bed sheets, dusty fans, and complete clutter chaos.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

Anytime you feel a lack of motivation, allow yourself a simple reward for accomplishing these tasks. One easy reward is to light your favorite candle or diffuse an essential oil every time you accomplish tackling a cleaning task.

It may take discipline to get in the habit. After all, after a long day it is understandable that cleaning is the last thing anyone really wants to do, but once it becomes habit and the benefits can be experienced firsthand it becomes much easier to get in the mindset of keeping a tidy home.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

#2 Make Homemade Meals Simple with These Cooking Tips

A home is simply not a home without those staple home cooked meals. The kitchen is the heart of the home for a reason as homemade meals have strong ties to our greatest memories.

A home filled with the scent of a bubbling soup and freshly baked bread is the essence of home making. It is priceless to have your favorite holiday meals slow cooking as their scents create an aroma of comfort and delight.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

Take homemade meals to another level of deliciousness by utilizing home grown ingredients. Every home can benefit from a beautiful backyard garden filled with the abundance of flowers and vegetables.

Growing a garden creates a connection to the land outside your home. Learning to cultivate in the environment you live in is a simple joy.

Discovering the plants that thrive in the same environment as you do. Gardening is beneficial across so many levels making it one top home making skill worth combining with the practice of cooking.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

The art of cooking homemade meals is the greatest gift you can provide your family. Not only are you providing a higher level of nutritional content for your family, but you are also benefiting them with the comfort of home every time you create a delicious meal to enjoy as a family.

If you are a beginner cook, do not feel overwhelmed as everyone begins as a beginner. Simply make note of meals your family enjoys and then embark on the journey of creating them.

Once you have mastered creating your favorite meals simply put them on rotation for easy what’s for dinner ideas. Utilize meal prep to create fast and nutritious lunches and snacks.

Cultivate this easy home making skill by discovering resources for recipes and inspiration to get you cooking today.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

#3 Celebrate Wellness at Home Through Simple Joys

Invite wellness into your home by creating simple joys. Simply enjoy the routine of creating memorable acts of intention for yourself and your family.

Think of creating a spa retreat once a week filled with bath bombs, candles, wine, and your favorite book. How about creating a family fun night filled with board games and finger foods? A weekly movie night with homemade pizza, popcorn, and veggie snacks.

Or enjoy hot coco on cold night next to a roaring fire for a fun home date night experience. Even a Friday night dance party can be just the thing to release the stresses of the week. Discover how to celebrate wellness with fun home activities and invite positivity into your life.

stay at home mom homemaking tips

Create A Home Environment That Promotes Better Self Care

Create special touches of comfort to your home through simple delights. These elements can create the essence of wellbeing within your home. With small touches of delight throughout the home, you can raise positivity, inspiration, and wellness.

These simple joys may include a scented candle, soft lighting, an essential oil diffuser, soft music in the evening, or a beautiful array of fresh flowers on display. Maybe it’s a hot drink station with your favorite coffee blends? Perhaps a home yoga retreat or meditation sanctuary?

stay at home mom homemaking tips

The Benefits Of Simple Homemaking

How ever you see fit, creating special touches that encourage rest and wellbeing is a wonderful home making skill worth cultivating. Master the art of home making and gift your family the benefits of simple delights in a comfortable home with these 3 easy ideas for stay at home moms for better homemaking.


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