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3 Tips For Building Your Resume When Your A Stay At Home Mom

Learn how to build your resume when your a stay at home mom with 3 simple tips to begin manifesting skills you can leverage in the future.

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When your a stay at home mom it is important to continue cultivating new skills and prioritizing your identity.

By taking the time to prioritize building new skills each day you can create new and exciting opportunities for growth even if you plan on being a stay at home mom indefinitely.

The skills you commit to learning now to grow as an individual and to prioritize yourself will one day lead to new and exciting opportunities that could give you financial freedom.

To get real results in building your resume when your a stay at home mom consider dedicating a time block each day to prioritize your own personal development.

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How to Build a Resume as a Stay at Home Mom?

Building a resume is all about acquiring skills and showcasing those experiences in written form.

As a stay at home mom, you already have an assortment of skills you can leverage and apply to the workspace.

If your ready to build a resume consider reflecting on the skills you already employ each day as you manage your household.

Take time to reflect on these skills and get creative highlighting the areas of expertise you bring to the table from skills you have right now at this moment from being a mom... aka the hardest job in the world.

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7 Skills Stay at Home Moms Already Have:

Organizational Skills

Time Management

Ability to Work Under Pressure


Communication Skills

Self Motivational Skills

The Ability to Multitask

These are just a handful of skills you have already acquired by being a stay at home mom, now lets jump into how you can expand your skills to create a life you love whether you plan to be home, enter the workforce, or become your own boss one day.

Soon after becoming a stay at home mom you should begin getting into the routine of prioritizing your self development each day.

Not only will this give you more opportunities in the future, but it will also help build your confidence, give you purpose, and inspire you to experience life to the fullest in the midst of motherhood.

how to build a resume as a stay at home mom

Personal Development for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay at home is challenging when it comes to prioritizing personal development that is why we encourage you to take that time for yourself without any mom guilt each day.

Whether you an hour or just 20 minutes a day you should be prioritizing the woman you want to become apart from your identity as a mom.

You can be the most amazing mother in the world, but you don't have to lose yourself completely to motherhood to accomplish that.

Stop neglecting your own needs and take this time as a stay at home mom to continue cultivating your own dreams and manifesting a life you love alongside of serving your family.

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#1 Gain Experience

If you need to get more experience for your resume, but have limit time consider volunteering.

Volunteering allows you to get hands on experience that you can leverage on your resume without having to commit to a permanent position.

It can also serve as the first step towards creating new opportunities for yourself, while giving you an edge on your resume when your trying to build up your resume.

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#2 Start a Hobby

Even though you may be limited on time, starting a hobby as a stay at home mom is a great way to nourish your personal development.

Simply by starting a hobby you give yourself the permission to pursue you and your interests.

When you start making the time to invest in your own happiness and personal fulfillment it will spill over into all areas of your life jumpstarting your journey towards personal development.

Not only will this bring you more happiness, confidence, and motivation, but it can also give you leverage as an employee or business owner in the future.

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#3 Build an Online Presence

Being a stay at home is the perfect time to begin building an online presence around your interests.

If you have always wanted to be an entrepreneur building your own online portfolio is a great way to begin manifesting that reality.

Building an online presence displaying your skills is a great way to take your resume to the next level.

Whether you enjoy writing a blog, displaying your photography skills, demonstrating your recipe ideas, building an online presence showcasing your specialties is a great way to build your resume while being a stay at home mom.

By using a Free graphic design websites like Canva you can also create a digit resume that will impress future clients and employers giving you an edge over the competition.

resume skills for stay at home moms

Resume Skills for Stay at Home Moms

With these tips for building your resume as a stay at home mom you can begin your path towards more financial freedom by creating new job opportunities simply by pursuing your own personal development.

As you continue cultivating new skills more opportunities will present themselves to nourish your growth and manifest a life you love.

Don't get stuck in the rut of losing yourself to motherhood and begin going on an intentional journey within to create skills that will bring you happiness, confidence, and motivation that you can also leverage in the future for new work opportunities.

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