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41 Healthy Snacks to Replace Potato Chips

Increase your wellness without any effort simply by replacing potato chips with these 41 healthy snacks to munch on throughout your day.

easy snack ideas to replace potato chips

Eating Healthier Doesn't Have to Be Difficult!

For stay at home moms, eating healthy can be a challenge though, but with our healthy snack ideas choosing healthy snacks throughout the day just became easier!

With just a few healthy snack swaps you can notice big changes to your mood, energy levels, and overall wellness with just this simple new eating habit.

Create a big impact on your health this year by choosing foods that offer better nutrition and skip snacks that are processed with high amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and simple sugars.

We have all been there craving something crunchy to snack on in the midst of a chaotic day and let's face it our snack choices are often out of pure convenience, but with these healthy snack substitutes you won't even be thinking about potato chips.

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smoothie easy healthy snack idea for busy moms

Discover below healthy snack swaps that deliver the same satisfaction for a game changer when it comes to snacking on foods with better nutrition.

This one simple eating habit can make all the difference in reaching your health goals and with our list of health snack foods we make eating healthier easier by taking the stress out of "what to eat?"

Release the tendency to reach for potato chips and instead build better eating habits this year with these healthy snack ideas and easy snack meal prep list below.

what to buy for snacks to eat healthy

Everyone knows, when it comes to building healthier eating habits, consistency is key and repeatedly choosing healthier snack alternatives is one small habit you can put into place today to get into the habit of choosing healthier snacks foods every day.

All of these healthy snack ideas work perfectly for creating portioned sized snacks that are great to enjoy to keep you fueled throughout the day.

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easy snack idea list for healthy eating habits

A List of 41 Healthy Snacks to Eat with Sandwiches to Replace Potato Chips

  1. Plantains

  2. Veggie Straws

  3. Berries

  4. Cucumbers with Cream Cheese

  5. Avocado

  6. Sweet Potato Chips

  7. Mini Peppers with Cream Cheese

  8. Grapes

  9. Pickles

  10. Roasted Vegetables

  11. Carrot Sticks

  12. Nuts

  13. Raisins

  14. Roasted Potatoes

  15. Celery Sticks

  16. Apple Slices

  17. Cottage Cheese

  18. Yogurt

  19. Salad

  20. Raw Broccoli

  21. Kale Chips

  22. Cheese Sticks

  23. Pretzels

  24. Hummus

  25. Pasta Salad

  26. Dried Fruit

  27. Triscuits

  28. Sweet Potato Fries

  29. Rice Cakes

  30. Edamame

  31. Popcorn

  32. Zucchini Fries

  33. Clementine

  34. Boiled Eggs

  35. Soup

  36. Energy Balls

  37. Seeds

  38. Sesame Sticks

  39. Granola

  40. Broccoli Salad

  41. Apple Chips

easy fruit snack ideas for to lose weight

Often the simplest adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, especially when your trying to simply build better eating habits.

The trick to building better health habits is to focus on one healthier habit at a time, so why not focus on healthier snack ideas to reset your eating habits for success.

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How to Make Healthy Snacks an Easy Eating Habit?

Get a head start on eating healthy snacks every day by simply meal prepping a few staple foods to help swap out potato chips for healthier snack alternatives that will leave you feeling light, energized, and satisfied throughout the day.

10 Healthy Snacks to Meal Prep For Busy Moms
  1. Carrot Sticks

  2. Celery Sticks

  3. Sliced Fruit

  4. Boiled Eggs

  5. Energy Balls

  6. Roasted Potatoes

  7. Granola

  8. Broccoli Salad

  9. Roasted Vegetables

  10. Salad Mix

Build this one simple habit and choose healthy snack foods that still offer the same satiating feeling of something crunchy and satisfying to build better lifestyle choices.

Get accustomed to choosing healthy snack options each day for it to become easier by building a new habit of choosing healthier snack options throughout the the day.

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It can be challenging for stay at home moms to build healthy eating habits when they are surrounded by food all day long.

Especially, when mom is usually the one making all the meals, serving, and preparing snacks for everyone else.

Often times this can leave us just plain exhausted with decision fatigue of what to make for ourselves, which leaves us way too vulnerable to reaching over and stuffing our face with potato chips.

easy healthy snack ideas nuts

Use this list to decide on healthy snack ideas that fit your preferences and find yourself reaching for healthier snack alternatives with minimal thought and eventually out of pure habit.

Routinely meal prep healthy snack foods to have on hand throughout the week and embrace feeling light, energized, and content throughout the day with these healthy snack ideas for busy moms who are ready to embrace healthy eating habits.

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