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List of 41 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Here is a List of 41 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Kids!

Breakfast have you in a scramble of what to make each day?

Let us help you with our list of 41 simple breakfast ideas perfect for feeding kids healthy breakfasts all week long with minimal ingredients and easy prep!

simple breakfast ideas for kids

The Importance of A Healthy Breakfast for Kids

Ensure your kids start the day right with a healthy breakfast that is easy to make because let's face it mornings are typically busy and with everyone in a rush to begin the day, cooking a gourmet breakfast is not always an option, so use our list of simple breakfast ideas to create a healthy breakfast that will fuel them for an entire day of productive play and learning.

Children need good nutrition to fuel their growing minds and provide them with sustainable energy throughout the day.

Did you know many behavioral problems can be directly linked to sugar crashes?

By avoiding sugary processed breakfast options and providing healthy nutritious breakfast meals, you can avoid the afternoon meltdowns with just the simple intention of making healthy breakfasts for your kids.

simple breakfast ideas for kids

To keep your kids eating healthy breakfasts each week, simply choose a few breakfast meal ideas from our list below and create an easy breakfast rotation.

With a simple breakfast rotation in place, your kids can enjoy healthy breakfasts and you can release the stress of figuring out what to make each day.

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simple breakfast ideas for kids

Simple Breakfast Ideas for Picky Eaters

Sometimes it can be a challenge feeding picky eaters a well rounded breakfast.

To guide your picky eater into experiencing and liking new flavors continue to introduce new breakfast ideas along with staple foods they already enjoy.

It is important to remember that it can take time for your child to warm up to new foods.

This can be completely normal and should not be stressed over.

Instead, have a patient mindset and simply continue introducing new breakfast meals in a calm and understanding environment, so your child feels supported as they learn to navigate eating new foods with advanced flavors and textures to enjoy.

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simple breakfast ideas for kids

Simple Breakfast Ideas for School Days

Many of our simple breakfast ideas are perfect for creating make ahead meals and breakfasts on the go!

These are perfect breakfast options for taking to school and eating on the go that require minimal prep.

With a simple breakfast ingredient prep system, your little one can have a well rounded breakfast that can be served and eating quickly for busy mornings.

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Consider purchasing a bento lunch box with separate compartments to make building a simple breakfast meal for school even easier by having a few of our simple breakfast meal ideas available in each compartment.

With a simple nightly breakfast prep, you can already have the perfect breakfast ideas available with a bento breakfast filled with nutritious breakfast staples your kids will love!

This snack like approach to eating breakfast makes it fun to create a well-rounded and nutritious breakfast box meal your kid will love.

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10 Foods To Meal Prep for Simple Breakfasts

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs

  2. Fresh Fruit

  3. Chopped Vegetables

  4. Egg Muffins

  5. Cooked Sausage

  6. Fruit Muffins

  7. Pancakes

  8. Breakfast Casseroles

  9. Smoothie Ingredients

  10. Breakfast Burritos

simple breakfast ideas for kids

A List of 41 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Kids:

Easily compose simple breakfast ideas from our list below of healthy breakfast foods to create meals that are delicious and easy to rotate through each day of the week to keep your little one provided with nutritious foods that are easy to make.

  1. Oatmeal

  2. Spinach Egg Bites

  3. Sunny Side Up Eggs

  4. Parfait

  5. Bananas with Peanut Butter

  6. Cheerios

  7. Hard Boiled Eggs

  8. Pancakes

  9. Fruit Bowl

  10. Sausage

  11. Egg Biscuits

  12. Scrambled Cheesy Eggs

  13. Buttered Toast

  14. PBJ

  15. Egg Muffins

  16. Avocado Slices

  17. Veggie Egg Scramble

  18. Bacon

  19. French Toast

  20. Hash Browns

  21. Cereal

  22. Jelly Biscuits

  23. Breakfast Casserole

  24. Avocado Toast

  25. Sausage

  26. Bagels with Cream Cheese

  27. Smoothies

  28. Rice Crackers

  29. Jelly Toast

  30. English Muffins

  31. Sausage Biscuits and Gravy

  32. Waffles

  33. Cereal Bars

  34. Granola

  35. Breakfast Egg Burritos

  36. Veggie Slices

  37. Soup

  38. Hummus

  39. Omelets

  40. Breakfast Quesadillas

  41. Croissants

simple breakfast ideas for kids

Don't let breakfast get you in a scramble of what to make?

Whip up delicious simple breakfast meals for your kids with minimal thought, prep, and clean up with our brilliant list of easy breakfast ideas.

Create a list of your favorite breakfast meal ideas and then select new foods to incorporate into your breakfast meal rotation.

Build health eating habits starting with breakfast by offering nutritious breakfast meals to rotate each week to introduce your kid to new breakfast flavors with well rounded nutrition that will fuel your child for the day.

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