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5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness as a Mom

Invite more intention into your life and increase your happiness with 5 easy ideas to find more joy in your life as a busy mom.


Being a homemaker can be overwhelming at times because most often your dealing with the demands of your family on a daily basis, which can be just plain exhausting.

By bringing more intention into your life and experiencing new ways to increase your happiness you can begin feeling inspired to journey towards living a more mindful life by cultivating new sources of joy.

Mindset is essential when you want to increase your level of happiness.

With a new mindset you can find yourself having the clarity to focus on what brings you happiness and inspires you to live a fulfilled life.

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How Can I Be More Positive and Happy?

If you want to reach a new level of positivity and happiness you can begin your personal development journey by experimenting with these simple ways to increase your happiness as a mom.

#1 Avoid Negative Self Talk

It is so easy to get stuck inside your head constantly hearing the chatter of negative self talk throughout the day.

This constant negative self talk keeps you stuck.

It brings you down more than you may even notice.

To begin shifting this habit be more mindful of your thoughts when negative self talk arises simple acknowledge and mindfully shift your thought to a new positive one.

The more your practice this state of mindfulness the easier it gets to control your daily thoughts.

Taking control over your thoughts can do wonders for naturally increasing your happiness.

#2 Build Your Confidence

To be confident you have to be willing to take chances.

Just like with negative self talk having low confidence is all in your head.

You can begin building your confidence by pursuing something that challenges you, reciting positive affirmations, and having an exercise regime that leaves you feeling strong.

With your new found source of confidence you can pursuing things you have always wanted to try giving you more purpose apart from motherhood and increasing your happiness.

#3 Identify Bad Habits

What is holding you back?

By taking time to bring awareness to the practices that are holding you back you can identify simple habits that are making you unhappy.

It all begins with having more awareness and knowing that even small changes to daily habits can make a big difference in how you feel.

If you want to have more happiness you can begin by making small simple changes to your daily habits that will leave you feeling more energized and motivated to continue on a personal development journey.

#4 Balance Your Personal Needs

You personal needs matter.

One of the greatest culprits to unhappiness is neglecting your own personal needs.

Without a self care routine in place it is easy to fall into the rut of never doing things you enjoy for yourself whether that is taking time to meal prep so you have healthy lunches available or taking time to relax when you feel overwhelmed whatever it is you need to make your personal needs a priority again.

#5 Plan Personal Development

Stay open to the potential your personal development journey has to offer you.

You can feel more confident, have more energy, and find inspiration again to give you more moments of happiness.

By creating a simple personal development plan you can begin making small changes that can lead to big progress.

Often when we are unhappy it is because we lack a sense of fulfillment.

This emptiness leaves us feeling unworthy and unmotivated throwing us into a spiral of bad habits and poor choices.

With a plan for personal development you can bring awareness to the areas in your life that could use some improvement and begin taking action to find your sources of happiness.

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How Can I Be Happy When I'm Not Happy?

If you have found yourself in a negative headspace feeling unhappy in life understand that it is ok to feel that way and that everyone experiences that feeling at one point or another in life.

The first step towards creating a happier mindset is to simply acknowledge how you feel and bring more intention into your life.

Identify simple habits that hold you back from your feeling happy and begin building a personal development plan to prioritize doing more things that simply give you joy.

You are the creator of your reality and you can choose to pursue a happier life it all boils down to mindset and intention to cultivate a fulfilling life you love.


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