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3 Ways To Light a Spark in Your Life When Your Unmotivated

Light the spark back in your life with 3 practices to put into place today to jumpstart your wellness journey giving you more motivation, confidence, and clarity for building a life you love.

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Tired of being stuck in the same cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression?

It's easy to fall into this cycle because the demands of motherhood are overwhelming, especially when your a homeschool homemaker.

You are often with your children day in and day out looking after everyone else's needs while letting your joys slip aside because there just isn't the time or energy to invest in yourself.

Today you can create a mindset shift and begin prioritizing you.

You can decide to choose yourself and begin cultivating your own delights again.

Get into the practice of living intentionally with small practices that bring you moments of joy by practicing daily self care.

3 Easy Ways To Be More Happier When Your Not Motivated and A Mom

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In the beginning of your self care journey you may lack the ambition to change your routine.

Your mind will convince you their just isn't enough time and that your too tired to possibly take care for yourself.

#1 Light a New Spark

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Think of when you had time for yourself what activities did you enjoy?

There must have been a time when you were interested in a hobby or had a bucket list of experiences you would like to one day accomplish.

Go back to who you were before you became someone to everyone else.

And let her go...

That version of you is gone and that is okay you have to let her go so you can step into your own today.

Think of what ignites your joy today?

What interests you now?

And light that spark of curiosity of what your life could look like if you brought a little more intention into each day.

#2 Be Intentional About Daily Exercise

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Part of the reason you feel stuck is because your endorphins are drained and stress hormones are high dealing with the demands of motherhood.

You have to prioritize moving your body each day to give you that boost of confidence, energy, and motivation to begin changing your life.

Allow yourself to release stress through movement instead of spiraling into bad habits to cope with overwhelming times.

By simply prioritizing 20 minutes a day towards working out you will notice a huge difference in your mindset, mood, and ambition.

#3 Fill Your Cup with Simple Delights

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Its time to mend yourself and begin noticing the simple things that bring you joy to your life.

Happiness is found in small moments and simple things that give your life meaning, purpose, and calmness.

By sprinkling moments of joy throughout your day you can begin feeling more uplifted and motivated to cultivate a life you love.

Tune into these small moments to begin filling your cup again.

How To Find Your Motivation and Jumpstart Your Self Development Journey

If your ready to begin living with intention don't hold off or make it into something bigger than it is.

You don't need some grand plan on how to find yourself.

It all begins by bringing awareness to your situation.

Deciding to live more intentionally focusing on the small habits that make a big difference.

And filling your day with simple joys will be the the catalyst for finding your motivation again.

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