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51 Simple Mix & Match Self Care Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season

Create the perfect self care box with this list of 51 Simple Mix & Match Self Care Items for the Christmas season.

Everyone could use a little more self care, especially during the holiday season, so why not create your own go to self care gift basket for yourself and your loved ones?

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These mix and match self care items can be used to create the perfect self care gift basket for creating better self care days at home throughout the Christmas season or to give the gift of self care to someone you love.

Give the gift of having your favorite self care items on hand to keep self care a top priority throughout the holidays.

This year create more balance and peace in your home by simply having a self care gift basket to offer to yourself and others filled with simple pleasures and delectable treats for savoring quiet moments.

self care ideas, self care day, self care gift, self care

Mix and match these items below to create the perfect self care gift basket with great products that are inexpensive and simply beneficial to have on hand.

Create a balanced self care basket by including your favorite items that help you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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self care ideas, self care day, self care gift, self care

51 Self Care Items for a Self Care Gift Basket:

  1. Cozy Socks

  2. Coloring Book

  3. Vibrant Markers

  4. Body Moisturizer

  5. Lip Balm

  6. Organic Honey Straws

  7. Dark Chocolates

  8. Massage Rocks

  9. Fresh Coffee Blends

  10. Manicure Set

  11. Gratitude Rocks

  12. Wine

  13. Chakra Bracelet

  14. Hair Mask Serum

  15. Exotic Tea Blends

  16. Cozy Soup Recipe

  17. Sleeping Eye Mask

  18. A New Planner

  19. DIY Home Craft

  20. A Goal Written Out

  21. Fancy Pens

  22. A New Journal

  23. Peppermints

  24. Handcrafted Lotions

  25. Potpourri

  26. Scented Candles

  27. Healing Crystals

  28. Salt Scrub

  29. Essential Oils

  30. Artisan Cheese

  31. Home Baked Artisan Bread

  32. Tarot Cards

  33. Face Masks

  34. Nail Polish

  35. Acupressure Ring

  36. An Affirmations Book

  37. A Picture of Something You Love

  38. Vitamins

  39. Spring Garden Seeds

  40. A Motivational Water Bottle

  41. A New Book

  42. Soft Slippers

  43. Homemade Cookies

  44. Bath Spa Items

  45. A Crochet Set

  46. Bag of Mixed Nuts

  47. Incense

  48. A Dry Skin Brush

  49. Painting Supplies

  50. A Bundle of Sage for a Home Cleansing

  51. Hand Crafted Soaps

self care ideas, self care day, self care gift, self care

The Benefits Of Having A Self Care Basket

Discover the benefits of self care through our inspirational list of self care products that are essential to have on hand through the Christmas season.

These simple self care items make perfect self care gifts for yourself, your home, and to your loved ones.

Self care doesn't have to be luxurious sometimes the most simple items can bring us great joy in our daily living.

By having simple joys at hand to enjoy throughout your day you can experience a life of more joy and less stress simply by having a self care basket the offer you the restoration your mind and body need to navigate through life easily.

self care ideas, self care day, self care gift, self care

What To Get Someone For Christmas?

We could all use extra self care this year, take the guess work out of Christmas gifts by simply gifting your loved ones with simple self care products that illuminate the small pleasures in life.

We don't need more stuff, but we could all use more self care to create a comforting home that supports our own self care routines for living a more balanced life.

Once you have discovered the joy of self care for yourself be sure to spread the joy with these simple self care products that can make a big change in the lives of your loved ones.

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