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8 Free Must Know Homeschooling Resources

Use these 8 Free Learning Resources that offer everything you need to create a thriving curriculum and they are all completely free.

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#1 How To Homeschool For Free Using The Public Library

The public library may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it is true with the amount of resources available it is enough to dive deep into creating a tailored education.

One of the great benefits of homeschooling, is creating an education that can be customized to each student.

With an abundance of resources students have the potential to explore the world just by making use of their local public library.

If visiting the library is no longer an option, finding a digital library is a great way to still make use of this resource by exploring audio and digital books available online provided for free by your local library.

Make reading fun by selecting material your student is interested in, implement read aloud stories that spark imagination, listen to audio books throughout the week, and create reading challenges for your homeschool.

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Can I Homeschool My Kid With Free Online Programs?

#2 Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is a non profit educational resource with free instruction in mathematics, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, and history.

The site offers easy to use instruction with classes suitable for young learners through adulthood.

With a sequential curriculum, students can easily progress to the next lesson with check point quizzes and tests to track progression.

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How To Teach Reading To Homeschooled Kids?

#3 Readworks

Improve your student’s reading comprehension while exposing them to a variety of topics with Readworks. Readworks provides high quality reading articles for grades k-12.

This is a top resource, for improving comprehension with age appropriate articles that can also be listened to aloud, but it can also serve as a starting point to creating curriculum themes.

With so many articles to choose from, students have the ability to learn about topics they normally wouldn’t be exposed to and create a catalyst of interests to continue exploring.

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How To Homeschool With Youtube?

#4 Youtube

Youtube of course has to make the list as a major resource for homeschooling.

With so many instructional videos available, children have the ability to easily explore their interests.

You can use this platform to explore science and nature, instruction in mathematics and grammar, phonics and reading, art and science.

With younger students, explore fun songs that make learning things like states, planets, and time fun.

Learning new skills through instructional videos is an easy and effective approach to creating a tailored curriculum.

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#5 Pinterest

Creating a curriculum does not need to break the bank. Pinterest provides a great deal of inspiration and resources to build the perfect schedule.

Sure, there are ideas for art crafts and science experiments, but this online resource also has a ton of easy to print worksheets on a great variety of topics including writing prompts and math practice.

Simply search for the worksheets you’re interested in, easily print, and place in a binder to create a customized curriculum on a budget.

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#6 Ducksters

Ducksters is an online website that has an extensive amount of information on basic core subjects.

With easy to read articles covering science, history, and geography.

This is one website worth bookmarking.

Articles are written in an easy to understand manner and include convenient comprehension quizzes at the end.

Make the basics easy to learn with this simple resource.

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#7 Duolingo

This is an online website that is free to use for those interested in learning another language.

With easy to use step by step lessons for students interested in learning a variety of languages.

Your homeschool can thrive simply by using this website to help teach your student a second language of their interest.

Boost their academic portfolio by cultivating a second language, an appreciation of other cultures worldwide, and use this information as a starting point for diving deeper into the traditions of other cultures to give your student a foundation in anthropology.

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Computer science is one area that is essential to all students of the 21st Century.

Make it easy to teach your student the basics of typing by using this free resource in your academic schedule.

Simply create an account and you have access to beginner and child friendly typing lessons.

The beauty of homeschooling is being able to tailor to your student's needs and with this online website it makes it easy for parents to implement daily lessons to improve their student's keyboard skills to prepare them for advancements in computer science.

Once students are able to read, write, and type, they will be in the position to learn just about anything making this one area of education that is essential, yet convenient to teach with this free online resource.

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Well there you have it!

8 Free Homeschooling Resources that offer everything you need to create a thriving curriculum.

Whether your new to the homeschooling game or a seasoned veteran, take some weight off your shoulders and keep it simple with these free resources that allow you to produce a rich fulfilling curriculum for any student.

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Disclaimer: Cultivate Simple Delights is in no way affiliated with any or these online resources.


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