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7 Day Challenge: Self Care Week

self care week challenge

Jump into this 7 Day Challenge with a week of self care and begin your journey towards better wellness.

Self care is an essential practice for creating the life you have always wanted and with this self care week challenge you are making the first step towards experiencing the best version of you.

Follow These Simple Self Care Routines For Each Day Of The Week:

self care week challenge

Monday + Meditation

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind. We can be so busy jumping from one idea to the next and are constantly bombarded with so much information all the time.

Take this day to set aside a few minutes to allow yourself to just simply be. Use this time to practice stillness. Focus on intentional breathing. Relaxing as you close your eyes and let go of your worries and fears. Simply just be and allow life to flow through you and with each breath visualize the inner peace within you.

self care week challenge

Tuesday + Tackle

Tackle a project that you have been putting off. This can be something totally simple like making a doctors appointment you have been dreading, cleaning out a cluttered area of your home, finally taking the time to organize your closet, maybe its going through you emails.

Whatever task you have been procrastinating on, go ahead and tackle it. It can be so uplifting to accomplish even the smallest task. Each week simply create a new Tuesday tackle goal and you will quickly reap the benefit of becoming more productive in your life.

self care week challenge

Wednesday + Wellness with Gratitude

Slow down to the practice of gratitude to shift your mindset from lacking to having enough and being exactly where you need to be in life. Look around at all the blessings in your life and notice how far you have come from where you began.

If your new to the practice of gratitude, once a week set aside a few minutes to practice intentional gratitude to completely rewire your outlook on life and the challenges you face.

Once a week participate in a gratitude challenge by reciting positive affirmations, creating a gratitude corner filled with the simple things you love, and take time to journal the areas in your life you are grateful for.

self care challenge week

Thursday + Thrive

In order to thrive, we must keep our bodies moving.

On this day, you are going to focus on the benefits of exercise by kicking off your new workout routine. If you are new to exercising, take this day to discover the types of exercise that brings you enjoyment like going for a hike, a morning yoga routine, how about cardio, or maybe lifting weights.

Exercise does not have to be boring!

Feel free to explore fun ways that keep you physically moving like riding bikes, swimming, rock climbing, horseback riding, or simply dancing. There are such a great variety of different activities and workouts to mix and combine for just the right exercise regime to get you thriving.

self care challenge week

Friday + Fun Spice It Up

Spice up the week with a fun Friday activity as part of your 7 day self care week challenge. You are limitless in the fun activities you can enjoy on this self care day.

Create a fun dinner menu complete with dressing up for the occasion, enjoy laughing to a comedy with a glass of wine, relax by a warm fire and retreat into a new book, delight in an evening of soft music and candlelight, try a new hobby to spark your creativity on this self care day like painting.

self care challenge week

Saturday + Spend Time in Nature

Find adventure on Saturday to release the stresses of the week.

Find adventure in the outdoors with fun hobbies like hiking, camping, swimming, sunbathing, gardening, biking, practice nature photography, do some outdoor sketching, or simply read a good book on your patio allowing yourself to just simply be in nature.

Challenge yourself to having more time outdoors in the fresh air enjoying the sights and simple pleasure of life and nature all around you.

self care week challenge

Sunday + Simple Reset

Reset for the upcoming week and complete your self care week challenge with a Sunday self care day.

For a Sunday self care day, set aside time to pamper yourself with a self care routine perfect for cooler seasons by creating a spa retreat complete with a warm bubble bath, soft playing music, scented candles, your favorite bath spa products, and a hot tea to retreat into a perfect Sunday self care day.

Take time to use your favorite spa products as you relax in comfortable clothes with your favorite face mask and a good book.

Take this time to reflect on your accomplishments this week and to use positive affirmations to speak kindly to yourself then set new intentions for the week ahead and enjoy this simple reset to conclude your self care week challenge.

For more self care ideas check out: 19 "Out of the Box" Self Care Tips

self care week challenge

Self care does not have to be elaborate.

As a matter of fact, it is more beneficial when you can sprinkle little acts of self care throughout your week. Each week jump into trying new ways of practicing self care because you deserve a life that is fulfilling filled with joy and happiness.

You deserve to treat yourself to the little pleasures in life. You deserve to take time to be creative, to experience excitement, and to also rest by simply just being.

self care week challenge



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