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7 Top Meditation Tips To Quiet The Mind Easily

Learn to quiet your mind easily with 7 Top Meditation Tips for experiencing a sense of relaxation and wellness by increasing your mind, body, and spiritual awareness.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

Mediation is the practice of focusing on just simply being present in the current moment.

It is the ability to quiet the mind.

To surrender.

To release.

Mediation is a practice that can be difficult to master and with the ongoing mental load of being a stay at home mom it can seem impossible to reach the state of having a quiet mind.

The beauty of mediation is that it can give you the skills in parenting that will allow you to have a better connection with your family where you have the patience and grace to be the mother you want to be in the midst of living in a chaotic world.

If you want to master your own thoughts and realign your intentions by pursuing the practice of mediation follow along as we unveil the best meditation tips for stay at home moms.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

Top Mediation Tips To Quiet The Mind Easily

#1 Show Up For Yourself

Meditation does not need to be complicated or time consuming.

Simply carve out a few minutes in your day to find a quiet place to practice being present.

This can be done anywhere at anytime.

All you need to do is show up for yourself.

Mediation gets easier when you allow yourself that time to just simply be without any expectations.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

#2 Don't Force It

Often those who choose to meditate focus on the results.

They are worried about not meditating correctly.

Too many thoughts.

This isn't working.

I can't quiet my mind.

These blocks hold you back from your potential of experiencing what is.

Instead of forcing relaxation just simply begin your meditation by daydreaming.

Allow your thoughts to come and go without judgement.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

#3 Use A Guided Meditation

A calm voice guidance in your meditation practice can allow for a greater release.

Use a guided meditation to allow your body to focus on relaxing.

Listen to their voice as they focus your intention of being present.

Allow yourself to surrender to the power of listening to a guided meditation.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

#4 Exercise Before Meditating

It can be difficult to release tension when you enter into your meditation with a mind that is stressed.

To jumpstart your meditation get your endorphins pumping with exercise first.

Lower your cortisone levels naturally with exercise and allow yourself to slip into a state of relaxation easily.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

#5 Embrace The Power Of Sound

Move energy through your body and unblock your chakras through the power of sound.

Begin your meditation by allowing yourself to tune into the healing power of sound.

Explore various sounds that can enhance your meditation practice like Tibetan singing bowls or wind chimes.

Research the potential healing benefits of listening to various frequencies including sounds at 528Hz.

For More On Healing Sound Frequencies Check Out:

Take sound to the next level by learning mantras that help you stay focused on your intentions and begin chanting to enhance your ability to release.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

#6 Tune Into Your Sense of Smell

Smell is one of the most powerful scents we have the luxury of experiencing.

Take your meditation to the next level by diffusing your favorite scents to help bring a sense of calmness to your practice.


Notice your sense of smell.



Enjoy a simple scent like lavender to help set the mood.

Learn to connect your sense of smell with your breathwork and enjoy the benefits of meditating daily.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

#7 Time Brings Experience

When your embarking on a new practice it is going to take time.

You will have to learn what practice works best for you.

Is it to mediate in silence?

To listen to music?



What time of day serves you best to take time to slow down?

The most important element is for you to show up to your practice as often as possible.

By carving out a few minutes of your day you can achieve a higher level of consciousness that will shower you with all the benefits of awareness like peace, balance, and happiness.

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

Helpful Meditation Tips For Beginners

If your a stay at home mom who wants to begin meditating and cultivating a life of simple joys begin with these helpful meditation tips for beginners.

Use these meditation tips to create a routine that works for you.

Allow yourself the time to heal from within by quieting your mind from the constant chatter.

Go within to realize your potential.

Surrender your worries to the universe and begin meditating today to develop a healthy mindset that is in balance.

Breathe. Release. Repeat.

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