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7 Top Tips + List of Natural Nursery Ideas To Inspire You

Create a wellness retreat for your baby with our list of nature nursery ideas and easy DIY inspired tips for bringing more earth elements into your baby's new room.

nature inspired nursery

Creating a natural nursey is all about incorporating simple natural elements into your space to create a retreat for your baby.

With these natural nursery ideas you will easily be able to transform any space into a calm and inviting nature inspired nursery.

A natural nursery has a great range of themes, but it is really all about highlighting the simple beauty and essence of nature.

By bringing more natural elements into your nursery you can easily create a peaceful space for you and your baby to enjoy.

baby nursery sky theme

List of Natural Nursery Themes

Wildflower Meadow Nursery Idea

Mountain Nursery Idea

Space Nursery Idea

Forrest Nursery Idea

Animal Nursery Idea

Rose Nursery Idea

Rain Drops Nursery Idea

Beachy Nursery Idea

Secret Garden Nursery Idea

Whimsy Butterfly Nursery Idea

Waterfall Nursery Idea

Owl Nursery Idea

Cactus Nursery Idea

Farm Animal Nursery

Sea Animals Nursery Idea

Sky Nursery Idea

Woodland Nursery Idea

Bird Nursery Idea

River Nursery Idea

Jungle Nursery Idea

natural nursey

How To Create a Natural Nursery on a Budget

Now that you have a theme it's time to begin bringing in elements that highlight the beauty of nature.

You don't need a huge budget to create a natural nursery for you baby.

With these nursery ideas you will be able to bring in simple elements that easily offer serenity to the space and cost little to do so.

As a matter of fact, a minimalist approach can make a huge impact on the feel of the room by making it more inviting and relaxing.

7 Tips for Creating a Natural Nursery for Baby

These tips will inspire you to create your own natural nursery easily with simple decorations that can make a big impact on your nursery vibe.

#1 Stick To Soft Colors

To create a cozy nature inspired nursery consider choosing soft colors to give your nursery a fresh earthy inspired look.

By mimicking colors naturally found in nature you can easily bring in that calm serine feel that nature delivers.

#2 Highlight Nature

Make simple works of art that highlight nature and bring your theme together on a budget by doing a DIY canvas painting projects, purchasing inexpensive print outs to frame, or using wall decals.

#3 Create Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is essential to consider when your building your nursery because you want to create an inviting warm space that makes tending to your baby in the night easy.

#4 Use Simple Accessories

Sometimes adding a simple trinket or decorative element can really create all the difference in a room.

By adding simple nature inspired accessories that highlight your theme you can easily create a natural nursery look.

This is easy to do by adding decorative pillows, figurines, a new rug, a lamp, or even a stuffed animal that showcases your theme.

#5 Invest in Natural Bedding

Bedding is essential and should highlight your theme when your trying to create a certain feel for your nursery, but you can go beyond that by also purchasing organic cotton bedding.

This way your not only bringing in the decorative theme of nature, but your also investing in creating a natural healthy sleeping space with quality sheets.

#6 Bring in House Plants

House plants easily give a natural feel and they are wonderful addition to any nursery as they also purify the air, while naturally inspiring a sense of wellness.

#7 Conjure Tranquility

Any element you bring into your nursery to conjure tranquility is worth the investment because it sets the tone for your child's character development.

Things light sound machines, salt lamps, cozy seating, and chucky blankets can all inspire more peace in your nature nursery.

baby laying on gray chair with white rabbit toy

Should I Create a Nature Inspired Nursery for My Baby?

A nature nursery is a great way to give you baby a safe and serene space to come home to.

By introducing your baby to the beauty of nature from an early age you are giving your child the gift of appreciating the essence of nature.

This appreciation can positively influence your child into becoming someone who shares a deeper connection to nature and matures into a steward of the land.

It may even influence your child into being somebody who is more empathetic and caring towards others.

By creating a nature inspired nursery you are cultivating a room that reflects the peace and serenity found in nature and it will be the perfect haven for raising your baby.

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