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90 Ways To Entertain Your Child Inside When It's Raining

Save your sanity with 90 kid activity ideas to entertain your child when they are full of energy at it is raining outside.

kids pillow fight on bed

It can be such a struggle to keep kids entertained, especially when the weather is less than favorable and your stuck in the house all day.

We have all been there, the kids are bouncing off the walls and your struggling to have a clear thought scrambling for things to do before you lose your mind no worries we got you.

Next time your struggling to keep your child enertained come to this list of 90 fun activity ideas to keep your kid happy, build connection, and save your sanity.

90 Indoor Kid Activity Ideas To Entertain Them When Their Bored

  1. Build a blanket fort.

  2. Have a movie marathon with favorite films.

  3. Bake cookies or brownies together.

  4. Create a DIY puzzle using a family photo.

  5. Start an indoor garden.

  6. Listen to an audio book.

  7. Put on a drawing tutorial.

  8. Have them help with a chore.

  9. Make paper airplanes and have a flying contest.

  10. Lay out a story book basket.

  11. Draw and color pictures.

  12. Have an indoor picnic.

  13. Play with musical instruments.

  14. Play board games.

  15. Put on a puppet show.

  16. Create a scrapbook.

  17. Cook together.

  18. Make an obstacle course.

  19. Make homemade playdough.

  20. Paint with watercolors.

  21. Build a LEGO masterpiece.

  22. Have a dance party.

  23. Write and perform a short play.

  24. Play eye spy.

  25. Play charades.

  26. Have a treasure hunt.

  27. Play with bubbles.

  28. Create a family tree.

  29. Play Simon says.

  30. Make a family recipe book.

  31. Learn a magic trick.

  32. Have a karaoke session.

  33. Make a time capsule.

  34. Play dress-up.

  35. Have a tea party.

  36. Create a DIY board game.

  37. Learn a new card game.

  38. Make a DIY lava lamp.

  39. Write and illustrate a storybook.

  40. Have a photo shoot.

  41. Play indoor mini-golf.

  42. Put them in the bath with glow sticks.

  43. Learn to knit or crochet.

  44. Create a sensory bin.

  45. Play a memory game.

  46. Make paper plate masks.

  47. Have a science experiment day.

  48. Create a family mural.

  49. Play balloon volleyball.

  50. Make paper bag puppets.

  51. Have a karate or yoga session.

  52. Make a bird feeder.

  53. Play Simon says.

  54. Build a marble run.

  55. Do a puzzle race.

  56. Create a family newsletter.

  57. Play indoor bowling.

  58. Make a DIY kite and fly it indoors.

  59. Play the alphabet game.

  60. Create an indoor obstacle course.

  61. Make a recycled art project.

  62. Play musical chairs.

  63. Learn to beatbox.

  64. Create a family scrapbook.

  65. Play Simon says.

  66. Make a family time capsule.

  67. Play a guessing game.

  68. Create a family tree.

  69. Have a talent show.

  70. Play indoor mini-golf.

  71. Make a DIY board game.

  72. Have a dance party.

  73. Write and perform a short play.

  74. Create a DIY puzzle using a family photo.

  75. Create a Lego invention.

  76. Bake cookies or brownies together.

  77. Build a blanket fort.

  78. Create a scrapbook.

  79. Draw and color pictures.

  80. Play board games.

  81. Put on a puppet show.

  82. Make homemade playdough.

  83. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

  84. Paint with watercolors.

  85. Build a LEGO masterpiece.

  86. Play with balloons.

  87. Learn origami.

  88. Have a treasure hunt.

  89. Make a family recipe book.

  90. Make friendship bracelets.

kids holding hands in rainboots

What To Do With My Kids When Its Raining Outside?

Of course getting kids outside in the element is a great way to build their resilience and wear them out, but sometimes you just need some easy indoor activity ideas to simply get you through the day.

This list is perfect for entertaining your kids and building connection with hands on activities that will keep them busy when it's raining outside.

Remember it is not up to you to always be entertaining your kids that is an expectation that many parents struggle with today including myself and it often leads to mom burnout.

It is perfectly okay to just let them be bored and to come up with their own activities to keep themselves entertained, but if you want to explore some new activities that your kids will love to keep them busy on rainy days keep this list in mind.

We all need a list of go to ideas to make parenting a bit easier and to give you back time for yourself to sneak away for a moment of self care.

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