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A Breakfast Sandwich To Rave About

You will love the gourmet flavors of this easy to make breakfast sandwich with its classic crunchy bacon and runny egg combo plus a secret twist on this classic takes it next level.

bacon egg avocado english muffin easy breakfast recipe

How To Make The Best Breakfast Sandwich?

If your looking for a fully satisfying breakfast delight consider making a breakfast sandwich.

The classic combo of everything delicious makes breakfast sandwiches a top contender for what to eat for breakfast?

The best part is many breakfast sandwiches can be easily made with ingredients you have on hand.

Their are a variety of recipes and so many ways to take a classic breakfast sandwich to the next level.

Today, we do just that with this perfect sandwich that will have you drooling for more.

eggs ingredient for breakfast sandwich recipe meal

Crunchy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich on an English Muffin with Avocado Spread

This super simple breakfast sandwich is quick and easy, but totally gourmet. Enjoy crisp bacon and the rich taste of the yolk paired with fresh avocado in this classic sandwich recipe that has been taken to the next level.

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Serving Size: 1

Breakfast Meal Idea


bacon egg avocado sandwich recipe idea

Ingredients For The Bacon, Egg, Avocado Breakfast Sandwich:

  1. 2 Thin Slices of Bacon

  2. 1 Large Pasture Raised Egg

  3. 1/2 an Avocado

  4. 1 English Muffin

  5. 1 Tablespoon of Butter

Directions For The Bacon, Egg, Avocado Breakfast Sandwich:

  1. Cook bacon in the oven at 375 degrees F. for 15 minutes or until crispy

  2. Meanwhile, crack egg into melted butter in skillet preheated on medium-low making an over easy egg

  3. Heat English muffins in the oven until toasted and spread a layer of butter on the inside

  4. Assemble layer of bacon, egg, and then top with mashed avocado

Servings: 1

Calories 705

Total Fat 52.3g

Saturated Fat 18.4g

Cholesterol 236mg

Sodium 1269mg

Total Carbohydrate 34.7g

Dietary Fiber 8.7g

Total Sugars 2.9g

Protein 26.7g

Vitamin D 23mcg

Calcium 136mg

Iron 4mg

Potassium 827mg

* Nutritional amounts are an estimation based on a recipe calorie calculator provided by

bacon ingredient for breakfast sandwich

Tips For Making This Breakfast Sandwich Great

* Always line your baking pan with aluminum when cooking bacon for easy clean up.

* This breakfast sandwich does best served fresh.

* Add a lid to your skillet to cook the egg throughouly.

* The egg should be cooked over easy for this recipe.

orange juice to pair with breakfast meal idea

What To Make For Breakfast For A Family On The Weekend?

Making breakfast for the family can be tricky when your crunched for time.

With this easy to make breakfast sandwich recipe you will be able to make a gourmet meal in under 15 minutes.

Your family will love the crunchy bacon and the delicate flavors of an over easy egg combined with the fresh avocado topping that will have you wanting another.

avocado ingredient to pair with healthy breakfast recipe idea

What To Pair With This Breakfast Sandwich?

This sandwich is honestly delicious all on its own and super filling, but you could always pair it with extra avocado topped with sea salt, a sweet applesauce, fresh skillet hashbrowns, a cool berry smoothie or oven baked sweet potato bites for a decadent breakfast side.

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