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Easy Healthy Snack Tray Ideas For After School

We give you all the best snack tray ideas for feeding your kids afterschool from our 5 minute favorites to classic afternoon snacks your child will love.

snack tray ideas for school aged kids

Should Kids Have Afternoon Snacks?

Offering your kid a healthy afternoon snack is great way to restore your child after school.

By restoring your child's energy with an afternoon snack you will notice a better shift in attitude, enhanced ability to focus with evening responsibilities like homework and chores, and after a long day your child probably needs a snack to feel well.

The key to offering an afterschool snack is simply knowing what to serve.

While it is fine to offer a sweet afternoon snack occasionally, you may want to steer away from making that a habit.

Instead, use our list of top snack tray ideas to create a balanced afternoon snack meal plan to create a balanced snack rotation your child will love.

grapes on vine snack idea

5 Minute Classic Afternoon Snacks For Students

Our list of the best snack tray ideas include 5 minute afternoon snacks that are easy to prepare.

With busy afternoons you need a snack that is simply quick, but balanced, we give you just that.

If you have multiple children consider creating a snack tray to make snack time even easier.

Most often these quick afternoon snack ingredients can be prepared ahead of time.

If you find yourself strapped for time creating a simple snack draw is another option for offering your children healthy snack options.

List Of Snack Ideas For Kids:

#1 Hard Boiled Eggs With Avocado

#2 Fruit Smoothie

#3 Cheese and Crackers

#4 Veggie Bags with Dip

#5 Tuna Cracker Tray with Avocado

#6 Applesauce and A Cheese Stick

#7 Deli Meat With A Cold Pickle

#8 Hummus and Carrots

#9 Toast with Sliced Fruit

#10 Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

#11 Grapes with Cheese

#12 Yogurt Granola Parfait

#13 Peanut Butter Sandwich

#14 Bananas with Raisins

#15 Pretzel Sticks with Deli Meat and Cheese Roll Up

#16 Guacamole with Tortilla Chips

#17 Smoothie Bowl

#18 Cheese Quesadilla with Salsa

#19 Bagel with Cream Cheese

#20 Cucumber Sandwiches

smoothie fruit snack idea

How To Prepare Snacks Ahead of Time For Elementary Aged Kids

Of course older children should be able to easily prepare most of these snack options on their own.

However, younger elementary aged students may need some help preparing their snacks.

To make it easy, simply prepare snack ingredients ahead of time.

To reduce getting overwhelmed with what to make, simply choose 2-3 snack options to rotate throughout the week and then switch the following week.

You may notice you kids prefer some snacks over others which makes it easy to have a solid list of go to snacks your child enjoys.

Remember snack choices should be balanced so consider the nutritional content when selecting appropriate snack options.

avocado healthy snack idea for kids

How To Make A Snack Tray For Kids?

A snack tray is no new idea, but it is a good one.

By having a snack tray available when your child finishes school it allows them to graze.

This is a simple delight they will look forward to each day.

Having just a few options available can be the perfect after school snack solution, especially if you have multiple children.

Think deli meat, cheese, fruit, and crackers.

In no time you can create something healthy and nutritious that will give your child the boost they need.

A snack tray is great because your kids can easily pick and choose their favorite snack ingredients to graze on while they unwind from a busy day of school.

A snack tray offers a perfect solution for preparing a healthy afternoon snack the whole family can enjoy.

snack tray idea for elementary school kids

The Importance of A Snack Drawer

If you find yourself strapped for time consider creating a snack drawer.

Foster your kids independence by allowing them to have their own designated space with a variety of snack ingredients they can prepare and enjoy on their own.

A great milestone is achieved when you children can prepare and handle choosing their own snacks.

If you haven't created a snack drawer consider doing so it will save you time and give your little one a big sense of independence.

It is important to offer children healthy snack ingredients that they can enjoy, just make sure snack ideas are balance and light as to not disrupt your child's willingness to eat their dinner.

Create a home of warmth by slowing down to enjoy the simple pleasure of having a delicious afternoon snack with your children with our top snack ideas kids love.

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