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Easy Holistic Self Care Basket Ideas for Women

Manage your self care by creating an easy self care basket with quick self care ideas for women to inspire living a balanced life.

easy holistic self care basket ideas for women

What Is A Self Care Basket?

A self care basket is the perfect go to kit for giving yourself little moments of daily self care.

A self care basket should incorporate a variety of simple delights that allow you to take better care of yourself throughout the week.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that self care is not selfish and creating a self care basket can be just the thing to creating better intentional self care habits.

easy holistic self care basket ideas pamper products

10 Holistic Self Care Basket Ideas for Creating A Self Care Kit For Women

When creating a self care basket, use your senses and address your mind, body, and soul to have the perfect holistic self care kit on hand.

#1 A Delightful Smell

The power of scent is extraordinary.

It has the power to transform your mood or even transport you to a different time and place.

Capture the power of scent when building your self care basket by incorporating your favorite essential oils, artisanal soaps, incense sticks, fragrant lotions, potpourri pouches, or candles into your self care kit.

white candles

#2 Something Pleasing To The Eye

Your self care kit can also hold something pleasing to the eye to ground you.

You may consider adding crystals, a picture of something you cherish, a figurine, fine jewelry, a gratitude rock, or even a small coloring book to help relax your mind and bring you back to center.

easy holistic self care basket ideas for women jewlery

#3 A Delicate Treat

To level up your self care basket make sure to add some savory treats.

A must have is your favorite chocolates, perhaps a special tea, mints, seeds, your favorite soup recipe card, or a unique coffee blend to enjoy in your self care moments.

easy holistic self care basket ideas for women lemon tea

#4 Silence

Sound therapy is a must for any self care basket and you can have unlimited access to different sound tracks that are perfect for any type of self care day.

Sound therapy can be so therapeutic, but so can silence.

So go ahead and get a solid pair of ear plugs for your self care basket for those moments when you need silence to be with your own thoughts.

 women meditating at home

#5 Something Soft

A self care basket must have something soft and cozy.

Think about hair scrunches, a pair of soft slippers, a silky robe, a hair scarf, your favorite pajama set, cozy socks, soft bathing cloths, an easy headband, or a warm blanket to be on hand in your self care basket.

blanket in a basket

#6 Mind

So much of how we experience our reality is created from our unique state of mental wellness.

Mental wellness is vital to proper self care.

Your self care basket should be overflowing with simple joys that elevate your mental wellness.

Include positive affirmations, a small diary, or a special keepsake.

Challenge your with a simple workbook consisting of puzzles and word crosses to keep your mind sharp.

Don't forget to incorporate your interests into your self care basket.

With easy access to your hobby whether that is knitting, reading, painting, gardening, or simply drawing, you can naturally create a customized self care basket that allows you to enjoy the things that matter most to you.


#7 Body

Look after your body when creating a self care basket.

One way your can look after your body is by having special products on hand for your self care routine.

Great items to have on hand are artisanal beauty products made with natural ingredients that allow you to pamper yourself easily throughout the week.

However, also consider products like a water bottle, gentle weights, an exercise journal, or resistance bands to your self care kit.

Don't forget you can always incorporate items that encourage you to rest as well.

Items like an eye mask, essential oils to diffuse, blue light eye glasses, a facial roller, or sleeping supplements are a great touch to have your self care basket for creating the perfect evening self care routine.

easy holistic self care basket ideas for women bath products

#8 Soul

Having a connection to your soul and a purpose in life can create great reassurance and guidance in your life.

Taking time to reconnect with your soul when you create your self care routine can be a vital experience in true growth and wellbeing.

Fill your self care basket with colorful chakra beads, invigorating crystals, rose water spray, a favorite book, incense cones, or a self awareness journal to realign with your soul through better self care.


#9 Something Silly

Go ahead and put something silly in your self care basket that makes you laugh.

It can be a silly picture, birthday card, keepsake, or a joke written out.

Just something that brings joy to your day.

Something that makes you smile and laugh to keep you lighthearted in your self care moments.

woman laughing

The Importance of a Self Care Box

Having proper self care can be made simple and enjoyed daily simply by creating your own unique self care box filled with items that hold meaning to you.

Continue to mix and match easy self care items to keep you looking forward to enjoying your self care routine.

Remember self care is not selfish!

Create the time to pursue a life you enjoy!

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