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Easy Simmer Pot Recipe Ideas for Making Your Home Smell Good Naturally

Easy simmer pot inspirations for making your home smell good with simple ingredients that infuse your space with gentle natural scents that promote relaxation.

cranberry simmer pot ingredient

What to Put in a Simmer Pot?

Making a simmer pot is easy to do and with just a handful of simple ingredients you can have a simmering pot full of fragrant smells to enjoy.

The great thing about a simmer pot is you can use a variety of ingredients you probably already have on hand to make your house smell better.

No need for scented candles, fancy diffusers, or artificial sprays for making your home smell good.

With this all natural approach we go back to the basics by simply adding a variety of fragrant ingredients to one pot and allow that pot to simmer on low heat releasing fresh aromas into your home easily.

To make a simmer pot simply add water filling your pot half way then add a combination of your favorite scented ingredients and simmer away.

Your simmer pot will release a steam of fresh aromas in just minutes making a noticeable difference quickly to the way your home smells.

A simmer pot can be used all day on medium low heat just be sure to keep an eye on your water level adding more liquid as needed to keep your ingredients submerged in water.

eucalyptus leaves simmer pot ingredient

What Can I Simmer for Good Smells?

Try these simple all natural ingredients for creating a simple simmer pot at home to make your home smell good naturally.

  1. Eucalyptus

  2. Citrus

  3. Cinnamon

  4. Vanilla

  5. Star Anise

  6. Ginger

  7. Rosemary

  8. Cedar Sprigs

  9. Bay Leaves

  10. Nutmeg

  11. Apples

  12. Cloves

  13. Mint Leaves

  14. Cranberries

  15. Apple Juice

You can even create a quick simmer pot using just essential oils.

By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a small simmering pot with water you can have an easy DIY diffuser that will fill your home with your favorite scents.

When using essential oils to make your home smell good consider using fragrant oils with citrus notes to give your home a clean home smell.

oranges simmer pot recipe

What Essential Oils to Use in a Simmer Pot?

If you want your home to have that fresh scent smell consider dropping a few drops of these oils into a small simmering pot and infuse your home with freshness in no time.

#1 Citrus

Anything citrus naturally gives a home a clean feeling.

Consider essential oils like orange and lemon to achieve that clean home scent that everyone loves.

#2 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a strong scent that packs a punch when your trying to remove stubborn odors from your home.

With just a few drops of this essential oil you will notice a noticeable decrease in funky odors.

#3 Florals

Floral scents are the way to go when your trying to make your home smell good.

Some of our favorite floral scents include rose, jasmine, and lavender.

With just a few drops of these essential oils you will have your home smelling like a field of flowers.

essential oils simmer pot

Do Simmer Pots Work?

Simmer pots definitely work as an alternative natural method for cleansing the air in your home.

With simmer pots you diffuse the scents of natural ingredients to remove odors from you home.

Simmer pots can be used throughout the day and repeated as often as needed to maintain a clean fresh scent in your home.

Experiment with your favorite simmer ingredient combinations to have easy simmer pot recipes on hand for making your house smell good quickly with all natural ingredients.

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