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Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

Discover How To Make An Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes!

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

Of course you want to feed your toddler healthy meals throughout the day, but let's face it, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to feed your toddler?

Especially, when your a busy mom trying to juggle all the demands of motherhood.

This easy toddler meal prep is going to allow you to feed your toddler healthy real food and assemble quick recipes to easily keep them satisfied throughout the day.

This toddler meal prep plan not only allows you to have prepared ingredients on hand, but will also show you how to mix and match to create quick delicious recipes.

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

Easy Toddler Meal Prep Ingredients

#1 Veggies To Steam

Having steamed vegetables on hand is a great base for meal prepping toddler recipes.

Begin your toddler meal prep by preparing 2-3 steamed vegetables to mix and match over the next 2-3 days.

To keep the veggies fresh do a light steam and consider reheat times to avoid overcooking.

Most vegetables take between 10 - 15 minutes to steam until soft and tender.

List of Veggies To Prepare

Broccoli Florets



Green Peas

Sweet Potatoes

Butternut Squash

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

#2 Fruit Two Ways

Being able to provide your growing toddler with fresh fruits is an easy toddler meal prep plan for incorporating a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Your toddler can enjoy feeding themselves with a variety of sliced fruit displays and fresh purees to enjoy.

Pick 2-3 fruits to have on hand for easy snack ideas and to add a fresh puree pairing to any meal.

Displays of Sliced Fruits

When creating a sliced fruit display consider choosing fruits that are soft, easy to chew, and always serve appropriately sliced for your toddler's specific eating experience level.








Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

Mix & Match Warm and Cool Purees

Creating a refreshing fruit puree recipes offers a quick side for any toddler meal.

To create a warm puree simply slice and cook down fruit ingredients with a splash of water over a medium low heat until softened then puree once cooled.

For cool purees simply add your fruit of choice with a splash of water and blend till desired consistency.

These fun puree recipe ideas are perfect for serving as a smoothie, a warm soup, or simply as a delicious side.


Pear Puree

Peach Puree

* Strawberry

* Watermelon

*Banana Puree

* Mixed Berry Puree

* Cucumber

* Kiwi

*best prepared and served cool*

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

9 Mix and Match Puree Combinations To Try

Avocado + Applesauce

Strawberry + Banana

Banana + Applesauce

Banana + Sweet Potato

Applesauce + Spinach

Cucumber + Kiwi

Pear + Applesauce

Sweet Potato + Spinach

Butternut Squash + Applesauce

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

#3 Soup To Have On Hand

Making a batch of soup is an easy toddler meal prep hack that will give your toddler a healthy meal option that is perfect any time of the day.

This Chicken Soup Recipe is a simple low ingredient recipe that creates a versatile meal that can be served both as a soup with broth or as a solid meal making it easy and quick to feed your toddler.

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

#4 Quick Proteins

Offer your growing toddler a variety of easy protein sources to create simple well rounded recipes.

Take the fuss out of cooking by having these quick proteins on hand to mix and match in a variety of easy toddler recipes.

Deli Meats

Rotisserie Chicken

Fish Sticks

Roasted Turkey

Egg Muffins


Chicken Nuggets

Hard Boiled Eggs

Black Beans

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

# 5 Pick Your Carbs

Choose 1-2 easy carbohydrate sources to pair with proteins and fresh produce to create healthy toddler meals.

Only meal prep enough to last 2-3 days max to have the freshest ingredients on hand for your toddler.

List of Easy Carbs


Pasta Noodles



Fruit Muffins



Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

#6 Freezer Friendly Ingredients

Using your freezer is another easy option for creating quick toddler meal prep recipes.

You can make ahead a variety of easy meals to portion out and pop easily into the freezer for a quick reheat meal that is perfect for hungry toddlers and busy moms.

Also having freezer friendly ingredients on hand allows you to feed your toddler healthy veggie and fruit options with minimal waste.

List of Freezer Friendly Ingredients

Mixed Veggies

Frozen Fruit

Chicken Nuggets

Fish Sticks


Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

# 7 Make Extra For Dinner

Get your toddler use to enjoying the same family favorite foods.

Reduce meal prep time greatly by simply preparing larger portions of family favorite meals to reheat as easy lunch ideas for your toddler.

With left overs on hand, you can have a healthy toddler meal ready to go making this meal prep hack the perfect idea for creating quick toddler lunches.

Easy Toddler Meal Prep For Quick Real Food Recipes

What To Feed A Toddler For Healthy Meal Ideas

Feeding your toddler healthy quick meals is easy to do with this meal prep plan.

Enjoy stress free toddler meals by planning your meal prep to include 1-3 fresh ingredients from each category to mix and match throughout the week.

Plan to meal prep twice a week, so you know you are feeding your toddler fresh nutrient rich real food.

Feeding toddlers easy healthy recipes all begins with simply a little meal prep.

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