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Gentle Parenting A Toddler With 3 Simple Techniques

Discover How To Incorporate Gentle Parenting Into Your Homemaking With These 3 Simple Techniques For Building A Peaceful Home

gentle parenting techniques for toddler

Gentle Parenting Basics For Beginners

Gentle parenting is a peaceful approach to raising children that can consist of 3 basic principles.

These 3 basic parenting principles will allow you to apply gentle parenting techniques that can bring peace, respect, and more positivity into your home.

Gentle parenting is a mindful practice that allows children autonomy over their lives while creating consistent boundaries and expectations that allow the home to run smoothly.

It is about developing a connection to your children that allows your children to feel understood and accepted.

gentle parenting techniques for toddler

3 Gentle Parenting Techniques For Stay At Home Moms

When your a stay at home mom your in the parenting game 24/7.

It can be stressful parenting around the clock that is why we want to help you gain confidence in your parenting approach and begin building the skills needed to create a calm peaceful home through gentle parenting.

3 Easy Basics Of Gentle Parenting For Beginners

#1 Building Connection

Relationships are all built on connection, but this is especially true for mothers and their children.

Gentle parenting fosters this connection through a mindset that children should be raised with respect and kindness.

Children need to feel loved and understood.

You would be surprised how often poor behavior improves simply through intentional presence.

With intentional presence you learn to read your child's body cues, fulfill their basic needs, and allow them to flourish through a mindful presence approach to parenting.

gentle parenting techniques for toddler

How To Build A Connection With Your Child

Building a connection with your child is simple, but requires an intentional mindset.

If you want to build a better connection with your child begin setting aside time each day to get on their level.

You can enjoy activities together whether that is cuddling, baking, playing, crafting, going for a walk, or reading a story together.

All these little moments add up and this is what establishes a strong connection between mother and child is all about.

gentle parenting techniques for toddler

#2 Discipline Wisely

When your gentle parenting a strong willed child it will require discipline.

First, you will have to be disciplined yourself as to remain calm and patient as you guide your child through a tantrum.

Don't be quick to punish a tantrum.

Instead, change your mindset to notice a tantrum is a call for connection.

A need is not being met thus a tantrum ensues.

When your strong willed child is having a tantrum remain calm, empathetic, and open for connection.

Secondly, be fair in your disciplines.

Don't over correct simple mistakes and child like behaviors.

Use your words kindly and set up a discipline system that can incorporate a warning then a consequence.

Avoid adding more stress to the situation by choosing your words wisely, allow space for them to calm down, and then being present with your child to help guide them through their big feelings.

gentle parenting techniques for toddler

#3 It's All About Consistency

Gentle parenting is all about consistency.

Consistently building a connection with your children through regular activities you both enjoy.

Offering a consistent routine, so your child understand what is expected of them.

Providing consistent discipline to teach your child the consequences of particular choices.

With these 3 simple gentle parenting techniques you can begin practicing gentle parenting in your home and enjoy less stress and a better mindset that is built on connection, empathy, and respect.

gentle parenting techniques for toddler

The Benefits Of Gentle Parenting Techniques

Gentle parenting is super beneficial because it can help create a peaceful home.

It is the foundation for creating a home that is built on mutual respect.

You will notice a great improvement in your child's behavior with a consistent gentle parenting approach.

With gentle parenting you will feel respected as the leader of the home and your children will feel loved and understood by the people that matter most in their lives.

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