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Grandma's Simple Secret To A Soothing Soup Broth

You need Grandma's simple secret for making a light broth to restore your wellness with the most soothing broth your tastebuds have ever experienced?

very easy quick chicken broth soup recipe for cold rainy day

This delicate soothing broth hits the spot every time and is perfect for making a pot of soup for your family on cold rainy days.

Nothing says home like a pot of soup bubbling on the stovetop and we have you covered with taking your soup to the next level with just one simple ingredient you probably already have on hand.

easy simple soup recipe

What Is The Secret To Making A Good Soup?

The secret to making a good soup is understanding how to build flavor and pairing ingredients that work well together to deliver a rich nutritious broth you will enjoy.

It's all about the broth when it comes to making a good soup!

There are so many soup recipes, but today we are going to narrow in on creating the most delicious chicken soup recipe with a broth so light, yet rich, it will completely restore your soul with just one bowl.

The best part about this soup secret is its simplicity.

Grandma's Secret To Good Soup...

To take your soup to the next level you need to add a whole yellow onion.

Now when I first started making soup I always added minced onion and yes it was delicious, but it wasn't until I discovered my Grandmother's secret to making her broth that took chicken soup to the next level.

If you want to make a light and nutritiously rich chicken broth soup you need to add a whole onion.

You heard me right a whole onion!

Now the secret is to leave the onion whole and allow it to cook the entire time then remove the whole onion and discard leaving behind a light sweet delicious broth.

Make sure to peel the onion to remove the skin and to remove any hairs at the root end before adding it to your cooking water.

It is that simple!

onion broth soup recipe

Easy Soup Recipe With Few Ingredients

One whole yellow onion, salt to taste, and a dash of pepper is going to give you a light flavorful broth you will absolutely love.

Typically, when making this recipe I prefer to use chicken drumsticks, add a couple of chopped carrots, and 2 yellow potatoes for creating a super simple soup recipe that is restorative for when your in the mood for something comforting.

This soup recipe is very easy to prepare in under 10 minutes and you can leave it to cook on the stovetop on a low broil for 40 minutes then simply shred chicken and remove the whole onion to discard.

benefits of onion broth

Benefits of Onion Broth

To give a sweet delicate flavor to your soup recipe try using a yellow onion.

This onion delivers on flavor and is the perfect choice for developing a light nutritious broth for your chicken soup recipe.

Onion broth has many beneficial properties like vitamin C and B6, plus iron, folate, and potassium making it an easy choice for creating a healthy soup broth.

It also has anti inflammatory properties making it a must have ingredient when making a soup to savor during a cold.

There you have it Grandma's secret to making a rich nutritious chicken broth soup was to always add a small whole yellow onion allowing the nutritional benefits to seep into the broth creating a light soothing soup that hits the spot every time.

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