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How Do I Start A Blog With No Experience For Free?

Are you willing to take a chance on yourself to start a blog regardless of your experience level?

To begin blogging you don't need years of experience just a growth mindset willing to learn and navigate the world of blogging one step at a time to pursue your own unique passions in life.

how to I start a blog with no experience

Building an online endeavor like blogging is an marathon.

It is something to pursue with the mindset of building a long term project because any blogger will tell you it takes years of consistency and discipline to reach any level of success in this world.

Of course you could research how to start a blog until your blue in the face, but the real experience will only come when you simply just begin.

There are many aspects that go into running a successful blog from creating content to marketing and structuring your site so that it is SEO friendly.

All of these critical aspects you will learn along the way, so don't let the amount of tasks that go into creating a blog overwhelm you.

Just begin and get a little bit better each day learning new skills that you can use as leverage for future opportunities.

There are simply 2 choices...

You could spend countless hours building up the idea of even starting because you are stalled out on the amount of work it will take to get your blog going or you can take a first step today and slowly piece together your own blog that allows you an outlet to be creative and serves as a portfolio of the work your capable of.

Even if you feel like you have no experience take a leap of faith on yourself and begin building your own blog today.

how can I start blogging as a beginner

How Can I Start Blogging As A Beginner?

If you are brand new to blogging you can begin by deciding what type of content you would like to create and how you want to deliver it to your audience.

There are so many different platforms for creating a website and a variety of social platforms to market your content to your future readers.

To get started blogging as a beginner I highly recommend Wix website development platform, however, their are a variety of options to choose from and gives you an advanced insight for starting your own site and choosing a web host that suit your needs.

With Wix you are able to create a blog layout with simple to use drag and drop actions that allow you to create a website that reflects your own personal vision.

Even if you are not experienced with website design Wix makes it easy with a 900+ free stunning templates for you to choose from.

You can even begin designing ang creating content on your Wix website completely for Free while you gain more experience in website design, content creation, and marketing.

With no commitment anyone can start blogging with no experience and for Free with Wix.

what should a beginner write on a blog

What Should A Beginner Write On A Blog?

Becoming a blogging involves understanding what to write that draws an audience.

You have to write for your readers.

Readers are interested in solutions to everyday problems.

Maybe that is how to grow a garden?

How to be more confident?

How to become a better cook?

How to get your home organized?

What to make for dinner with picky eaters?

Whatever the problem is readers are looking towards content creators to provide solutions with content that is engaging.

If your new to blogging decide on a general niche that you can write content on without getting bored because again this a going to be for the long haul.

Don't fixate too much on being too niche specific though because you don't want to limit yourself on the content you create.

Have a general target market and niche idea then begin pinpointing problems and writing solutions for your target market.

You don't have to be an expert to begin writing you just need to be a step or two ahead of others in the audience your building.

You can even go with the mindset of being a leader and creating content illustrating how you are going to achieve whatever it is you are setting out to do.

Content creation is about being a leader in your community and laying out a path for others to follow that is how you gain an audience by providing real value to your readers.

By doing this you will get better at content creation and gain invaluable experience in developing a successful web presence with an audience to market to.

From their your potential is limitless...

who should start a blog

Who Should Start A Blog?

If your reading this then let it be a sign you should start that blog you have been thinking about.

Don't get stuck in fear just jump in and begin allowing yourself the grace to learn along the way.

Don't let the time it will take hold you back from pursuing this because the time will pass anyway.

Imagine what you want your life to look like in 5 years?

Do you want to find yourself 5 years down the road proud of yourself for taking a leap of faith and getting started or stuck in the same place you are now afraid of taking the chance and putting in the work.

With a blog you can create the possibility of generating an online income by building your own brand and audience then a variety of opportunities for growth will naturally appear.

Most importantly your online presence can serve as a portfolio for future endeavors and be just the thing you need to move in the direction you want to go.

Regardless of your experience level if you have been considering starting your own blog, but to scared too get started take the leap and begin diving into the world of blogging.


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