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How To Create A DIY Bird Sanctuary in Your Backyard?

Inspire more wellness in your home by creating a simple bird sanctuary right in your backyard with these simple tips for attracting more birds of all varieties to your home.

bird house craft for creating a bird sanctuary

Nothing can give you the essence of peace like listening to the gentle songs of birds right in your backyard.

Creating a DIY bird sanctuary creates a space to appreciate nature and enjoy the benefits of outdoor relaxation on your mind, body, and soul.

No need to go to a fancy spa when you can slip into a state of calm reading your favorite book while gazing upon the beautiful birds as they frolic about in your yard.

green rustic birdhouse with flowers

How Do I Make My Backyard a Bird Paradise?

Enjoy the essence of living in an aviary by creating a bird paradise right in your backyard with a few foundational tips for attracting more birds.

#1 Have a Water Source

The main way to attract birds to your yard is to provide them with a fresh source of water.

If you already have streams on your property you can probably forgo investing in a birdbath, but if your on a dry property adding a small bird bath or a fountain could be just the thing to begin attracting more birds to your yard.

woodpecker at birdfeeder

#2 Set Bird Feeders

Having a food source by simply placing bird feeders on your property is another addition that will begin attracting more birds.

Be sure to invest in bird feeders that are squirrel proof to protect your investment and remember to periodically clean your bird feeders to reduce the spread of diseases among your backyard birds.

An all purpose feed with mixed seeds is great for attracting some of the most beautiful birds to your backyard like Blue Jay's, Woodpeckers, Finches, Morning Doves, Robins, and Cardinals.

Remember to feed your backyard birds all year long to encourage populations to stay near or return during migration periods.

birdhouse in tree

#3 Set Bird Houses

A few bird houses are the perfect addition to any backyard when your trying to create a DIY bird sanctuary to enjoy.

By providing bird houses that are an appropriate size you can provide a safe environment for your birds to build a nest and lay eggs increasing your bird population over time.

This space also provides safety for existing birds from predators like cats, foxes, and snakes.

Be sure to have natural elements like mature trees, meadow space, and shrubs to provide natural shelters for your birds to enjoy.


#4 Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a must have when your building a backyard bird retreat because they add an element of beauty, while providing an extra food source for your birds to enjoy.

By planting Mammoth sunflowers you can cultivate large heads to harvest seeds from for feeding your birds at the end of Summer.

butterfly on red flowers

#5 Create More Biodiversity

If you want to naturally attract more birds consider how can you increase the biodiversity in your yard?

This may mean starting a small garden to attract more pollinators and insects, which birds need to survive.

Also by planting native plants to increase the biodiversity, which will increase your bird population naturally.


#6 Avoid Chemical Pesticides

Many people invest in pesticides to reduce insects on their property, but this directly effects all the animals along the food chain greatly impacting your bird population.

By increasing your bird population you can reverse the need to invest in chemical pesticides because the birds will naturally reduce the bug population as they seek food throughout your property.

woman sitting outdoor bench relaxed

#7 Create a Lounge Nook

Enjoy your bird sanctuary with the addition of a nice lounge chair to slip into when you want to escape from the world and just simply watch the birds.

hand feeding a finch

Why Should I Create a Bird Sanctuary?

Creating a bird sanctuary is a great homemaking project for increasing the overall feel of your home by providing you and your family with a space to simply retreat and enjoy bird watching.

Having a bird sanctuary is also a great way to teach your children about maintaining animal habitats and appreciating nature.

For more ways to connect your child to nature consider growing your own backyard garden and increase the biodiversity in your yard naturally for the birds.

Building a bird sanctuary is a way for you to slow down, practice mindfulness, and appreciate the simple things in life like simply watching the birds and enjoying their peaceful presence in your backyard.

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