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How to Reduce Clutter in Your Home in 3 Steps

Improve Your Daily Self Care With Reduced Home Clutter

Clutter is a modern-day dilemma plaguing households across the country. With so much stuff, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with material goods.

Imagine ridding yourself of all the unnecessary goods you have accumulated throughout the years. No more piles of junk hidden in drawers and tucked away in closets.

Now, imagine cultivating a space that reflects clarity. An environment that highlights simplicity. A home that welcomes rest and rejuvenation through better home organization.

Clearing Home Clutter Where to Start

Start clearing clutter with these simple steps and begin organizing your home and creating a home organization solution to minimize extra clutter and transform your home into a retreat that rests in simple delights:

#1 Eliminate Home Clutter by Letting Go

The process of going through your material possessions is a journey of letting go. Letting go of things that no longer serve you and the life you are aiming to lead. Letting go of things that just sit there, collecting dust, and serving no purpose in your life.

Gather the things in your life that bring you joy and that serve a purpose right now in your life. Gather the possessions that you currently use on a regular basis. These items are the foundation for the materials that truly serve you.

Realize that you do not need all the extra in your life whatever that may be. Is it extra clothes that you will never wear because they are no longer your size or how about the clutter that is your beauty products that have become expired, but continue to sit under your sink for months and years to come?

Be able to identify between possessions that bring joy and things your holding onto that are leading to extra home clutter.

We all have clutter tucked away here and there. Join this Declutter Your Home Quickly with a 7 Day Challenge to downsize your home to materials that serve the life your living today.

Declutter Your Home Quickly with a 7 Day Challenge

Monday: Start small with a junk drawer cleanse

Tuesday: Plunge into bathroom belongings

Wednesday: Get to work on a hallway closet

Thursday: Tackle your outdoor clutter

Friday: Mainstream your home décor

Saturday: Kitchen cleanup and pantry purge

Sunday: Closet Haul

Declutter your home quickly with this 7 day challenge to create a great start to becoming clutter free in your home. By the end of this 7 day declutter challenge you will have made great progress in leading a more cluttered free life.

#2 Categorize Your Home Items and Use Storage Solutions

Step one complete!

Now create organized categories for the things in your life that remain. Take advantage of storage organization bins to help categorize the items that bring you joy and serve purpose in your life right now.

Have a set space for each thing you bring into your home and create solutions to optimize the storage space you have available in each section of your home.

This may look like storage bins for the kid toys, a spice rack for seasonings in the kitchen, closet dividers to optimize clothes storage, storage containers for better bathroom organization, a drop off box for keys and on the go items, or a cubby solution for storing shoes.

Where ever the clutter resides, create a simple storage solution for better home organization.

#3 Maintain Home Items with These Easy Steps

The first step in maintaining a home with less clutter is to be mindful of the items you choose to purchase and bring into your home. Before any purchase, make the habit of simply pausing.

Pause as you decide if this item really serves a purpose in your life and if it is worth not only spending your money on, but also spending your time maintaining.

Secondly, to easily maintain less clutter make it a habit of putting things back in their designated place. All to often we come home exhausted from the day’s adventures, that we simply leave a trail of belongings scattered throughout the home.

Be disciplined enough to follow through daily on your home clutter system by simply putting things back where they go.

Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter Free in 3 Easy Steps

1. Each day simply return things back to where they belong

2. Each week deep clean and de-clutter a section of your home big or small

3. Each month take inventory of items that’s no longer serve you

Clearing Clutter is about Changing Your Lifestyle Routines and Embracing Better Self Care

Our home environment should be a space of rest and rejuvenation. A retreat to sink into to escape from the world. Imagine a home that is clutter free and streamlined that also saves you time and money. Nice right?

You don’t need more things. Less is in fact better. Once you have less you realize all the extra you were holding onto.

Now cultivate simple delights in your life through less clutter and more freedom over your time, money, and home by living with less mindless consumption.

Check out 60 Simple Ways to Create a Cozy Home and 3 Easy Ideas for Better Homemaking for more home organization ideas!


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