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How To Restart Your Bad Day When Your A Stay at Home Mom?

Positive parenting on bad days is easier with this simple mindset tip for "restarting" your day, so you can parent with grace through the exhaustion of being a stay at home mom.

Being a stay at home mom is mentally draining and it is easy to come to a place where your always exhausted feeling irritable and impatient towards yourself and your family.

You find yourself in a rut of negative emotions finding yourself easily triggered throughout the day.

When your a stay at home mom it is important to know how to "restart your day."

One of the most beneficial coping mechanisms for stay at home moms is to learn how to restart your day at anytime and anywhere.

With this simple mindset shift you allow yourself the freedom to move forward even if you had a bad moment, a terrible day, or hard week as a mom.

Sometime we experience holding onto negative emotions carrying them with us throughout the day instead of simply acknowledging, accepting, and moving forward.

A big part of positive parenting is allowing yourself to accept bad moments then simply restarting your day.

You don't have to stay in a mindset of negativity and instead practice "restarting your day" as many times as needed to allow yourself the grace to simply move forward.

The Importance of Having A Bad Day Restart?

ways to bad day restart

Having restart mindset when your a mom can be a game changer giving you more grace and compassion for yourself and understanding that feeling "low" happens at one point or another for all moms.

Begin a parent is stressful and when your a stay at home mom the stress can seem overwhelming leaving you feeling irritable and exhausted.

Plus raising kids, you know there will be perfect moments and damn right hard moments often accompanied back to back.

The highs and lows of parenting all day long require a move forward mindset even if you had a rough morning, crappy afternoon, or a hard evening with he kids.

Remember you can restart your day at any moment it all begins with this simple mindset shift.

And some days you may have to restart several times and that is ok too.

The quickest way to restart is to simply say to yourself, "Ok this moment is hard, I'm going to restart," then allow yourself to move forward.

how to restart your day

How To Restart Your Day?

Restarting your day all begins with a simple mindset shift.

If your having one of those parenting days feeling low and not too content with yourself give yourself the grace to simply restart.

Acknowledge + Accept + Restart

Restart and envision yourself literally dropping the stress of the past in that moment and move forward.

The key here is to not reminisce and dwell over the past and what went wrong.

Even if that means you just endured a stressful morning filled with kids who refuse to eat, food on the floor, and a sink full of dishes with a crying toddler all before 9:00 am... you can restart.

Even if you lost your patience and feel guilty for not controlling your anger... you can restart.

Even if you allowed yourself to fall into a rut for weeks just surviving... you can restart.

No matter what the case is learn to allow yourself the grace to restart your day as many times as you need to get you into a better headspace.

You don't have to hold onto the shortcomings of the day or imperfect moments just simply let go and move forward.

Catch yourself when your mind drifts towards negativity and actively take control over your thoughts by bringing more presence to them.

Practice shifting your mindset from negativity to acceptance and gratitude for the moment your in right now.

restart your day stay at home mom

Restarting Your Day Is Ok

It is easy to get stuck in a negative mindset when your dealing with the stress of being a stay at home mom.

Motherhood is so overwhelming it is easy to feel like your never doing enough that no matter how well you did yesterday you still have to live up to the expectations every single day over and over again.

Finding yourself lost in a sea of negativity is easy to do when your a mom, but it is ok to always just simply restart no matter where you are.

Allow yourself the grace to simply move forward even if you have had a bad day because the truth is we all have bad days and it is always better to move on than to hold on to hard moments.


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