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How To Self Care At Home During Covid For Better Mental and Physical Wellness

Check out how to self care at home during Covid for a better mindset with easy wellness tips you can do at home.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

With Covid interfering how many of us lead our lives, it is important now more than ever to practice self care to maintain our mental and physical wellness.

The best way to retain your wellness during these difficult times is to create a self care routine at home that leaves you feeling rested and fulfilled.

When your creating a self care routine it is important to build a self care practice that addresses the different aspects of self care including mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

What Is The Importance of Self Care

Life without self care is filled with stress, resentment, and fear.

Self care is about making intentional time for you.

It is about carving out time to practice things that bring spark back into your life.

Simple self care activities you can implement at home are the best route for creating a self care routine that you can practice regularly.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

Here Are 15 Self Care Activities You Can Practice At Home During Covid

#1 Practice Mindfulness

Covid has caused a major burden on our minds.

With so much uncertainty, it is vital to begin the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present moment.

It is the ability to take a pause from the narrative we are creating within our minds and to simple bring our focus back to the moment we are living in right now.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#2 Get A Pet

Many of us are dealing with isolation and loneliness.

To combat this feeling you can practice self care by getting a new pet.

Of course, do not just jump into getting a pet for the sake of getting one because any pet does require a full commitment.

However, if you have been thinking of adding a new member to your family now is a great time to get a pet that you can nurture and care for during these difficult times.

Having a pet can be therapeutic and has been shown to reduce stress plus it is a great way to combat loneliness.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#3 Reduce Media Consumption

A great deal of our stress comes from the constant reminder of Covid and the effects it is causing on people throughout the world.

Turn off the media!

Step away from the news and you will notice a dramatic difference in your mental wellbeing.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#4 Embrace Change

These times show us how essential it is to be able to embrace, adapt, and pivot.

No matter how much we plan we have to embrace that we are not in control.

By learning to embrace change, adapt, and pivot we can set ourselves up for success mentally and financially.

We need to be like water and simply just go with the flow...

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#5 Get More Sunlight

Vitamin D is essential for retaining our health and wellbeing.

Make getting out in nature a priority in your self care routine.

Enjoy going for walks, basking in the sun with a cool drink, or simply reading a book as you catch some rays to leave you feeling refreshed and alive.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#6 Start A Project

Many of us have had to adapt to being at home.

Take this time to start a new project.

Keep your mind fresh and uplift your mental wellness by embracing a new project.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#7 Escape With A Book

Take your mind off of the world by simply reading more.

Make it part of your self care routine to read a few chapters before bed each night instead of consuming social media.

Read something that allows you to simply escape.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#8 Buy House Plants

House plants can add a touch of nature to your home.

Part of your self care routine should involve cultivating a home environment that reduces stress and welcomes a sense of wellbeing.

House plants not only purify the air and add a touch of aesthetics, but it is also a hobby that gives you something to tend to which can be a great alternative if your struggling with loneliness during Covid.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#9 Pamper Yourself

Creating a weekly routine of pampering yourself.

This can include having a spa routine where your take time to tend to your hygiene.

Go all out including a warm bath, a glass of wine, face masks, and a comfortable robe to set the mood for a relaxing night.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#10 Workout Regularly

When stuck at home it is easy to get into a funk of being lazy and unproductive.

Our bodies are meant to move.

If we are stuck on the couch simply scrolling on our phones all day it is no wonder we will dive into a major funk.

Your exercise routine doesn't have to be complicated.

To exercise at home you can embrace doing simple weights, watching workouts online, or purchasing some exercise home equipment to keep you feeling good and moving your body everyday as part of your self care at home during Covid.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#11 Try New Recipes

Now is the time to get into the kitchen.

Make part of your self care routine eating more nourishing foods by learning new recipes.

Go outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to trying out new cuisines to add more variety to your diet.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#12 Do Something New

Now is the perfect time to jump into learning something new.

Stay curious and embrace learning something new as part of your self care.

Our mental wellbeing is an essential aspect of our self care.

To keep our minds fresh it is vital that we challenge ourselves.

That we embrace learning new things.

That we chase after knowledge.

Keep your love of learning alive and go after your goals by learning something new.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#13 Journal Your Feelings

Many times we keep our feelings bottled up inside.

Nobody can truly understand how we are feeling.

Even when we try to express these feelings to others it can seem like we are just burdening them with our own problems because lets face it everyone is struggling during these times.

Learn to master your own emotions by journaling your feelings.

Identify your triggers and learn to become an observer of your emotions.

Release your attachments.

Simply learn to let go.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#14 Use Aroma Therapy

Our senses play an important role in how we feel.

Learn to use aroma therapy to cultivate a sense of wellness in your home.

Identify a few essential oil scents that bring calmness and relaxation into your home.

Diffuse essential oils as part of your self care at home routine to create a retreat experience that simply allows you to unwind and relax.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

#15 Plant A Garden

A garden can be so healing.

Having a garden can play such an influential role in our self care routine.

Anyone can create a garden whether your have a large plot of land or a few containers.

A garden symbolizes hope while teaching us patience and determination.

A garden has to be tended to regularly and when done correctly you will be able to reap so many benefits simply by planting a small garden.

To garden is to have hope for tomorrow.

How To Self Care At Home During Covid

Take on the challenge of learning how to self care at home during Covid to retain your physical and mental wellness with these 15 self care ideas.

Each day look for simply ways to add a touch of self care.

Make yourself a priority and retain your spark for life by leading a life that prioritizes daily self care.

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