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How To Serve Chicken Nuggets To 1 Year Old?

Chicken nuggets can serve as a great quick protein that pairs easily with an assortment of ingredients to create easy meals for your 1 year old.

how to serve chicken nuggets to 1 year olds

Consider your child's eating experience when serving chicken nuggets to your 1 year old to decide if they are an appropriate food choice.

A 1 year old could be capable of eating a whole chicken nugget served as is, but if your 1 year old is not quite ready to take on a whole nugget consider chopping pieces to an appropriate size.

You can mince chicken nuggets, chop into pieces, slice into quarters, cut in half, or serve whole depending on your 1 year old's eating experience.

How Do I Get My Toddler To Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Chicken nuggets typically get a bad rap when it comes to feeding kids because it is easy for your child to grow too accustomed to eating only chicken nuggets.

However, when served appropriately this quick protein can offer wholesome meals for your child.

You can get your toddler to eat chicken nuggets by offering your toddler a variety of options to choose which style of chicken nuggets they prefer.

Remember chicken nuggets can be purchased in round coin shapes, as chicken strips, or even dinosaur shaped nuggets giving you a variety of styles to try.

Sometimes just offering a condiment for dipping can make it more enticing to eat for your toddler.

Some easy condiment options include ketchup, honey mustard, honey, ranch dressing, or BBQ sauce.

Chicken nuggets can also be turned into an entirely new dish giving you a quick protein ingredient for making homemade meals for your toddler.

Chicken Nugget Dinner Ideas Toddler Friendly For A 1 Year Old

Chicken nuggets are a great ingredient for getting creative with making homemade meals for your 1 year old.

Of course you can serve chicken nuggets as is with a fun dipping sauce accompanied by a healthy serving of fresh fruits and vegetables.

But you can also make...

chicken parmesan quick toddler dinner idea

Mini Chicken Parmesan Bites

Chicken nuggets are just right for creating the perfect chicken parmesan bite.

Covered in a warm marinara sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese these simple ingredients can offer your 1 year old a wholesome filling meal in no time.

You can even take it a step further by serving alongside buttered noodles and toast strips for a quick dinner idea they will love.

chicken and waffles toddler meal idea

Chicken and Waffles

This Southern classic is a great dinner option when feeding your toddler a quick meal and the best part is you can make it with simple quick ingredients.

Simply cook chicken nuggets and serve alongside of waffles with a light drizzle of maple syrup for a simple meal your toddler is sure to love.

You could also make this meal even quicker by substituting frozen waffles when your in need of a super simple fast meal idea.

avocado toddler dinner ideas

Chicken Wraps

A chicken wrap is another easy to make dinner idea for feeding your toddler homemade meals.

Consider slicing the chicken nuggets to appropriate size then filling your chicken wrap with shredded cheese and a dressing they enjoy.

Wrap tightly making sure not to overfill your tortilla making it easy to handle for your toddler.

You could even add sour cream for an additional source of fat and serve with a fresh avocado to make a wholesome quick meal for your toddler.

quesadilla for toddler

Chicken Quesadillas

This is a top go to meal for making a quick dinner for hungry toddlers.

With just a handful of ingredients and in under 10 minutes you can have a hardy fulfilling dinner for your toddler.

Chicken nuggets work well in quesadillas and offer an additional protein source instead of just making a plain cheese quesadilla.

Simply layer chicken nuggets with shredded cheese and pop into the oven turning halfway through until lightly brown, cut, and serve.

Fresh avocado, black beans, and applesauce all go well with this easy toddler recipe idea for busy nights.

fried rice toddler dinner ideas

Chicken Fried Rice

All you need for this quick toddler meal is instant rice, cooked chicken nuggets, and frozen mixed vegetables.

In under 10 minutes you can have a warm bowl of chicken fried rice for you toddler.

This is a great meal to serve to your 1 year old who will love the variety of flavors from the rice and chicken to the colorful mixed vegetables.

You can even add a scrambled egg to this recipe for additional protein and just a splash of soy sauce to give it an authentic Asian taste.

taco toddler meal ideas dinner

Chicken Tacos

Everyone loves tacos including toddlers.

The best way to serve tacos to this age is deconstructed.

Deconstructing dishes is a great way to serve harder to handle recipes to young inexperienced eaters.

All you have to do is create separate portions for all the ingredients.

With this you could have a section of chicken nuggets lightly seasoned in taco seasoning, with a portion or shredded cheese, sliced avocado, black beans, and a tortilla wrap cut to an appropriate size served with sour cream for an easy dinner idea.

French fries toddler meal ideas quick

Chicken Nugget Sliders

Nothing like a fresh chicken slider.

Even your 1 year old can enjoy a classic chicken slider sandwich served with fries.

To serve a chicken slider sandwich to a 1 year old you may want to consider either serving this meal deconstructed as we did with the tacos or building a slider and pressing it flat then cutting to appropriate size that is suitable for your toddler to handle and eat easily.

This is an easy meal that you can make in no time with chicken nuggets and bread rolls.

Again because rolls tend to be thicker be cautious and try to press the bread down until it is flat and easy to eat.

Try serving it with fresh fries and a warm applesauce for an easy dinner meal your toddler will love.

mac and cheese toddler dinner idea

Mac and Cheese With BBQ Chicken Nugget Bites

Spice up your mac and cheese with BBQ chicken nugget bites.

A box of mac and cheese is a go to ingredient when feeding toddlers and we can take it next level by pairing it with a quick protein like chicken nuggets tossed in a sweet BBQ sauce and served with fresh vegetables like green peas or broccoli.

For this recipe consider cooking the chicken nuggets then chopping nuggets into bite size pieces before tossing in a sweet BBQ sauce and serving with your warm mac and cheese.

are chicken nuggets healthy for toddlers

Are Chicken Nuggets Healthy For Toddlers?

As you can see chicken nuggets can offer a healthy protein choice for feeding your toddler.

Especially, if your dealing with a picky toddler.

Just be sure to serve meals that are well rounded with wholesome ingredients including purchasing chicken nuggets that are hormone and antibiotic free.

Chicken nuggets are such an easy meal idea that it is easy to get into the routine of eating this ingredient too often.

However, served occasionally and paired with other healthy ingredients, chicken nuggets can be part of a healthy meal rotation for your toddler.


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