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Intentional Actions To Lower Stay at Home Mom Stress

Lower your stress through simple intentional actions that will give you more daily energy, clarity, and focus for leading a life you love.

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Our day is made up of habits most of which we do subconsciously without much thought.

When your a stay at home mom, the stress can become completely overwhelming leaving you feeling like your just going through the motions.

The week can feel like one continuous day that never seems to have a start or end.

This overwhelming feeling of being a constant caregiver can leave you feeling completely stressed out.

Parenting is hard enough, but parenting when your stressed out can leave you feeling depressed and anxious making it even harder to prioritize yourself.

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How Intentional Actions Can Lower Your Stress?

When we begin to live an intentional lifestyle we begin taking accountability over our daily habits.

This gives us the clarity we need to make changes to our daily routine so you don't feel completely depleted at the end of each day.

With simple intentional actions you can begin creating a better daily routine that creates time to simply prioritize yourself.

These intentional actions are simple changes you can put in place to give yourself more energy, clarity, and focus so you feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

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5 Ways To Live An Intentional Life When Your A Mom

When your a stay at home mom self care is often placed on the back burner, but with this mindset shift you will be able to begin practicing 5 intentional actions that will get you feeling motivated, confident, and passionate about life again.

#1 Daily Exercise

Even if you don't love to exercise, prioritizing just 15 minutes a day to moving your body can leave you feeling energized, while boosting your confidence and motivation.

Pretty soon you'll be excited to find new fun ways to sneak in a quick workout because it leaves you feeling so much better.

#2 Wholesome Foods and Water

Food has a direct impact on our state of mind and being conscious on the foods you prepare and consume is an essential element to living an intentional life.

Also don't forget the benefits of staying hydrated for keeping your mind clear and body energized throughout the day.

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#3 Meditation Practice

Silence your mind each day for just 10 minutes through a guided mediation to bring you back to your center and away from the stresses of the day.

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#4 Limit Distractions

Distractions are keeping you from building a life you want to live.

Be intentional with your time and limit your distractions to get more fulfillment out of each day.

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#5 Pursue an Interest

Now is the time to find an interest and begin pursuing it.

Having an interest allows us to keep learning, to be creative, and to feel passionate about something outside of motherhood.

It is critical for stay at home moms to continue to pursue their own interests and to have a hobby that they can enjoy and cultivate new skills from.

Just because your a stay at home mom doesn't mean you have to give up all your interests.

In fact, we encourage you in this phase of your life to begin exploring what interests you now?

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Tired Stressed Out Stay at Home Mom

Yes all of these tips are basic and that is beauty of it you don't need over the top tips to lessen your stress you just need to bring awareness to you daily habits.

Shine light on habits that are holding you back.

Discover clarity on what interests you and makes you feel good?

Learn to prioritize your own happiness.

By leading an intentional life where you slow down enough to pinpoint what is working and what needs improvement you can begin practicing these simple changes that can give you big results.

An intentional life has the power to bring your more happiness, confidence, motivation, and clarity on building a life you love alongside of motherhood.

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