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New Halloween Activity Ideas For Kids

Start some new spooky Halloween traditions this year with your family with these easy Halloween activities to do with kids.

Halloween Activities at Home with Kids in 2021

Every year you get the chance to create new and exciting activities to incorporate into your holiday tradition.

Why not take this year to explore some new Halloween activities to enjoy with your family at home this Halloween?

What To Do at Home for Halloween with Kids?

Watch a Halloween Movie

Get the popcorn machine up and running paired with some fun snacks for an evening of Halloween movies. Make it an adventure by throwing pillows and blankets on the floor with some ambient lighting to sink into a cozy night of fun treats and at home comfort with a spooky Halloween movie and perhaps some homemade pizza.

mummy Halloween cookies

Decorate Halloween Cookies

This Halloween, enjoy this classic activity the kids are sure to enjoy. Have fun baking and decorating sugar cookies with Halloween designs to celebrate Halloween at home with your kids.

Halloween costumes

Halloween Costume Contest

Get the kids in their Halloween costume for a costume contest. To add a twist of Halloween fun have them act out their character as part of the contest. Kids are sure to love dressing and acting out their favorite characters. Maybe even offer a fun prize for the winner to up the antics!

girls coloring arts and crafts

Spooky Art and Halloween Crafts

Spend the morning enjoying this simple at home Halloween activity for kids. Bring out some fun creativeness in your kids at home by having them draw, paint, or color a Halloween scene.

Also discover 25+ Halloween Crafts for Kids for more Halloween activity ides.

soup served in a pumpkin bowl with bread shaped like a bat

Make a Spooky Halloween Dinner

Enjoy some festive Halloween cuisine. You can let your imagination run wild with this at home activity and have your kids join in on the fun of creating a spooky dinner. Set a spooky dinner scene and offer some interesting Halloween finger foods or adventurous cuisine to celebrate Halloween at home in 2021.

Check out these 25 Halloween Dinner Ideas for some spooky inspiration.

bon fire

Build a Halloween Bon Fire at Home

Stay at home this Halloween and enjoy a bon fire for an activity the kids will love this Halloween. Enjoy some tasty foods and a fun beverage as you enjoy the comfort of Halloween at home. Get you favorite candy varieties and enjoy your tasty treats next to the comfort of a warm fire this season.

Halloween Ghost Stories

This is a traditional Halloween activity for kids that can easily be combined with that awesome bon fire idea. Retell some spooky Halloween ghost stories around a crackling fire to get your kids in the Halloween spirit.

Write a Halloween Story

Have your kids come up with their own Halloween stories. Each kids has the challenge of writing their own Halloween story to recite in the evening when the full moon appears.

Halloween pumpkin lights

Spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Set a Halloween at home scavenger hunt in the back yard filled with spooky Halloween surprises, fun candy treats, and Halloween décor to celebrate Halloween at home with your kids in 2021.

Halloween at Home Candy Hunt

This Halloween create a candy hunt at home for the kids. Create a variety of scenic Halloween stations in the back yard for the kids to race to and to collect their favorite candies and treats.

Halloween kid activities jack o lanterns

Carving Halloween Pumpkins at Home

The timeless Halloween tradition you can still enjoy this year, carving Halloween pumpkins. Have a virtual pumpkin carving contest with family and friends. Up the antics by creating a fun prize for the best pumpkin carving done at home this Halloween.

Create a Haunted Back Yard

Go trick or treating in your backyard by creating a mini haunted back yard with fun decorations and a few special effects like music and lighting, so you can still give your kids a Halloween haunted thrill this year.

Halloween spooky house

Take a Halloween at Home Photo Shoot

Go all out in your costumes this year and create an at home photo shoot with the kids to create a new Halloween tradition.

Halloween Relay Races

Create a relay race for the family to enjoy complete with ninja course challenges through a spooky haunted backyard. Have the kids race to the end to collect their favorite candy treats this Halloween at home.

Halloween witch hat lolly pop and pumpkin candle

Every year you have the chance to begin new family traditions with activities that celebrate the holidays.

This year create the best Halloween for your kids with these simple Halloween activity ideas for celebrating Halloween at home with your kids.

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