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Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Discover How To Just Take Care of Yourself Alongside of Motherhood!

not taking care of yourself

Not taking care of yourself becomes easy when your a full time mom in charge of meeting the demands of children all. day. long.

You end up not taking care of yourself because let's face it your spent.

You need to create a self care plan that is easy and convenient to meet the needs of your mind, body, and soul.

Something that will make self care throughout the day all too easy.

Follow along to discover 3 Easy Habits that will change your mindset from taking care of others to taking care of yourself too.

not taking care of yourself

Just Take Care of Yourself

Self care becomes an after thought when your in the daily grind of caring for children as a stay at home mom.

With limited energy and time, it is all too easy to just allow your wellness to fall to the wayside.

If you want to change that?

If you want to feel alive alongside your journey of motherhood then take the first step and just take care of yourself for a while.

not taking care of yourself

How To Take Care of Yourself Too?

Learn to take care for you!

You are responsible for habits you create.

You are responsible for creating your own happiness.

You have a choice in how you spend your time and energy.

Take that power and invest it in you!

Begin on your self care journey and discover how to take care of yourself too alongside the demands of motherhood.

not taking care of yourself

#1 Discover What Ignites Your Soul

It is so easy to lose your identity to motherhood when your a stay at home mom.

Of course we don't purposely choose to lose ourselves, it is something that happens slowly over time until you wake up one day realizing you know longer know who you are anymore apart from being a mother.

The spark for life is gone.

But can it be brought back?

Will you ever feel alive again?

If you want to feel happy and excited for life you have to take time to discover who you want to be and what do you want to do with your life.

What have you always wanted to pursue?

What is something that excites you?

If you had all the time in the world what would you be doing?

Journaling can help you to understand your deeper desires apart from being a mother.

You can discover an excitement for your life again.

You can reclaim your identity.

You can begin a whole new chapter in your life even if your in the trenches of motherhood.

You just simply need to begin.

not taking care of yourself

#2 Drop Extra Commitments

When self care is on the back burner the #1 reason why is lack of time.

What if I told you, you do have time?

You have to carve that time out for yourself.

Make time for yourself by dropping extra commitments.

Instead of striving to do everything for everyone.

Begin doing for you.

You can start with 5 minutes of self care 3 times a day.

By structuring 5 minutes of self care throughout the day, you are reprograming your daily habits to include prioritizing yourself too.

Slowly being increasing the time and including self care days where you allow yourself to take care of you by releasing your expectations for being the perfect mom and wife all day everyday.

Sometimes you just need a day to simply take care of you.

not taking care of yourself

#3 Create A Holistic Self Care Basket

When self care is made easy, you will do more daily self care without a second thought.

To begin, create a self care basket with your favorite self care products.

Have something on hand at all times that brings light, love, and joy into your life.

Self care baskets can be made up of simple pleasures that add a simple touch of delight to your day.

When you have your favorite products on hand it makes it quick and convenient to practice more self care each day.

How To Build The Perfect Self Care Basket:

not taking care of yourself

Just Take Care of Yourself

Not taking care of yourself effects the whole family.

Your children want you to take care of yourself.

They want a mom that is excited for life.

They want to see you chasing your dreams.

Go ahead and begin taking the steps to changing your daily habits.

Start allowing yourself to take care of you.

You deserve to take care of yourself too.

And only you can make it happen.

So go ahead and begin.

Just take care of yourself.

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