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Stop Being A Lazy Stay At Home Mom With 3 Homemaking Secrets

3 simple steps to stop being a lazy stay at home mom and turn your day into a productive one with simple intentional living secrets you need to know.

how to stop being a lazy mom

Signs of a Lazy Mother

Being a mother is greatly rewarding, but that doesn't undermine the simple fact that being a mom is hard most times.

Its exhausting.

Its easy to lose yourself.

Its even easier to lose your motivation.

The importance of finding your balance in homemaking is crucial for how you will feel about yourself and your ability to be a productive mother.

Without the right balance it is easy to feel like your just "lazy."

If you think your lazy consider asking yourself "why you feel that way?"

Remember to give yourself grace.

Make sure your expectations are realistic.

Then be intentional on simple changes that can make a great impact.

Its definitely great to have lazy days to restore yourself, but if you feel like you have truly become a lazy mom and would like to find a better balance in your routine we got you covered with 3 intentional living secrets to redesign your daily flow.

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What Does A Stay at Home Mom Do All Day

When your a stay at home mom it is easy to get into the habit of living a life filled with multitasking and distractions.

This is the recipe for mom burnout.

Let's face it when your a stay at home mom with kids at home your house gets dirty over and over again no matter how many times you have cleaned that day.

The daily tasks never seem to end making it very easy to lose all motivation towards anything homemaking.

To regain your spark and enthusiasm for being a good homemaker you need to find balance.

Balancing self care and homemaking is crucial for finding purpose as a stay at home mom.

With this balance you can find yourself able to maintain homemaking chores with time for yourself to do restorative self care practices and actually enjoy being a stay at home mom.

A stay at home mom should find a balance for herself that allows her to feel productive and inspired to serve her family while maintaining her own identity.

Sure there is laundry to do, dishes to clean, meals to make but a stay at home mom should also carve time in her day just for her to find her purpose.

how to plan your week stay at home mom

3 Simple Steps For What To Do To Be A Productive Stay at Home Mom

#1 Be Intentional

Be intentional on visualizing and building an intentional schedule that will allow you to feel more productive in your day.

Write out 3 accomplishments you would like to tackle each day.

Create a schedule for homemaking with times blocked for daily cleaning to keep your home feeling fresh.

Write out a meal plan for the week with easy dinner ideas your family will enjoy.

Do a self care activity once a day something just for you.

All in one daily planner for women with gratitude writing, meal logging, fitness and self care tracking pages perfect for redesigning your daily routine.

homemaking tips for schedule stay at home mom

#2 Hold Yourself Accountable

Change can be hard in the beginning that is why accountability is so important.

But don't rely on others to hold you accountable.

Learn to hold yourself accountable.

Be present in your day and be disciplined enough to accomplish your homemaking goals.

Do you want to have a clean kitchen?

Do you really enjoy when you have a homemade meal ready for your family?

Is it important to you to have clutter put away?

Whatever homemaking goal you set out for yourself get that done first before allowing distractions to take over.

how to be more productive lazy stay at home mom

#3 Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key because with it comes new daily habits.

These habits will become second nature and allow you to feel like the productive mom you want to be.

With consistency you will develop a better homemaking schedule that allows you to feel accomplished at the end of each day and inspired to be a good homemaker for your family.

what should a stay at home mom do all day

What Should A Stay At Home Mom Do All Day

Stay at home moms should find balance in their day.

Having balance allows for the home to flow with joy.

Through balance stay at home moms can feel restored with simple daily self care practices and accomplished with easy homemaking tips for being a productive and joyous homemaker.


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