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Stop Buying Baby Food Do This Instead

Make Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes For Feeding Your 6-9 Month Old Nutritious Meals

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

Creating your own homemade baby food is easy and beneficial to both your baby and wallet.

By making your own baby food recipes you can offer your 6-9 month old a variety of high nutritional content meals at a fraction of the cost.

Here we are going to show you exactly how to meal prep for making healthy homemade baby food recipes to feed you 6-9 month old.

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

3 Tips For Feeding Solids To A 6-9 Month Old Baby

When feeding a 6-9 month old you want to keep a few things in mind.

#1 Keep A Schedule Of The Foods You Introduce

When your baby is introduced to new ingredients and flavors keep a simple journal on hand to note any concerns or reactions to particular foods, textures, and seasonings.

It is also important to begin slowly by introducing one new ingredient at a time to keep track of any protentional allergens.

Once your baby has been introduced to most common ingredients you can begin creating simple nutritious combinations that your 6-9 month old will love.

#2 Keep Textures In Mind

Many times the texture of your homemade baby food is equally as important as the taste.

Make sure to cook your ingredients thoroughly until softened and then puree to a consistency that your baby will enjoy.

When you first begin, make your purees easy to swallow with a thin and smooth consistency.

As your baby gains experience, you can increase the thickness by reducing the liquid content in your purees.

Keep in mind that the thicker the consistency the more satiating the meal will be.

#3 Offer Your Baby A Variety Of Flavors

Introducing your baby to a variety of flavors in essential in developing good eating habits.

Of course always remember to follow a schedule that spaces out new ingredients.

Then begin offering a variety of flavor combinations by pairing ingredients that go well together.

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

How To Store Baby Food Recipes To Have Healthy Meals On Hand

You can create your own healthy homemade baby food recipes with a simple meal prep.

Once you have created the base for your baby food recipes simply portion fresh combinations to serve within 3 days.

Then freeze leftover purees into cubes using an ice tray, remember to date, and store conveniently in the freezer to have healthy meal options on hand.

Your frozen baby food cubes should last 3-4 weeks when sealed correctly and stored in the freezer.

To reheat simply place a few cubes into a saucepan and heat slowly while stirring occasionally.

Cold fruit purees can be deforested ahead of time for a light refreshing treat that your 6-9 month old will love.

healthy homemade baby food recipe ideas

Follow Along As We Outline How To Make Homemade Baby Food For A 6-9 Month Old Infant

#1 Raw Fruit Purees

Raw fruit purees make for the easiest homemade baby food.

Raw fruit purees can be prepared using organic fruits that are blended to your desired consistency.

The Best Raw Fruit Purees:

- Strawberries

- Bananas

- Blueberries

- Raspberries

- Avocado

- Melon

- Cantaloupe

- Cucumber

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

#2 Cooked Fruit Purees

Some fruits offer a smoother consistency and taste when cooked until softened then allowed to cool before blending into a puree.

To cook fruits simply wash, peel, give a rough chop, add fruit to a saucepan with water, and cook until softened.

Once cooled you can puree until desired consistency, serve, and save portioned homemade baby food cubes to freeze for later.

The Best Cooked Fruit Purees:

- Apples

- Pears

- Peaches

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

#3 Baby Food Vegetable Sheet Pan

Also offer your 6-9 month old a variety of healthy vegetables.

Vegetables are a simple ingredient to make organic homemade baby food from.

To cook a variety of vegetables at once consider creating a baby food sheet pan recipe.

To create a baby food sheet pan recipe simply choose a variety of simple ingredients to feed your baby, wash, peel, chop vegetables into equal sizes, then place ingredients onto a sheet pan, and roast your vegetables all at once at 375 degrees F. for 30-40 minutes on a covered sheet rack until vegetables are softened completely.

Once your ingredients have softened completely allow them to cool then simply blend.

You can add stock or water to reduce the consistency to your desired preference.

Sheet Pan Ingredients For Homemade Baby Food:

- Potatoes

- Carrots

- Butternut Squash

- Mushrooms

- Sweet Potatoes

- Plantains

- Zucchini

- Yellow Squash

- Pumpkin

- Beets

- Eggplant

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

#4 Simply Steamed Vegetables

Steaming is another go to cooking method for making delicious homemade baby food recipes.

Many vegetables can be steamed easily and in a matter of minutes making this a go to preparation method for offering fresh meals.

Best Vegetables to Simply Steam:

- Broccoli

- Spinach

- Kale

- Green Peas

- Cauliflower

- Corn

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

#5 Go To Protein

Chicken is a go to ingredient for adding a simple protein to your baby's diet.

This easy protein cooks with minimal prep and offers a nutrient dense ingredient for your homemade baby food recipes.

Dark meat chicken is recommend for these homemade baby food recipes because it offers a higher fat content that allows for a moist consistency when blended.

This moist chicken puree can be added easily to create delicious well-rounded homemade baby food recipes.

To cook chicken for homemade baby food simply boil chicken drumsticks in water for about 40 minutes until fully cooked then allow it to cool and shred.

You can also prepare a whole chicken in the oven if you prefer then reserve the dark meat for your homemade baby food recipes.

Once chicken is cook, cooled, and shredded place into a blender and add stock or water until you have your desired consistency.

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

#6 Hello Legumes

Legumes offer another healthy source of proteins that are easy to make and simple to pair with other ingredients.

Easy Legumes For Your Homemade Baby Food:

- Black Beans

- Kidney Beans

- Garbanzo Beans

- Pinto Beans

- Lima Beans

- Lentils

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

How To Make Homemade Baby Food For 6-9 Month Old Baby

Creating healthy eating habits is easy when you know exactly how and what to prepare.

By creating a simple meal plan schedule for your baby you can easily create nutritious recipes to feed your 6-9 month old.

Once your baby is accustomed to a variety of ingredients it becomes simple to create tasty combinations that your baby will love by pairing ingredients together.

easy healthy homemade baby food recipes for 6-9 months

Check Out These Simple Baby Food Recipe Combination Ideas Your Baby Will Love

- Chicken with green peas and carrots

- Strawberry and banana puree

- Black beans with avocado puree

- Apple and pear puree

- Butternut squash with chicken puree

- Eggplant and lentils puree

- Sweet potato and broccoli puree

- Spinach and carrots puree

The combinations are endless when you pair fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins for your homemade baby food recipes.

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