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Super Easy Rustic Stovetop Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

In the mood for a warm comforting bowl of rustic chicken noodle soup with a light soothing broth that is quick to make for enjoying simple pleasures that support your wellness.

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This chicken noodle soup recipe uses all your classic ingredients, but with Grandma's Secret To a Soothing Broth you will have an elevated rustic stovetop chicken noodle soup recipe that does the trick when your feeling unwell or just want to enjoy the simple comforts of a warm bowl of soup.

This recipe delivers all the right flavors from a light nurtrious broth to soft tasty noodles and plenty of chicken to not only make this soup flavorful, but to also super satisfying.

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How To Make Easy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Chicken noodle soup is a classic recipe that has just a few ingredients, is easy to make, and offers that home comfort feel every time you enjoy a warm bowl.

One of the most important aspects of creating a delicious soup is making a flavorful broth that is soothing to sip.

Nothing is worse than having a bland recipe, so make sure to develop your broth using Grandma's Secret to create a light rich soup that delivers the ultimate flavors.

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Rustic Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe Ingredients

3 Chicken Drumsticks

2 Large Carrots

1 Small White Onion

1.5 Cup of Egg Noodles

Chicken Boullion



Dried Parsely

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Easy Stovetop Chicken Noodles Soup Recipe

This easy to prep rustic chicken noodle soup will be your go to meal when you need the comforts of a warm bowl of soup.

To make:

  1. Fill a medium size pot with water adding 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of pepper, 1 chicken boullion, 1 whole peeled white onion (Read more about Grandma's Secret To Making Soup Here) and bring to a low boil.

  2. Add chicken drumsticks plus sliced carrots to your pot continuing to cook for 30 minutes on low boil.

  3. Remove and shred chicken once cooked through and add egg noodles.

  4. Place shredded chicken back and continue to cook noodles until softened about 8-10 minutes.

  5. Do final seasoning to taste with salt and pepper then top with dried parsely.

Having an easy soup recipe on hand is a must when your a busy mom because when anyone in the family is feeling under the weather you can easily make them this nutritious soup to give them a simple soothing comfort of wellness.

This is also a great meal to have on hand for busy weeknights because it takes just minutes to prep and can be made in under an hour.

Plus save leftovers for an easy next day lunch or puree soup to make a simple batch of healthy homemade baby food for your infant.

This soup pairs perfectly with a crunchy piece of bread and a fresh salad making it a refreshing dinner idea when your in the mood for something savory, comforting, yet light.

Remember cultivating simple delights is all about enjoying simple pleasures and lets face it one of life's greatest pleasures is a good bowl of warm soup.


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