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The 5 Best Herbs For Holistic Self Love

Herbs hold the power to unlock holistic self love properties to experience a new level of self development that is fun to explore when your in a period of inner growth.

herbs for self love

What is self love?

Self love is the ability to accept ourselves as we are on the journey through life and allowing ourselves the time to do more self care.

Easily start creating more self love for yourself and in your home by using the beneficial properties of herbs.

If you have been struggling with self love, turn towards nature to provide a holistic solution for better wellness.

Did you know herbs have been used for their medicinal and healing effects for thousands of years?

You can check out more about that here!

The great thing about using herbs for a holistic approach to self love is that many of these herbs can be grown yourself allowing you to have full access to fresh herbs to use as part of your daily self love routine.

This year make time for more self love by cultivating a self love routine that prioritizes your wellness through the power of herbs.

herbs for self love

How Do You Use Herbs For Self Love?

When you are considering more self love within your lifestyle it is vital to seek holistic ways to create a self care routine that will leave your feeling invigorated, refreshed, and relaxed.

Herbs provide us with just that!

Herbs have many medicinal properties that can have healing effects on our emotional and physical wellbeing.

When using herbs for self love, you can consider using them to create more nourishing meals, to cleanse your home through aroma therapy, to create self care products, and to use for invigorating ritual baths.

herbs for self love

Below You Will Discover The 5 Best Herbs For Self Love

#1 White Sage

Self love is all about cultivating an environment that welcomes positivity allowing you to manifest your best life.

White sage is a powerful herb that you can use to cleanse your home of negativity through the ritual of smudging.

By routinely smudging your home you can naturally cleanse negative energy holistically and create intentional protection to welcome more positivity into your life.

How To Smudge Your Home With Sage:

1. To smudge your home begin by opening the windows to allow for ventilation as you release negative energy.

2. Ignite a small bundle of sage

3. Use a flameproof bowl to catch embers as you walk through your home.

4. Set an intention for your home cleanse by reciting a positive mantra for releasing negative energy.

5. Go to each room allowing the smoke to absorb and detoxify your home.

To use sage for self love you can also harness its aromatherapy properties by creating small bundles of dried sage, using it as a natural incense, or adding fresh leaves to a spiritual bath.

herbs for self love

#2 Cilantro

Cilantro is one the best herbs to have on hand as it is a powerful herb with antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and increase overall wellness.

To show yourself more self love with this special herb consider growing your own small garden container of Cilantro.

Cilantro is very easy to grow and by having a couple of plants available you can enjoy fresh Cilantro all season long to harvest easily right from your backyard.

At the end of the growing season, this herb also produces an abundance of seeds perfect for collecting and planting the following season or grinding into fresh Coriander seasoning.

Show yourself more self love with this herb by taking the time to prepare nutritious meals with the addition of this tasty herb.

Cilantro is perfect for adding to soups, smoothies, salsas, and teas making this herb a must have for cultivating more self love by using herbs to nourish your body.

herbs for self love

#3 Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful herb with fragrant flowers and a sweet smell that can naturally reduce anxiety and increase calmness through its enticing aroma.

If you want to welcome more self love into your lifestyle consider diffusing lavender oils, creating DIY lavender potpourri, and making dried lavender bundles to create a soft sweet scent through your home.

herbs for self love

#4 Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is one of the most fragrant mint plants with many beneficial properties making it a must have for using herbs for self love.

Show yourself more self love by taking the time to grow this easy herb right in your backyard.

This is one of the best herbs to grow for using herbs for self love because it is a perennial meaning you only have to plant it one time to continue reaping a bountiful harvest each year.

What makes Lemon Balm so special?

Well apart from it being an easy to grow perennial, this special herb also has a sensational fragrance that combines citrus and mint into one perfect herb.

Lemon Balm is great for using in your self love routine by creating delightful teas, a simmering pot of potpourri to cleanse your home, to add to nourishing meals, and to make DIY self care products.

herbs for self love

#5 Eucalyptus

Show yourself more self love with the invigorating scent of Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus has a menthol-like fragrance that is perfect for creating a sensational steamed shower experience.

Cleanse yourself and enjoy this delightful scent by simply hanging a few branches of Eucalyptus from your shower head to release its powerful scent giving you a whole new shower experience.

Set intention behind your ritual shower to awaken your wellness from within with this invigorating herb for self love.

herbs for self love

Herbs For Self Love

Herbs for self love is a holistic approach for creating a healthier lifestyle that utilizes the powerful properties herbs can have on our physiological and physical wellbeing.

Herbs are a wonderful addition to any self love routine for better self care as they provide a holistic means for implementing aroma therapy, increased nutrition, and cleansing effects all through the natural power of plants.

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