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The Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms (#5 Will Surprise You)

The benefits of starting a home garden can have a deep positive impact on your life that goes further than just providing you with wholesome nutritious ingredients to cook with.

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

Do you need a hobby?

Would you like to have better mental health?

Are you interested in feeding your family healthy nutrient rich organic food?

Would you like to save money on your monthly groceries?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, gardening is for you!

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

Discover the Benefits of Growing a Backyard Vegetable and Herb Garden for Stay at Home Moms!

#1 Start Gardening as a Hobby

When your a stay at home mom it can be difficult to find a rewarding hobby that is inexpensive and manageable for a busy mom.

Starting to garden as a hobby is a great way for stay at home moms to find themselves among the midst and demands of motherhood.

Not only is gardening inexpensive, but it is also a hobby that can require little time to reap great rewards for stay at home moms.

The great thing about gardening as a hobby is that you can custom design a garden that is perfect for your unique situation!

Whether you cultivate a flower garden to create DIY floral arrangements, a container herb garden for fresh ingredients, or a small backyard vegetable garden gardening can be perfect for you!

This easy hobby is great for getting you outdoors and into nature where you are able to unwind and be creative as your begin gardening as a hobby.

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

#2 Gardening for Better Mental Health

One of the benefits of gardening is improved mental health.

Stay at home moms can often struggle with mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Often stay at home moms lose themselves to motherhood making it difficult to have time for themselves to cultivate their own interests and passions.

Building a small backyard garden is perfect for stay at home moms interested in pursuing themselves and improving their mental health through the art of gardening.

Having a backyard garden allows mothers to tend to themselves through better self care by reconnecting with nature.

The benefits of reconnecting to nature and enjoying fresh air while tending your very own small backyard garden can have a profound impact on your mental health with increased clarity, focus, and motivation for cultivating your own interests outside of motherhood.

Learn to experience less stress and naturally boost your mood through the art of gardening.

By taking time each day to stop and smell the flowers you can garden you way to better mental health.

Imagine the rewards of tending a garden and enjoying the fruits of your labor through fresh nutrient rich produce by gardening for better mental health.

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

#3 Start a Small Vegetable Garden to Eat Well and Save Money

We all know you are what you eat, so why not have the freshest organic nutrient rich produce by simply growing it yourself.

Having a small backyard vegetable garden is an easy way to ensure you have access to healthy nutrient rich food to create healthy meals for your family.

Your backyard vegetable garden will not only provide you with the freshest ingredients, but it will also save you money on your weekly grocery bills.

Imagine that eat healthier and save money.

It's a win win!

Once you have cultivated a green thumb and understand the basic principles of developing the soil and seed saving, you can grow your own fresh produce all season long for free.

Food Is Free!

Once you have developed the soil it is easy to maintain a rich organic soil through composting and with heirlooms seeds you will be able to replant your favorite seeds year after year with no further investments.

That is the beauty of heirloom seeds!

So go ahead and start a backyard vegetable garden you won't only eat better, but you will save money too!

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

#4 Have Access to Organic Produce

With the rising cost of food, growing your own small backyard vegetable garden can give you access to organic ingredients for creating family favorite meals at a fraction of the cost.

By now most of us are aware of the health benefits of eating organic nutrient rich foods and you can gift your family with the benefits of providing the freshest ingredients by growing them yourself with your own small backyard garden.

By identifying a list of your family's favorite vegetables and fruits you can begin learning the art of gardening and develop a green thumb for cultivating a variety of fresh ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, and fresh greens.

Most of your common staple cooking ingredients can be easily grown and harvested throughout the garden season to provide your family with fresh organic nutrient rich ingredients all season long.

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

#5 Save the Planet

Save the planet? Really...

Yes you matter and your choices have an effect on the planet and those around you!

By choosing to garden and become more self sufficient you are making a choice to bring awareness to our broken food system and to do something about it!

You can help save our planet simply by choosing to grow your own food and share this knowledge with everyone around you!

By growing your own food you can reduce the environmental effects of food transportation, overuse of fertilizers and pesticides, and the degradation of soil from monocrop farming practices.

So yes can help save the planet by simply growing a small backyard vegetable garden!

the benefits of backyard gardening for stay at home moms

#6 Become Self Sufficient

The art of gardening is a homemaking skill that has been lost through the generations with the convivence of grocery stores.

Many times we are greatly disconnected from where our food comes from and how it is actually grown.

By having a small backyard vegetable garden you can begin your journey to being more self sufficient and feel empowered through growing your own food in your backyard garden.

Take ownership over your food by learning to be more self sufficient so you can have access to the freshest ingredients for making your family favorite recipes by simply beginning a small backyard garden.

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

#6 Teach Your Children Important Life Skills

Everyone has to eat!

Teaching your children where their food comes from and how to produce their own food is one of the most important life skill lessons you can gift your children.

We often take for granted the access we have to food, but we can not always rely on the food system to provide for us.

It is essential to begin bringing back this traditional homemaking skill to ensure our children now where their food comes from and how to grow it.

Gardening not only allows your family to be more self sufficient, but it also teaches many life lessons that your children will take with them into adulthood.

Imagine the life skills your children will learn as they watch their mother pursue the passion of gardening and instill the life lessons of perseverance and patience by simply tending to a small backyard garden.

Benefits of Backyard Gardening for Stay at Home Moms

There are many benefits of growing your own small backyard vegetable garden as a stay at home mom.

Begin by discovering a passion for backyard gardening by growing your own small vegetable patch or container herb garden and don't forget to add you favorite flowers for an extra touch of delight.

Enjoy having an activity of your own as you begin gardening as a hobby and reap the benefits of improved mental health through gardening and access to the freshest nutrient rich produce right from your backyard garden.

Discover this traditional homemaking skill and pass down the knowledge of becoming more self sufficient to your children by tending to a small backyard vegetable garden this season!

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