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The Best Chicken Soup for the Fall Season

Everyone needs a go to chicken soup recipe and this easy chicken soup recipe is just that! Add this to your weekly meal rotation to enjoy a healthy chicken soup that is easy to make for delicious lunches and dinners.

easy chicken soup weeknight dinner recipe

Basic Chicken Noodle Soup From Scratch

Imagine a one pot soup so simple it can be made with a handful of ingredients. A soup so versatile it can be served as a simple supper, to improve wellness during cold season, and as an easy baby meal prep solution.

This is a go to soup when you are limited on time as it can be prepped in under 15 minutes with 5 staple ingredients.

Nothing beats a warm soup on a cool fall day and it pairs perfectly with a crisp salad and some crunchy bread making it one nutritional quick dinner meal idea that is a must add to the weekly dinner rotation selection.

easy chicken soup weeknight dinner recipe

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup Homemade

If you feel under the weather, this soup is the essence of home comfort with its moist chicken, warm potatoes, delicious carrots, and a soothing broth that is sure to be uplifting and nourishing.

If you are in the season of feeding babies and toddlers, this is a great one pot meal prep that offers a wide range of nutrition for those little eaters.

For next day quick lunches, simply reheat the ingredients in the broth to maintain moisture then chop an assortment of chicken, potato, and carrots for your little eater.

When storing, this soup can easily be kept chunky with bits of chicken, potatoes, carrots and broth frozen or puree by simply pouring the soup, once cooled, into a blender to create a delicious smooth texture that can also be easily frozen into cubes for a quick nutritious reheat.

With a prep time of under 15 minutes and only 5 staple ingredients, you must try this easy chicken soup recipe!

Once you make this recipe it will be your go to chicken soup that creates the essence of home comfort every time.

Make sure to add this recipe and check out What's for Dinner? 5 Quick Dinner Ideas for Feeding Kids for more easy recipe ideas for feeding a family nutritious well balanced meals for busy moms.


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