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The Best Protein Sources for Baby's First Foods

These first foods are perfect for creating homemade baby food recipes rich in protein with inexpensive ingredients that are easy to make and create a smooth puree your baby will love.

bag of dried lentils ingredient for homemade baby food

Disclaimer: Not a nutritionist or medical doctor all information is for entertainment purposes only.

Protein is an essential nutrient when your considering creating your own baby food at home.

Often we think of meats as our only sources of protein, but there are also a variety of other foods that are healthy plant based sources of protein for feeding your baby.

Having a balance of animal and planted based proteins is a good strategy for developing nutritious meals.

woman cooking with orange pot on the stove top stirring with wooden spoon

How To Properly Make Homemade Baby Food?

Making your own baby food at home is easy to do and often creates meals that are higher in nutrition and cheaper to make than buying store bought.

The great thing about making homemade baby food is you can control the ingredients you choose to feed your baby and create combinations that deliver a wholesome meal.

One aspect you want to consider when making your own homemade baby food is selecting good sources of protein that blend easily into a smooth puree.

Today let's cover both animal and plant based foods you can easily make into homemade purees to increase you child's protein intake.

whole chicken with lemon and herbs garlic

List of Protein Foods for Making Homemade Puree Baby Food:

#1 Chicken Thighs

Using boiled chicken thighs is a great protein source that is easy to make and creates a smooth puree that baby's often enjoy.

Chicken can be used as a foundational ingredient that pairs nicely with a variety of different ingredients.

To get a smooth texture with your chicken thighs consider boiling until cooked then blending till smooth using stock to create a great puree.

blue bowl of spinach leaves

#2 Spinach Leaves

Boiled spinach is another protein rich food source that can be made in minutes then pureed to give you baby a healthy source of greens.

Spinach is best offered in small amounts because it is also fibrous and may be harder for new eaters to digest, but start small and serve in combination with other foods like spinach and chicken to create yummy meals you baby will enjoy.

wooden spoons with dried beans

#3 Beans

Beans are another great ingredient choice for adding more protein to your baby's diet.

Served in small amounts, beans can deliver a healthy source of protein for creating your own homemade baby food.

Garbanzo beans and black beans are two favorites that can be cooked then blended until smooth adding water or stock as needed to create the texture your baby enjoys.

raw salmon

#4 Salmon

Salmon is a top protein choice when making your own baby food because it is quick to make and works well with a variety of vegetables plus it is nutrient rich.

Just cook salmon in the oven, discarded the skin after cooking, and blend your salmon into a smooth puree then serve with a delicious vegetable puree like potatoes, carrots, or green peas.

bowl of green peas on rustic wooden table

#5 Green Peas

Speaking of green peas they are next on the list of great protein sources for making your own homemade baby food.

The earlier you get your little one loving green peas the better because they are an inexpensive, easy to make, and are a healthy food choice for feeding your little one nutritious foods.

bowl of red lentils

#6 Lentils

Lentils are not only high protein, but also offer a complex carbohydrate that is high in fiber making it another great ingredient for cooking homemade baby food.

Some even consider lentils to be a super food because of their nutrient density and this inexpensive ingredient just needs to be cooked and blended until you have a smooth puree.

yogurt bowl

#7 Greek Yogurt

Having a quick cold source of protein is easy when you offer your infant a small serving of Greek yogurt.

Paired with pureed fruits this can be an excellent choice for a quick high protein snack or lunch option.

woman cooking in the kitchen

What Foods Give Baby Protein?

Getting more protein in your baby's diet is easy when you know what foods to choose.

When making your own homemade baby food it is important to choose foods that blend into a smooth puree.

As your little one grows you can begin offering thicker textures and eventually progressing into finger foods, but for the early stages you want ingredients that blend into a smooth texture that is easy to swallow and digest.

By pairing these protein ingredients with other foods you can create wholesome baby food that is nutrient rich.

To increase your baby's protein intake choose foods like meats, legumes, and vegetables that blend smoothly.

By preparing homemade baby food you can select high quality nutrient rich ingredients that will serve as a foundation for creating healthy eating habits from a young age.

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