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Discover The Secrets to Being A Happy Parent

Want to be a happy mom and wife check out these simple secrets for a happy home?

how to be a happy mom and wife

How To Be A Good Mother and Wife

Parenting is the ultimate marathon. A marathon so great it will bring you to the highest levels of enlightenment, but not before bringing you down to your knees first.

Parenting is a matter of illuminating your greatest strengths while highlighting buried weaknesses. This unveiling can be great enough to cloud the happiness of parenting or it can be utilized as a catalyst for developing a blossoming relationship built on love, trust, and empathy.

There is a secret to happiness in parenting and it lies in connection and grace.

Taking the time to cultivate a meaningful relationship with your child has so many benefits that will continue through a life time.

Connection is so meaningful it is the ultimate factor that influences the level of happiness within mom, child, and family.

Cultivate a connection to your child and a connection to yourself.

Discover grace as you walk to journey of motherhood and unveil the secrets to reaching happiness in parenting.

Learn to create connection and discover happiness in parenting with these 3 Simple Tips.

how to be a good parent

How To Build A Connection With Your Child To Feel Loved and Valued?

Enjoy life with your child by looking for opportunities to incorporate play every day.

Play is the art of children and this is the ultimate foundation for building connection. When you play with your child you are speaking on their level. This sort of connection creates trust and a willingness to work together when struggles arise.

Taking time to play activities of your child's interests illustrates the importance of their existence in your life. To kids play is no laughing matter. In fact, it is a priority for proper childhood development.

So create that connection by playing on the floor with figurines, enjoying board games, learning a new skill together, discovering the great outdoors with family adventures, sharing meals together, reading books aloud, introducing your child to interests of your own, and remember to let loose and have some fun yourself knowing you are cultivating a beautiful connection that will continue to blossom as the years pass.

how to be a good mom when depressed

Balance Work and Homemaking As A Busy Mom

Managing a family is no easy task. It is easy to become overwhelmed with a loss of patience when faced with an endless to do list surrounding caregiver responsibilities. To cultivate happiness in parenting, lessen the workload by working smarter.

Lessen your load by implementing a chore system from a young age. Children of all ages are able to partake in suitable chores around the house. With this one simple technique, you can lesson your own workload, while building a work ethic in your children.

Implement a daily quiet time. Let's face it when your caring for children day after day, it can become burdensome.

Take some of the weight off your shoulders by creating a daily quiet time routine where your child is expected to play quietly in their room for an hour a day in the afternoon.

Your child will develop independence, improved imagination, and experience an essential rest simply by implementing a daily quiet time.

What's for dinner? The question on every caregivers mind when dinner time approaches.

Make this a no brainer by creating a meal rotation of your family's favorite dishes to simply rotate throughout the week.

For easy lunches and snacks, create a meal prep list of simple foods to enjoy throughout the day.

Simple ideas for meal prep can include sliced fruit, chopped vegetables, grilled meats, boiled eggs, cubed cheeses, lunch meats, and crunchy crackers.

Make your life easier by working smarter not harder with The Ultimate List of 73 Mom Hacks and watch the spark of happiness in parenting come to life.

self care new moms at home tips
Self Care Tips For Busy Moms

You must make time to cultivate activities that bring joy into your life. As caregivers, we can become so focused on meeting the needs of others that we often push our own joys to the side.

However, building the connection necessary for parenting with happiness stems greatly from cultivating your own happiness towards life.

Our soul can often become drained leaving us unfulfilled and running on fumes when our own needs and interests are ignored.

This often leads to resentment and a loss of patience, especially when meeting the demands of children.

That is why addressing your own happiness is a catalyst in modeling positive parenting for your children.

Create a simple self care routine with these 19 "Out of the Box" Self Care Tips and block at least 30 minutes a day to focus on activities that ignite joy and rejuvenation to notice a blossoming of wellness in the dynamics of happy parenting.

Envision the kind of relationship you are willing to cultivate with your child. Imagine a peaceful dynamic where listening happens naturally as a result of developing a foundation built on connection.


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