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The Ultimate List of 73 Mom Hacks for Stay at Home Moms

The ultimate list of must know mom hacks to make life easier as a stay at home mom!

mom hacks 101

Mom Hacks To Make Life Easier

The demands of being a stay at home mom can be relenting make your life easier as a stay at home mom with our ultimate list of mom hacks to help you breeze through the day with better productivity as our ultimate list of mom hacks are sure to equip you with helpful secrets to creating a calm home.

Mom Hacks 101

  1. Prep dinner early in the day

  2. Have a good book to get lost in

  3. Keep a fun activity on back up think board game, art craft, science experiment

  4. Involve kids in cleanup

  5. Start bedtime at 6 p.m. so they are asleep by 8 p.m.

  6. Meal prep breakfast for the week on Sunday

  7. Have plenty of snacks on hand

  8. Have kids do chores before screen time

  9. Meal prep freezer meals to use through the week

  10. Keep extra change of clothes in the car for kids along with napkins and hand sanitizer

  11. Learn to say yes more

  12. Create simple routines

  13. Wake up before your kids

  14. Have a set bedtime

  15. Get kids outside each day

  16. Use water play for endless entertainment

  17. Hide the good snacks

  18. Create a car activity bag

  19. Strap the kids in and go for a ride with a hot coffee and good music

  20. Always wipe the high chair off right away after a meal

  21. Limit social media use during the day

  22. Play music on moody days

  23. Play with your kids to improve their behavior

  24. Set coffee up the night before

  25. Buy meat scissors for cutting food into kid size bites

  26. Meal prep fresh fruit and vegetables for the week on Sunday

  27. Have a daily chores list written on a white board

  28. One load of laundry a day keeps the overload away

  29. Do a kitchen reset at night to wake to a clean space

  30. No guilt for enjoying a lazy day

  31. Watch motivational videos

  32. Buy a Roomba

  33. Keep a hidden chocolate drawer

  34. Prep for your school day the night before

  35. Make use of free learning resources

  36. Have a library card to view digital books online

  37. Use YouTube learning channels to substitute extra curricular activities

  38. Write a go to list of physical activity options

  39. Have older children make lunch for their younger siblings

  40. Create a morning and evening chore routine for the kids

  41. Use storage bins to organize toys

  42. Better yet, buy less toys

  43. Have a toy rotation instead

  44. Clean as you cook

  45. Write things down like shopping lists, to do lists, and important dates

  46. Declutter

  47. Do dishes after lunch and dinner

  48. Use brown bananas for muffins or smoothies

  49. Decorate your home with fake flowers

  50. Have a garden to have fresh veggies on hand

  51. Implement afternoon independent quiet time

  52. Give the baby to dad and run out the door

  53. Keep art supplies on hand

  54. Save money on paper products and use cloth instead

  55. Invest in Air Pods

  56. Coffee

  57. Water

  58. Wine

  59. Have a windowsill herb garden

  60. Put maple syrup in the pancake batter to avoid a sticky mess

  61. Master an egg muffin recipe for an easy breakfast option that reheats well

  62. Teach children to clean from an early age

  63. Own backyard chickens for fresh eggs

  64. Create themes for your weekdays to break up monotony

  65. Create a podcast playlist

  66. Always open your blinds

  67. Get dressed each day

  68. Always make your bed

  69. Have candles for ambiance in the evening

  70. Have weekly family fun nights

  71. Cook in large batches for leftover lunches

  72. Buy an essential oil diffuser

  73. Enjoy self care Sundays with 10 Self Care tips for Busy Moms

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Bring joy to life with our ultimate list of mom hacks for stay at home moms. Our stay at home tips and tricks will give you better productivity throughout your day with easy ideas for making life just a little bit easier for stay at home moms.

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Comment below and let us know what are your top mom hacks for 2020?

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