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Top 6 Garden Plants to Grow Right Now

Grow These 6 Easy Plants If This Is Your First Garden For An Easy Abundance in a small backyard garden.

Gardening Is A Perfect Self Care Activity for Stay at Home Moms and We Will Teach You How

This beginner guide to vegetable garden success with our list of high producing easy to grow garden plants to grow right now for a bountiful vegetable garden this year!

beginner vegetable garden for small space gardening

What Are Easy Plants To Grow For Beginners?

There has never been a better time to grow a garden.

If you have always wanted to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the convenience of your home, now is the time to jump into the humbling journey of cultivating your own food.

Now let us dive into the top 6 garden plants to grow right now for an abundant harvest this season.

#1 Potatoes Are Easy To Grow In A Small Space

are potatoes easy to grow

These starchy plants take the number one spot because they are the most sustaining with the highest caloric density out of the plants mentioned in this article.

One could easily create a whole meal around this ingredient.

Potatoes are also fairly easy to grow as well.

There are many different methods to growing potatoes from using straw to create a potato patch to producing out of DIY grow bags.

One thing to keep in mind is potatoes are planted with at least two eyes on each potato seed.

This seed is then planted and the soil needs to be hilled.

As your plant continues to grow upward continue mulching to ensure your baby potatoes never see the day of light.

Potatoes exposed to sunlight will be green and are hazardous to eat.

Once your plants begin to die off with their leaves yellowing and wilting allow for just a bit longer and then reap the rewards of delicious potatoes perfect for baking and roasting or in casseroles, stews, and soups.

#2 Should I Grow Green Beans In A Backyard Garden?

should i grow green beans in my first garden

Green beans have to be a garden staple as they are one of the easiest plants to grow.

There are a variety of beans available for growing but a preference is the Pole Green Bean.

These plants can be spaced fairly close together about 6 inches apart.

Then simply provide a climbing trellis and watch your plants sprawl away.

The plants will continue to produce beans all season long and provide an abundant amount as the more you pick the more they produce.

The tender shoots can then be harvested at your length of preference.

These plants are best planted heirloom as seed collection and saving is extremely easy with these heavy producers just simply pick and dry seed pods in the sun then gather to store in a dry place for the following season.

You can't go wrong with Green Beans as it grows easily, future seeds can be harvested alongside fresh gatherings, and it is a great ingredient to serve as a main base of a meal or simply on the side adding nutrition and fiber to any dish.

#3 Are Tomatoes A Good Plant For Beginner Gardeners?
are tomatoes good to grow in a small garden

Tomatoes are a main summer crop in any garden with their sweet ripe deliciousness that is a main ingredient in many meals and a wonderful accompaniment to a variety of dishes.

Tomatoes come in a great range of flavors, sizes, and harvest amounts.

Before planting consider the characteristics that are most enjoyable for the meals intended.

Some tomatoes are best not cooked and simply sliced then served like Cherry Tomatoes, which grow in abundance and are extremely easy to care.

Other tomatoes are better for sauces like Rutgers Tomatoes, which can also be canned making them a good staple for storing tomatoes through winter.

Some varieties provide one harvest and are called determinate, while others provide harvest through the season and are considered indeterminate.

With a staple garden plant such as tomatoes choose varieties best suited for your intentions and try a variety to see what works best with this abundant sun loving fruit.

#4 How To Grow Zucchini?
can I grow zucchini in my first garden

Zucchini is a top garden plant with the ability to produce large harvest all season long.

Some varieties can produce large harvest that have the agility to be a main staple in any meal.

These plants are relatively easy to grow as long as you give them a good base soil of at least 8 - 12 inches in depth with good drainage and plenty of sunlight.

As with most of these top staple plants, the more you harvest the more it will produce giving an abundant supply of nutrient rich produce all season long and it stores fairly well at room temperature for well over a week.

Zucchini is such a versatile ingredient that can be roasted, grilled, sautéed, added to soups, made into noodles, and even baked into breads and muffins.

Any back yard garden can reap the abundant reward of zucchini with simply 2-3 of these heavy producing plants.

Zucchini is for the win, but be mindful that these plants need good ventilation so spacing is about 18 inches and they will require a space of their own as they tend to grow large leaves.

#5 Squash Is Perfect For Beginners

is squash a good vegetable plant to grow

Yellow squash is very similar to zucchini in the garden requirements of 18 inch spacing, good drainage in soil that is loose and 8-12 inches in depth, plenty of sunlight, and good ventilation to reduce instances of mold on the leaves and blossom rot.

Butternut squash is another variety that generates a long vine and creates a large squash that can be stored through the winter, due to its hard thick skin.

Butternut squash can also be trellised to minimize the spread of vines, but can produce several squashes when given the proper growing requirements.

These two varieties of squash are great in any garden as another heavy producer that will continue to give all summer and into early fall in warm areas.

Yellow squash will store for just over a week as you harvest continually where as butternut squash varieties will be harvested once at the end of the season and can be stored through winter.

Squash is not only nutrient rich, but another versatile ingredient in the kitchen that can be used in casseroles, roasted, sautéed, stewed, and easily made into delicious rich soups.

#6 Cucumbers Are Great For Container Gardens

beginner vegetable garden

Cucumbers are a must have and very beginner friendly.

These wonderful plants continue to produce throughout the growing season.

This is a perfect plant to trellis if your growing in a smaller area.

Cucumbers will continue to produce all season as you harvest fresh fruit new cucumbers will continue to blossom.

It is nice to plant a variety for eating fresh and a pickling variety if you plan to make some homemade pickles and relishes.

Having fresh cucumbers can be a refreshing way to add flavor to salads, sandwiches, wraps, and even used to make sauces like tzatziki which pair nicely with grilled chicken or roasted chickpeas.

Also combine cucumbers with the cherry tomatoes in the summer for a cool treat straight from the garden.

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Garden Tip:

  • Soil that is rich in organic matter is the number one requirement for producing a good harvest followed by sunlight and water.

  • Take the time to research the required spacing and growing requirements for each plant before planting and always plant more than you need to allow for first attempt failures.

  • Spacing of Green Beans is roughly 6 inches. Potatoes, Tomatoes and Cucumbers around 12 inches and leaving 18 inches to accommodate Squash and Zucchini varieties.

  • As with anything, gardening is a lot of trial and error, but do not let that discourage you.

  • The journey of growing our own food, the successes and failures are all a part of the process even for the experienced gardener.

beginner vegetable garden in small space


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