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Vision Board When You Have Lost Yourself To Motherhood

Get inspired with these vision board ideas to help you manifest your best life by focusing on the 7 pillars of self care that can help any mom that feels lost in the trenches of motherhood.

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With a vision board you can visualize your best life and discover who you are now after becoming a mother to help you gain better clarity on your direction in life when your feeling lost.

Your vision board may not look like it once did before becoming a mother with expansive vacations at fancy destinations, but that is the beauty of this self care exercise because it forces you to create a new vision for this new version of yourself.

With this blueprint you can gain better focus and build a catalyst for co-creating a life that leaves you feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

One of the main struggles women encounter after becoming full time homemakers is a great loss in their sense of identify.

This loss of self can be painful and downright depressing to many moms, especially because as women we have been conditioned more and more for the workspace and less for the home.

Imagine working for years to attain your degree and being passionate about your career path only to give it up to be at home taking care of children all day every day.

That is the reality of many women face including myself.

Story time...

This is how I became a content creator and if you have ever been interested in starting your own content creation work I highly recommend doing so because it will give you a creative outlet and you can continue building new work skills like content writing, social media marketing, photography, and graphic design.

However, my entire youth I worked towards becoming a horseback riding instructor, so I worked hard doing manual labor, teaching lessons, running camps, and riding horses for a decade I was dedicated to this goal and completely obsessed with horses.

horseback riding instructor riding horse in North Carolina

I wanted to be the best instructor and had huge expectations for myself and what my life would look like, however, shortly after gaining a Bachelors of Science in Equine Stable Management I welcomed my first child.

The attachment I had to her was strong enough to rewire my entire outlook on life and I put my dreams on the backburner to be and care for her.

As the years passed I found my self in a new role as a stay at home homeschool mom and even though I loved being there with her and what would later on be my second child, I felt like I had completely lost myself like all my hard work was for nothing.

The great thing about feeling lost is that it forces you to look within to discover what really matters to you in life.

I started leading a more intentional lifestyle and begin discovering who I truly am apart from my career goals.

I began filling small moments of my day with things that brought me joy like writing, learning graphic design, web content creation, gardening, keeping chickens, painting, reading, exercising, and sipping tea.

And even though I don't have all the answers I am feeling more secure in who I am alongside of being a mother.

Now don't get me wrong it is beautiful and very rewarding to be a homemaker, but it is also extremely difficult to feel like you have completely lost yourself to motherhood.

The good news is that if your at the point where you feel lost you can begin piecing back yourself to discover who you are now after becoming a mother.

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Creating the Ultimate Vision Board for Moms

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you manifest your goals and desires by leveraging the mind-body connection.

With the power of visualization you can clarify your goals, boost your motivation, enhance positive thinking, engage your subconscious mind, strengthen neural pathways, increase your focus and performance, and attract more potential opportunities by aligning your energy and intention with your goals.

By integrating visualization into your daily routine, you create a powerful mental framework that supports your journey towards manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals.

Creating this outline for my life through the power of visualization is what allowed me to feel more connected to my true self.

It allowed me to step away from the expectation I had for my life and to begin rewriting the narrative to include unlimited opportunities of growth alongside of motherhood.

I no longer dread the feeling of being lost for it is what truly allowed me to discover myself.

everyday is a fresh start quote

The 7 Pillars of Self Care for Moms - What Are They?

To get the most from your visualization board consider addressing the 7 pillars of self care, which include mental emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, recreational, and social health.

Each of these elements plays a vital role in your wellness and by combining these self care pillars within your vison board you can begin manifesting a new version of yourself.

Homemakers are especially susceptible to feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically drained by the demands of motherhood not to mention that recreational and social opportunities can also be hard to come by.

Because of this it is so important for homemakers to be intentional about creating small opportunities to better meet their self care needs and it all begins with visualization.

Wheel of Life:

The wheel of life allows you to view your life from a whole and zone into areas of life you would like to put more focus and intention towards.

wheel of life chart

Self Care Challenge:

Self care challenges are perfect for getting you out the rut by giving you simple daily practices to help cultivate more small moments of joy in your routine.

self care challenge list

Mental-Care Checklist

With a mental-care checklist you can stay on top of your mental health and put more intention behind doing activities that bring you clarity, enjoyment, and positivity.

mental self care checklist

Now take 10 minutes for yourself to clear your headspace with our Meditation Music Collection curated to help you relax and enjoy creating your own vision board to blueprint your life.

Discover this all-in-one self care journal to Challenge Yourself Today with gratitude, productivity, and self care journaling on over 100+ pages of lightly lined journaling space Now Available.


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